How to find an antique, modern, porcelain or vintage dolls price, value or worth?

How to find most doll values?

Collect what you love, buy fewer, buy better!

In other words buy quality over quantity, of any type of Collectible

Once you have identified your doll, to find a dolls price, value, worth to buy or sell, here’s our tip. With the doll name, maker or type of doll, use the link below to eBay advanced search find items – enter your keywords – click to choose the Doll & Bears category – check the box for Sold Listings – click the blue Search button and see recently sold doll prices which are shown in green and that’s as current a doll market value as you can get!

> eBay Dolls Advance Search of Sold Listings <

Shop for dolls

borrow or buy a doll value book, try your local library or find a doll appraiser

Here are some links to doll price guides or appraisers, some are free, some you’ll need to pay

links below open in a new browser window

Doll Price Guide – free doll values price guide

Kovels Antiques & Collectibles – dolls, toys price guide – antique doll values

Worthopedia Price Guide – dolls, toys price guide 

Doll Appraisals – a Google search

Jan Foulke (author of Blue Book Dolls & Values) doll appraisals