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1966 doll Marks


Shop for Barbie vintage 1964 doll clothes
Shop for Barbie vintage 1964 doll clothes


Barbie had sixteen new clothing outfits in 1964 that can be worn by both Barbie and same sized friend Midge, ten Travel or Little Theatre costumes, (Ken has co-coordinating outfits), plus eighteen pak items, one Sears exclusive and ten gift sets, also twenty-four outfits were repeated from prior years.


0820 Barbie Mexico 1964


Mexico Travel costume - White slip dress, red satin with braid trim skirt, black lace mantilla, crystal necklace, earrings, red open toe heels, travel pamphlet.

0821 Barbie Japan 1964


Japan Travel costume - Red kimono, gold white lame` obi, samisen, metal hair stick, orange on stick, fan, flower buds, red plastic thong shoes, silver insole, travel pamphlet.

0822 Switzerland 1964

0822 Barbie Switzerland 1964


Switzerland Travel costume - Pink and white dress with attached apron, white bonnet, green corset, white bouquet, white open toe heels, travel pamphlet.

0823 Barbie Holland 1964


Holland Travel costume - Blue blouse, striped skirt, white apron, white bonnet, long white knit stockings, tan plastic clogs (wooden shoes), travel pamphlet.

Barbie 0872 Cinderella "poor" gown 1964-65

0872 Cinderella poor gown


Little Theatre costume - Cinderella poor dress with white short sleeve blouse attached black bodice with red string ties, burlap skirt with red and blue patches, broom with black handle, theatre pamphlet.  The rich gown came as a set, see next photo at right.

0872 Barbie CVinderella rich gown 1964-1965

0872 Cinderella rich gown


  Little Theatre costume - Gold or yellow ball gown, long white tricot gloves, white veil, clear with silver open toe heels and the poor gown outfit as noted prior.

0873 Guinevere 1964-65

0873 Guinevere


Little Theatre costume - Blue velvet dress with gold braid trim, red knit armlets, blue felt & red matching wimple hat with gold sheer ties, red & gold print slippers with blue soles,  Theatre pamphlet.

0874 Arabian Nights 1964-65

0874 Arabian Nights 1964-1965


Little Theatre costume - Pink satin blouse, pink long skirt, pink sari, gold foil slippers with up-turned toes, turquoise bracelet, gold bracelet, necklace, earrings, gold plastic lamp, theatre pamphlet.

0880 Red Riding Hood and the Wolf 1964

Little Theatre costume - Blue cotton dress with white dots, white crochet trimmed, black felt corset with yellow ties, red hooded cape, knee-hi white socks,  black vinyl shoes, an open straw basket with a red & white checked liner (it's unhemmed), six wax rolls (painted red), a white with pink dot granny cap with lace edging, a gray felt wolf mask, a red and black hounds tooth checked hunter's cap, and a full color Theatre program. Note - Ken's matching outfit is included with this one.

1605 Hawaii (1964)

1605 Barbie Hawaii 1964

Hawaii Travel costume - Red and white two piece floral swimsuit, green grass skirt, multicolor lei, plastic pineapple, Not shown but included; Full color Travel brochure and flower ankle lei.

)0819 It's Cold Outside 1964-19660819 It's Cold Outside 1964-1966

Shown in red felt coat with faux black fur trim, red felt belt and hat with fur puff. Also came in cocoa brown.  The red outfit is a little harder to find and can be valued a little higher.

0875 Drum Majorette 1964-19650875 Drum Majorette 1964-1965


Red velvet jacket with gold trim,  white accordion pleated short skirt with attached panties, skintone  pantyhose, red fur hat with gold trim & bill, white majorette boots with molded tassels, a baton with a gold glitter ball on one end and a gold tip on the other. Not shown; short white tricot gloves.

0876 Cheerleader 1964-650876 Cheerleader 1964-1965


White sweater with red trim, a letter "M" on the front, red corduroy gored skirt, white socks, red tennis shoes with white soles, white plastic megaphone trimmed in red, not shown; two red & white paper pompons.


