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Dolls by Type of Material

Dolls are classified by the material of the head

Bisque head doll

Bisque Dolls

Antique bisque head dolls were introduced in the 1850s by Europeans in . . .  Read More

celluloid doll face

Celluloid Dolls

Celluloid dolls are made from cellulose nitrate, alcohol, fillers and camphor . . Read More

ABG doll mold 1262 China shoulder head doll

China Dolls

Antique China dolls were made by mostly German companies from 1836 . . .  Read More

cloth dolls

Cloth Dolls

The history of fabric dolls goes back as far as humans have been making . . .  Read More

composition dolls

Composition Dolls

Early composition dolls were made from glue, glycerin, zinc oxide and Japanese wax . . . Read More

Hard Plastic Dolls

Hard Plastic Dolls

The first dolls produce in the new material of plastic were by the Ideal Toy Company in  . . .  Read More

metal head dolls

Metal Dolls

France has the first patent recorded by René Poulin in 1861 for making doll heads . . . Read More

papier mache dolls

Papier Mache Dolls

Antique papier mâché, carton moulé, carton pâte or holz-masse are all terms . . . Read More

collector porcelain dolls

Porcelain Dolls

Porcelain collector dolls were sold beginning in the 1970s to present, they were meant
. . . Read More

rubber dolls

Rubber Dolls

Caoutchouc, India rubber or gum was used for centuries to make dolls or parts of dolls       . .  . Read More

wax dolls

Wax Dolls

Some of the oldest known existing examples of dolls have been found made of wax  . . . Read More

Wood Dolls

Wood Dolls

Wood is a fairly easy material to carve or whittle to create a crude doll in the form of a human . . . Read More

Dolls By Type of Doll