1964-1966 Allan Vintage Doll Identified

1000 Allan straight leg doll 1964

The Mattel vintage Allan doll is 12″ tall, he was first introduced in 1964 as Ken dolls best friend, he is the same size and same body as the Ken doll and shares his extensive wardrobe.  Allan has two outfits, his original swimsuit striped jacket tagged “Allan” and the made for him (Ken tagged) Best Man outfit shown below.  Allan is Midge Hadley’s boyfriend, sometime in 1966 the Allan doll was discontinued from the Mattel line, then he reappears again after 1990. 

1000 Allan doll with his two different striped beach jackets 1964
#1000 Allan doll showing both the horizontal and vertical striped beach jackets 1964

#1000 Allan straight leg doll 1964-1966 – the Allan doll has straight legs with molded auburn hair, brown eyes, wears an Allan labeled multi-colored horizontal with white zig-zag edged stripes between jacket or the less common Jacket in the same fabric with vertical stripes, both with a white terry cloth collar that is bonded to the fabric, solid blue shorts, blue strap cork sandals, a black wire stand and booklet.

Allan straight leg doll mark © 1960 by Mattel, Inc. Hawthorne Calif. U.S.A

1010 Allan bendable leg doll 1965
#1010 Allan bendable leg doll 1965

#1010 Allan bend leg doll 1965-1966 – the bendable leg Allan doll is the same as the straight leg doll, but with new bendable legs, new red jacket,  lighter blue shorts, blue strap cork sandals, a black or gold wire stand and booklet.

Both Allan bendable leg and straight leg doll have the same mark.

Allan bend leg doll mark © 1960 by Mattel, Inc. Hawthorne Calif. U.S.A

In the 2023 Barbie movie by director Greta Gerwig, the actor Michael Cera who portrays the Allan doll character,
wears a similar horizontal striped beach jacket.  Where did they ever find that 1960s striped fabric?

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1965 Allan green Mercedes-Benz sports car by Irwin

The Mattel Allan doll is named after Barbara Handler, who is the Mattel founders daughter, real husband Allan Segal.  Only one Mattel vinyl case shows a graphic of both Barbie and Allan together and another case shown below, only has the Allan doll – both are high valued vinyl cases.  Allan, like Barbie and Ken had a hot vehicle to travel in, it was a 1965 green Mercedes-Benz roadster car. In the Montgomery Ward’s catalog of 1965 the car was called Skipper dolls sports car, but the original packaging stated “Skipper rides with you . . . in Allan’s new Roadster”. The Segal’s have two children Cheryl and Todd, in the 1960s Allan and Barbara Segal divorced and the Allan doll disappeared from the Mattel doll line in the latter part of 1966, reappearing again in the Barbie line of dolls after 1990.

1425 Allan Best Man outfit 1966
Ken 1425 Allan Best Man outfit 1966

#1425 Best Man 1966-1967

The Best Man outfit was specifically made for the Allan doll, though it is tagged Ken, it features a white dinner jacket with half white lining, black zippered pants with soutache braid down the outside legs, white lace and pearl button trimmed white long sleeve shirt, red satin cummerbund and bow tie, black knit socks and black shoes.

1964 Allan doll blue vinyl case French Canada
1964 Allan doll blue vinyl case French Canada

1964 Allan doll blue vinyl case French Canada

This is the only known vinyl case that features only the Allan doll graphics, he is shown wearing the Saturday Nite Date outfit.  This case is made of a heavy navy blue vinyl and was featured in the Barbie Bazaar magazine, February 2000 article.  It was probably made for the Canadian market. Photo courtesy Janet Poff,

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