0889 Candy Striper Volunteer 1964 0889 Candy Striper Volunteer 1964


Red and white striped pinafore over a white short sleeved blouse, white nurse cap, white tennis shoes, red hot water bottle, white wash cloth, tissue pack, pink "B" monogrammed soap, white tray, wax watermelon on a blue plate, metal spoon, fork, knife, a glass of orange juice with cotton fizz and a straw.

1600 Lunch Date 19641600 Lunch Date 1964

(Same design as Movie Date 1963-1962), red and yellow print dress with a white organdy overskirt, two red bow accents. No other accessories.

1601pajama-party 1964-1965 1601 Pajama Party 1964-1965


Two piece turquoise pajama set with white nylon trim and an alarm clock set at 10 o'clock,  this is the same as the blue, pink or yellow pak set in 1963.

1602 Knit separates 19641602 Knit separates 1964


Striped v-back pull on blouse, blue straight skirt and blue sash and Not shown; gold knit slacks and bright blue open toe heel shoes. These were also sold as Pak separates in 1963. (The yellow purse shown was not included).

1603 Country Fair 1964 1603 Country Fair 1964


Yellow sleeveless body blouse, orange floral print skirt, orange vinyl clutch purse. (These were similar to Pak pieces from 1962).

1604 Crisp Cool 1964 1604 Crisp N Cool 1964

White blouse with red stitching with three red buttons and attached red dot ascot scarf, red sheath skirt, white open toe heels, white short tricot gloves and a white fabric bag with red vinyl trim.

1606 Garden Tea Party 1964

1606 Garden Tea Party 1964


Red floral dress with five tiers of white eyelet lace inset in the front panel, short white tricot gloves & white open toe heels.

1607 White Magic (1964)1607 White Magic 1964-1965


White satin coat, white satin pillbox hat with a bow, short white tricot gloves, silver dimpled clutch.

1608 Skin Diver 1964-19651608 Skin Diver 1964-1965


This matches Ken's skin diver outfit; Orange hooded sweatshirt,  two piece swimsuit is same as titian Midge's 0860 with a chartreuse top, orange bottom, green plastic fins, green snorkel, green mask.

1609 Black Magic 1964-19651609 Black Magic 1964-1965


Black sleeveless sheath dress, black tulle cape with satin trim attached  ties, black open toe heels, short black tricot gloves and gold clutch purse.

1610 Golden Evening 19641610 Golden Evening 1964


Same as the 1963 gold knit blouse, full evening skirt with gold glitter, mustard open toe heels, gold dimpled belt and three circle charm bracelet.

1611 Satin N' Rose 1964

1611 Satin N Rose 1964


Same as 1963 rose satin pak pieces.  All in pink satin; a bolero jacket, one shoulder blouse, wrap sheath skirt, slacks, pillbox hat, diamond stud earrings and pink with silver glitter open toe heels.  A Margot Robbie press tour inspired outfit for the 2023 Barbie movie.

1613 Dogs N' Duds 1964-19651613 Dog N Duds 1964-1965


Barbie and Skipper's first pet; gray poodle with pink felt tongue, black vinyl eyes, has a red stretch leash collar, a red collar & gold chained leash, red velvet coat, pink & black plaid coat, pink tulle ballet skirt, yellow & black felt hat, black plastic eye mask, red earmuff, white collar with black ribbon tie, box of dog food, white bowel with plastic molded dog food and a dog bone.

dressmaker.jpg (9992 bytes)

Pak For Barbie Dressmakers 1964-1967



 Zippers and beads.


pak_fashion_feet64a.jpg (8324 bytes)

Barbie Pak Fashion Feet 1964-1965


 Yellow tall rain boots, black majorette boots, red ballet slippers, tan plastic wedgies gold uppers, white tennis shoes.


1964rink_court1965.jpg (7483 bytes)Barbie Pak For Rink & Court 1964-1965


White roller skates, red ice skates, blue goggles, tennis racquet and  two white tennis balls.


