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1928 Regal Kiddie Pal Dolly face


1928 Regal Kiddie Pal Dolly

 The Regal Doll Manufacturing Company of Trenton, NJ and New York City, USA, prior to 1918 they were known as the German American Doll Company, they changed their name again in 1937 to the Regal Doll Corp. 


In October 1933 they acquired the Horsman Doll Company and continued to produce dolls under each trade name of Regal and Horsman.  Regal made all composition dolls and composition and cloth Mama and Baby dolls using the trade name of "Kiddie Pal" in the 1930s they added Patsy type dolls. 


The Horsman line of dolls were the superior brand, thus by late 1937 the Regal name disappeared and by 1940, only the Horsman dolls and company name remained.  The Regal Toy Company of Toronto, Canada is a different, unconnected company.


Antique to Vintage Regal Dolls Identified


ca. 1928 Regal Kiddie Pal Dolly, 16-27" tall, composition shoulder head, partial composition arms and legs, cloth stuffed body with stitched hips so she could stand or sit, painted or sleep eyes, molded hair, some with bow loops or wigged, open smiling mouth or closed mouth, some dolls are marked: Kiddie Pal Dolly, REGAL DOLL MFG. Co INC., some have a misspelling of Kiddie Pale Dolly or unmarked.

 Regal doll mark Kiddie Pale Dolly Regal Doll Mfg. Co. Inc.

1930+ Billy the boyfriend, Bobby Anne, Dorothy Jane, Hugme, The Judy doll, KiddiePal Baby, Kinky, Kiss Me, Love Me, Princess Wee-Wee, Smiles, Sonny Boy, Sweetie dolls, all part of the Kiddie Pal line (and probably others).

The Kiddie Pal Dolly shown has molded blond painted hair, blue tin sleep eyes and a closed slightly smiling painted mouth, she's 19" tall.


1928 Regal Kiddie Pal Dolly 19"

ca. 1928 Kiddie Pal Dolly, 19"

ca. 1930s Regal, The Judy Girl doll, 19" tall, Patsy type, composition shoulder head composition arms, partial composition legs, cloth stuffed body with stitched hips, molded painted hair, blue tin eyes, closed painted mouth - Patsy type competitor, doll is unmarked, hang tag states she's a Kiddie Pal Dolly

ca. 1930s Regal, The Judy Girl doll, 19"

ca. 1930s The Judy Girl doll, 19"


1931 Regal Maizie doll 16" patsy type1931 Regal Maizie doll, 16" tall, Patsy type, (shown on left) all composition, jointed at shoulder and hips, molded painted hair, gray tin sleep eyes (also came with painted eyes) with real upper lashes, painted wispy lower lashes, closed painted mouth, came dressed in a short sleeved sun dress, bonnet, socks and oilcloth tie shoes, doll is unmarked


The Maizie doll head mold was also used by Toy Products Manufacturing Company of NY, USA with painted eyes (doll shown at right), this doll has a one piece body and head, jointed at the shoulders and hips only, she is 13" tall, as you can see she has the same molded hair used on the Maizie doll.  We have also seen this doll referred to as Lil Sis.


1931 Toy Products Co.  Lil Sis doll or Maizie doll, 13"


1931 Maizie doll head mold, 13", by Toy Products Mfg. Co.,  and is marked as such.

ca. 1930s Regal Bobby Anne doll, 12" tall, all composition joined body with painted molded hair, painted blue eyes and closed painted mouth.  The Bobby Anne doll came in a cardboard carrying case with a wardrobe and oilcloth roller skates, doll is unmarked, hang tag states she's a Kiddie Pal Dolly.  Effanbee Patsy or Patsyette type competitor.

This doll also came with a mohair wig over her molded hair with blue tin sleep eyes and was 13" tall, without the carrying case or wardrobe.

ca. 1935 Regal Bobby Anne doll 12"

ca. 1930s Bobby Anne doll 12"

Additional Regal Dolls Not Shown

1928 Regal Our Lindy doll, (Charles Lindbergh doll), 33" tall, composition shoulder head, with cloth body and limbs, both the hands are stuffed gloves pinned onto the arm ends and feet are boots glued onto the legs, molded painted blond hair, blue painted eyes, open smiling mouth with upper teeth, dressed in his aviator outfit, doll mark: 1928 Regal Doll Co. Sculp. E. Peruggi or unmarked.  The Our Lindy doll was designed and sculpted by doll designer Ernesto Peruggi (1884-1957).  Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Lucky Lindy was the famous aviator who became the first person to cross the Atlantic solo, from New York to Paris, in his single engine plane The Spirit of St. Louis on May 20 to 21, 1927.

ca. 1928 Regal Kiddie Pal Baby doll, 18" tall, composition shoulder plate, composition arms and bent baby legs, cloth stuffed body, jointed, molded painted hair, tin sleep eyes, feathered eyebrows, painted upper eyelashes, open smiling painted mouth with two upper teeth and dimples, doll marked: KIDDIE PALE BABY REGAL DOLL MFG. CO.   Note: Misspelling of the word Pal.

ca. 1935+ Regal Hug Me Kiddie Pal Dolly, various sizes, composition flange head with molded painted hair, blue tin sleep eyes, open or closed painted mouth, composition arms and partial composition bent baby legs, cloth stuffed jointed body, doll marked Hug Me Kiddie Pal Dolly.


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