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Ken bendable legs 1965Allan bendable legs 1965

Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1965


Six new outfits for 1965, 10 items from the prior year were repeated, some have

minor changes.  The big news for Ken and Allan dolls, is that they now both have bendable legs, head molds and markings are the same as 1964 and they both have new swimsuits.

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0779 American Airlines Captain 1965


Navy blue jacket with four silver braid trim on the sleeves and metal wings on the breast, navy zippered pants, black tie, black knit socks and black shoes.  His navy fabric hat has silver braid trim a shiny plastic bill and silver insignia, a flight log book.  No long sleeve white shirt or flight bag were included in 1965.

1403 Going Bowling 1965



Red short sleeve cotton shirt that has white stitching accent and three white buttons on front, and gray zippered pants, the white socks and white shoes were added in 1965 only. 

1405 Roller Skate Date (1965) 1405 Roller Skate Date 1965


Orange, green and white diamond pattern sweater with a V neck, added this year were white zippered pants, brown skates with rollers.  The cap from 1964 was omitted this year.

1409 Goin' Hunting (1964-65)

1409 Goin' Hunting 1965


Red plaid long sleeve shirt, blue jeans   zippered pants, red knit socks, red vinyl hunting cap, and brown and black rifle.  The black boots from 1964 were omitted this year.  (pieces  were also found in 1963 Pak - Hunting Shirt and jeans.

1412 Hiking Holiday 1965 

1412 Hiking Holiday (1965)


This is the same as 1427 Mountain Hike (1966-67) that had a red bulky knit sweater.  1412 features a Green bulky knit sweater  with a turtleneck, tan khaki zippered shorts, white knit socks, brown shoes.

1413 Off to Bed (1965)


Blue, white red hounds tooth long sleeved top, blue pull on pants with red knit band on ankles, red fuzzy slippers, red telephone, glass of milk and (not shown) a green "How To Get A Raise". 

1414 Holiday 1965

1414 Holiday (1965)


White nylon short sleeve shirt with blue placket and sleeve bands, blue linen like zippered pants, white knit socks, black shoes with white tops, a cap in blue and white houndstooth. 

1415 Mr. Astronaut (1965)

1415 Mr. Astronaut (1965)


Ken's suit matches Barbie's version and is of a silver metallic fabric with a front zipper brown plastic straps, a white plastic helmet, brown plastic gloves, boots with zippers, each of course were proud to carry the American flag.

1416 College Student (1965)

1416 College Student (1965)


Green and brown plaid jacket, short sleeved white shirt, dark brown zippered pants, brown tie, brown knit socks, light brown or taupe shoes - but what gives most collectors trouble - is locating the elusive typewriter.

1417 Rovin' Reporter (1965)

1417 Rovin' Reporter (1965)


Red collarless jacket with red half lining, navy zippered pants, white short sleeve shirt, black knit socks,  black shoes, a black plastic camera with gray trim. 

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Identifying Ken Doll Vintage Clothes 1965

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