Barbie Pak Ruffles N Lace 1964-1965


White sheer dotted panties, bra & wide lace flounced half slip, with flower accent, pink comb, brush & mirror.

Very similar to 1900 Skipper's Under Pretties which are shown. 

onthego64-65.jpg (8123 bytes)Barbie Pak Go Everywhere or

Barbie Pak On The Go 1964-1965


Floral print sheath, also in rust, blue, and green dotted sheaths were available. (red shoes were not included)

pakknitdress-gold.jpg (9186 bytes)Barbie Pak Spectator Sport Gold 1964-1965


Also in solid blue, or striped knit with a tie belt, each with a gold dimpled clutch. Same as Pak Knit sheath dress with fringed collar 1963.

1832pak.jpg (7990 bytes)Barbie Pak #1832 Color coordinates 1964-1965


Hot pink, orange, blue, yellow & red open toe heels, matching vinyl clutch.


pak_goball1964.JPG (6526 bytes)

Barbie Pak Going to the Ball 1964-1965


White fur jacket like 942 Icebreaker, with a purple corsage attached, white short tricot gloves, white open toe heels.

pakboudoir.jpg (8648 bytes)Pak Barbie's Boudoir 1964-1965


Blue terry towel & washcloth with "Hers", bath sponge on pink plastic handle, pink princess phone, razor, talc box, pink puff, white bar of soap, red plastic water bottle, blue plastic shower cap, pink mirror, comb & brush 

completers.jpg (11462 bytes)

Barbie Pak Costume Completers 1964-1965


Long black tricot gloves, long white tricot gloves, short white tricot gloves, black and a white vinyl clutch, white and black open toe heels.

pak-jumpinjeans.jpg (9391 bytes)Barbie Pak Jumpin Jeans 1964-1965



Pedal pusher jeans, striped tee top (same as 967 Picnic Set, & 1963 Jeans, Tee same as 1962 shorts & Pak tee).  

dressup-hats.jpg (8311 bytes)

Barbie Pak Dress-up hats


Included were the hats from; 961 Brown fur, Evening Splendor hat, 934 White sheer, After Five hat, 959 Green satin, Theatre Date hat. 

1833Shoes.jpg (10699 bytes)Barbie Pak Shoes 1964-1965


13 pairs of shoes; pink, orange, white, green, brown, red, mustard, blue. 2 pair black & clear with silver glitter open toe heels. 2 pair wedgies, gold, and navy blue with gold uppers. 

Barbie Pak Campus Belle dress  1964-1965Barbie Pak Campus Belle 1964-1965


Same as Barbie Pak Bell dress 1962-1963 only in deep rose or deep blue silk shantung fabric, included were short white tricot gloves, a string of pearls necklace, white open toe hee shoes.

apron62.jpg (11145 bytes)Barie Pak What's Cookin 1964-1965


Apron in blue, red or white, white chef's hat (not shown) & utensils; spoon, spatula, knife, rolling pin & pot holder. (same apron style as #962 Barbie-Q 1959-1961 & Pak utensils, potholder, hat). 

Barbie Pak In the swim 1964-1965


One piece helenca swimsuit in hot pink (shown), bright blue, orange and sharp chartreuse. A straw hat with a matching color scarf, white sunglasses with blue lenses, tan wedgies with gold uppers were the accessories.

Pak Fashion Accents (1964-65)

Barbie Pak Fashion Accents 1964-1965


Two pearl necklaces, two pair, pearl earrings, gold earrings, necklace and three bracelets from 0874 Arabian Nights, a gold clutch, white sunglasses with blue lenses and gold glitter.

Pak Leisure Hours (1964-65)Barbie Pak Leisure Hours 1964-1965


0872 Cinderella; broom, tan princess phone, 976 Sweater Girl; wooden bowel with three balls of yarn and two needles & 979 Friday Nite Date; black tray, two glasses with cotton foam and two straws, a tan plastic TV with metal antenna. 



