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Identifying Tutti, Todd, Chris, Buffy, Pretty Pairs, Carla Dolls, Clothes 1966-1971

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1966 doll Marks


Vintage Tutti is Todd's twin sister and both are siblings to the Mattel Barbie and Skipper dolls. Same size (6 1/4" tall) are the Chris and Buffy from the TV show "Family Affair", the Pretty Pairs and Carla dolls, are all non-related friends and are just Mattel cute!  Tutti also came in boxed sets with the doll, accessories and clothing.


Tutti sized dolls were discontinued in the USA market after 1971, but still sold in Canada and Europe up until1980.

See below for Tutti & Chris doll clothes identified.


3550 Tutti doll (1966)

6 1/4" tall, long straight hair blonde or brunette, bangs, blue eyes, pose able, bendable legs and arms, rose and white gingham dress (in  both small and large print)  matching hat with white brim, pink ribbon head band, comb, brush, booklet, white strap or white bow flat shoes. 


Doll mark  © 1965 Mattel, Inc. Japan


3580 Tutti doll (1967-1971)


6 1/4" tall, long straight hair blonde or brunette, bangs, blue eyes, pose able, bendable legs and arms.  1967 New sundress in hot pink yoke, floral print skirt for blondes and reversed for brunettes, pink ribbon headband, comb, brush, booklet, white bow shoes.  New box a little larger and a wrist tag.


Same marking as prior doll

  © 1965 Mattel, Inc. Japan

3590 Todd 1967-1968

3590 Todd doll 1967-1968


6 1/4" tall, Todd is Tutti's twin brother, which also makes him a brother to Barbie and Skipper dolls.  Same posable body type as Tutti, Todd had an extensive wardrobe that could be purchased separately, Todd dolls are found in gift sets, his likeness was used on vinyl products, such as cases and houses, too.  Todd was discontinued in the USA market after 1971 but was still available in Europe thru 1980.

Doll mark  © 1965 Mattel, Inc. Japan


3570 Chris blonde (1967-1971)

3570 Chris doll (1967-1971)


6 1/4" tall, blonde or brunette straight hair with bangs, brown eyes, same poseable, bendable body as Tutti, mod print a-line sundress, green panties, green metal barrette, two green grosgrain hair ribbons, comb, brush, booklet, orange bow flat shoes.  Chris is Tutti and Todd's friend.


Same marking as Tutti doll 

 © 1965 Mattel, Inc. Japan



There are also Tutti vinyl play case's, Tutti vinyl ice cream stand case, Tutti's vinyl summer house case, Tutti paper dolls by Whitman, Tutti & Chris vinyl house, Tutti & Chris patio picnic vinyl case, Tutti & Todd vinyl house, Tutti & Todd Dutch bedroom set by Suzy Goose and Ardee Mfg. Company's vinyl Todd lunch box with western graphics of an old fashioned street scene with a horse drawn stagecoach.


Buffy, Mrs. Beasley, Mattel Pretty Pairs & Carla dolls

All are the same size as Barbie's siblings the twins; Tutti, Todd and friend Chris - 6 1/4" tall.  Each came holding a doll or teddy bear of about 3 1/2" tall.  All Marked:  © 1965 Mattel, Inc. Japan


3577 Mattel Buffy doll & Mrs. Beasley doll 1968

3577 Buffy doll and her special friend

Mrs. Beasley doll (1968-1970)

Buffy was a character from the TV show Family Affair played by child actress Anissa Jones (1958-1976), Mrs. Beasley was the character Buffy's doll.  Buffy has blonde hair in pigtails with red ribbons, blue eyes, she wears a sleeveless red and white polka dot dress with a solid red skirt, white socks and red shoes, Mrs. Beasley has short curly blonde hair, wears a blue and white outfit with black granny glasses.  Same marking as Tutti.  There are also larger size Buffy & Mrs. Beasley dolls shown on the Mattel 1960s doll page.

Mattel Lori 'n Rori dolls 1970


 1133 Lori 'n Rori dolls (1970)

Pretty Pairs doll


Lori has blonde hair, blue eyes, carries her brown plush bear Rori.


