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. . . began in June 1999, as I could not identify my childhood dolls from resources online at the time. So I created one – to share with you (Vintage Dolls 1951-1976) . . . all the vintage Barbie, Kiddles, Dolly Darlings and other dolls from this era were identified and thought I was done.

Doll Marks
Doll Marks


. . . because a lovely lady from Canada made contact asking for help identifying her dolls. Tho she had found many of her dolls on the site, not all and that’s how the site continued to grow, from some vintage dolls to more vintage dolls to antique dolls and what it is today . . . still growing.

It’s my sincere hope that doll collectors, doll dealers, buyers and sellers over the decades have benefited from this online resource. That’s its purpose. In 2004 the site got it’s official domain name – Doll Reference.

How to find doll values?
How to find doll values?


. . . studying reference material and remembering it, what material, era and history the dolls were produced in. The doll faces and unique characteristics each has or the similarity and those wonderful doll marks that we wish each doll had, but many do not. Its not possible to know about each and every doll that has been made, it’s too vast of a subject. Like anything in life you research and study, you’ll become knowledgeable in that subject, in this case for me it was dolls and there’s still more to learn.

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<— Use our forum board link to contact us to report broken site links, missing page images or share additional doll information or corrections you think could benefit others. Every suggestion will be given careful consideration and acted upon as quickly as is possible. We have over 3,400 doll enthusiasts members who share their doll knowledge and are willing to help you identify your dolls.

Note: We are unable to give doll values, instead visit our How to find doll values page, where we tell you how to can obtain that for yourself based on your items condition etc.


Acknowledgement and great appreciation to the many authors who research and share their knowledge of dolls in printed book form; Cieslik, Coleman, DeWein, Eames, Foulke, Izen, Jensen, Judd, Ladensack, Mertz, Moyer, Richter, Schoonmaker, Smith, Theimer, Van Patten and many others. Thank you.