Sears Exclusive in 1964  --->

Barbie Mink Jacket 1964-1965

Sears exclusive


Barbie's real mink fur jacket (or mink hip length cape with no sleeves, just slits for arm holes), in autumn haze a pale tan color with full tan lining.

863 Fashion Queen Barbie and Friends Gift Set 1964

863 Fashion Queen Barbie and Friends Gift Set 1964

860 Midge doll in her two piece swimsuit, 870 Fashion Queen Barbie doll in her gold and white striped swimsuit, turban, three wigs, and a 750 painted hair Ken doll in his red swim trunks and striped jacket.

864 Fashion Queen Barbie and Ken Trousseau Set 1964

864 Fashion Queen

Barbie and Ken

Trousseau Set 1964

Set contains; a Fashion queen Barbie doll in her white and gold swimsuit, turban, three wigs, 750 painted hair Ken doll in his red swim trunks and striped jacket, 947 Barbie's Bride's Dream wedding ensemble, 787 Ken's tuxedo and accessories, along with the one and only white satin bowtie exclusive to this gift set.   Additional trousseau outfits for Barbie include; Belle Dress, Movie Date, full skirt and a scoop neck playsuit and for Ken; Sports shorts and Saturday Date suit.

892 Tennis time gift set 1964892 Barbie & Ken Tennis Gift set 1964

Set included; 750 Painted hair Ken doll, 850 Bubble-cut hair Barbie, 790 Ken's Time For Tennis, Pak Items; two sport shirts, pants, white briefs, black shoes with white painted tops.  Barbie's outfits are: 941 Tennis Anyone?, Pak Items; silk sheath dress, full cotton skirt with matching open toe shoes, scoop neck playsuit, sheer nylon panties and bra and a vinyl clutch purse.

1012 Midge's Ensemble giftset 1964

1012 Midge Gift Set 1964

860 Midge doll with straight legs, 1605 Knit Separates outfit; long stripe skirt, sheath skirt and scarf, stripe clutch purse and straw hat with stripe knit ties, solid color knit pants and top, blue open toe heels. These knit pieces were also sold separately as Pak items.

1011 Sparkling Pink giftset1011 Sparkling Pink Gift Set 1964

850 Bubble-cut hair Barbie, with pale pink satin pieces from the Pak series of 1963; bolero jacket, pillbox hat, satin coat dress, one shoulder top, wrap skirt, hot pink helenca swimsuit & clear open toe shoes with silver glitter.

1013 Barbie's Round the clock giftset1013 Barbie's Round The Clock Gift Set 1964-1965

1964 Bubble cut Barbie doll in her original red helenca swimsuit; outfits; 943 fancy Free, 951 Senior Prom and 954 Career Girl.

1014 On Parade 19641014 Barbie and Ken on Parade 1964

Three 1964 dolls; Barbie, Midge and Ken dressed in; 0875 Drum Majorette, 0876 Cheerleader and Ken's 0775 Drum Major outfits from 1964.

1017 Barbie's Wedding Party set 1964-19651017 Barbie's Wedding Party set 1964-1965

Four dressed dolls; Barbie, Ken, Midge and Skipper wearing; 947 Brides Dream, 7897 Tuxedo, 987 Orange Blossom, and 1904 Flower Girl.

1018 Barbie & Ken Little Theatre set 1018 Barbie and Ken Little Theatre set 1964

Barbie dressed doll in 0874 Arabian Nights, plus outfits;  0872 Cinderella, 0873 Guinevere and a Ken dressed doll in 0774 Arabian Nights, plus outfits; 0772 The Prince, 0773 King Arthur.

1022 Pep rally 1964-19651022 Barbie, Ken, Midge Pep Rally set 1964-1965

Three complete outfits; Barbie's 0875 Drum Majorette, 0876 Cheerleader and Ken's 0775 Drum Major outfits from 1964. No dolls were included.


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