Lori wears a full skirted, long sleeved blue and white striped party dress trimmed with hot pink lace, white socks and pink shoes.

Mattel Nan 'n Fran dolls 1970

    1134 Nan 'n Fran dolls (1970)

Pretty Pairs doll


Black doll in the Pretty Pair series.  Nan has short black curly hair, brown eyes and carries her doll Fran dressed in pink.

Nan wears a white and pink floral night gown with matching lace trimmed pink night cap, pink slippers trimmed with white lace.

Mattel Angie 'n Tangie dolls 1970

  1135 Angie 'n Tangie dolls (1970)

Pretty Pairs doll


Angie has brunette hair, brown eyes and carries her blonde yarn haired doll Tangie dressed in hot pink.


Angie is dressed in a pink and orange print sleeveless dress, white lace trim, white fishnet hose, pink shoes.



Mattel 7377 Carla doll 6 1/4" tall 1976

7377 Carla doll 1976


Carla is 6 1/4" tall, a black doll with bendy legs and arms, brown eyes, black hair in pigtails with bangs, she wears a sleeveless orange dress trimmed in white lace, white socks and white shoes.


Doll mark © 1965 Mattel, Inc. Hong Kong



Note:  All these small 6 1/4" dolls have a wire inside the body that allows them to pose.  Over time the wire can break or even poke thru the body and react to the vinyl, which causes the doll to become discolored.  Sometimes you will see blue spots or even the dreaded green ear, just like when a dolls metal earrings react with the vinyl.


Tutti and Chris Doll, Clothes Fashions 1966-1971

Tutti 3552 Walkin' My Dolly 1966-1968

Tutti 3552 Walkin' My Dolly 1966-1968

Tutti 3553 Night Night Sleep Tight 1966-1968

Tutti 3553 Night Night Sleep Tight 1966-1968

Tutti 3554 Me and My Dog 1966-1968

Tutti 3554 Me and My Dog 1966-1968

Tutti 3555 Melody in Pink 1966-1968

Tutti 3555 Melody in Pink 1966-1968

Tutti 3556 Sundae Treat 1966-1968

Tutti 3556 Sundae Treat 1966-1968

3559 Cookin' Goodies 1967-1968

Tutti 3559 Cookin' Goodies 1967-1968

3560 Swing a Ling (1967-68)

Tutti 3560 Swing A Ling 1967-1968

3601 Puddle Jumpers (1966-67)

Tutti 3601 Puddle Jumpers 1966

3602 Ship-Shape 1966

Tutti 3602 Ship-Shape 1966

3603 Sand Castles 1966

Tutti 3603 Sand Castles 1966

3604 Skippin Rope (1966-67)

Tutti 3604 Skippin' Rope (966-1967

3606 Clowning Around (1967)

Tutti 3606 Clowning Around 1967

3607 Come To My Party 1967

Tutti 3607 Come To My Party 1967

3608 Let's Play Barbie 1967

Tutti 3608 Let's Play Barbie 1967

Has a miniature Barbie with red painted helenca swimsuit

3609 Plantin Posies 1967

Tutti 3609 Plantin' Posies 1967

3301 Chris's Fun Timers gift set  Sears exclusive 1967

3301 Chris's Fun Timers gift set 

Sears Exclusive 1967

3614 Seashore Shorties 1968-1969

Tutti 3614 Seashore Shorties 1968-1969

3615 Flower Girl (1968-69)

Tutti 3615 Flower Girl 1968-1969

3616 Pink P.J.'s 1968-1969

Tutti 3616 Pink Pajama's 1968-1969

3617 Birthday Beauties 1968-1969

Tutti 3617 Birthday Beauties 1968-1969

Note:  Tuttie  outfits after 1969 were sold only in the European and Canadian markets, which can be found as late as the 1980s.



Tutti doll was discontinued in the USA  after 1971. 



Tutti, Todd, Chris, Buffy, Pretty Pairs, Carla Vintage Doll Resources:

      Collectors Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls & Collectibles book in 1984 by Sibyl DeWein and Joan Ashabraner.

Skipper Barbie Doll's little sister, Tutti & Todd identification and value guide in 1998 by Scott Arend, Karla Holzerland, Trina Kent.


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