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1953 Niresk Janie Pigtails doll, 8" tall, Ginny look a like, hard plastic, jointed body, walker, sleep eyes, had separate wardrobe and accessories, doll is unmarked.


1954-1955 Niresk Hollywood Bride doll, 14" tall, all composition jointed body, walker, sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, mohair wig, came wearing a Bride's dress with a wardrobe of other casual clothing, similar to the 18" doll below.  Doll is unmarked, (This doll is identical to a Roberta Bride doll).    Photo courtesy of Toy Scout3.


Vintage Niresk Dolls Identified

1955 Niresk Hollywood Bride doll with seven outfit trousseau, 18" tall, hard plastic walker body, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, jointed at neck, shoulders and hips, outfits were coat and hat, hostess gown, ballerina, raincoat, nightgown and day dress, it is unknown how/if doll is marked.

1955 Niresk Nina Ballerina doll, 20" tall, a Dancing Doll, hard plastic, rooted saran hair, sleep eyes, jointed at neck, shoulders, hips, pointed toes, wearing a lame` with sequins bodice and tulle skirt, thigh hi hose and capezio ballet slippers.  It is unknown how/if doll is marked, Nina looks like a Valentine doll may have been use.

1957 Niresk Big Sister doll, 20" tall, hard plastic jointed body, walker, (doll appears to be the similar to the 1955 Hollywood Bride, just sold under a different name and two inches taller), vinyl head with rooted hair, pierced ears, sleep eyes, high heel feet, it is unknown how/if doll is marked.

1957 Niresk Big Sister doll 20" tall

Additional Niresk Dolls Not Shown


1950s Niresk Baby Blue Eyes doll, 24" tall, miracle skin latex rubber jointed body, short mohair curly hair, blue sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, came wearing an organdy dress, bonnet, white cotton slip, panties, white socks and booties, it is unknown how/if doll is marked.

related  Roberta  Valentine  Vogue


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