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Shop for Babie vintage gift sets

  Shop for Barbie vintage
gift sets

You can tell its MATTEL . . . it's swell!  The Barbie doll and family vintage gift sets and department store exclusives are wonderful to collect - if you have deep pockets.  These sets often feature several dolls, several complete outfits with all their original accessories, all nicely packaged together.  When found Never Removed From Box  - NRFB - the gift sets are some of the costliest Barbie vintage items to obtain.


Barbie #856 Party gift set 1960

Barbie #856 Party Gift Set 1960


#856 Barbie Party Gift Set 1960

Included an 850 Ponytail Barbie doll in her black and white striped zebra swimsuit with stand and booklet, extra outfits included; 911 Golden Girl,  966 Plantation Bell,  969 Suburban Shopper and 977 Silken Flame all with each ensembles accessories.


857 Mix N Match 1960

#857 Barbie Mix `N Match Gift set 1960 & 1962 Wards


Included the 850 Barbie doll in her box with black and white swimsuit, stand, pink booklet.  Outfits included were: Resort Set, Picnic Set, Winter Holiday, Sweater Girl and Busy Gal.   The 857 and 861 Mix n' Match sets are slightly different.


863 Fashion Queen & Friends Gift Set 1964

#863 Fashion Queen & Friends Gift Set 1964

860 Midge doll in her two piece swimsuit, 870 Fashion Queen doll in her gold and white striped swimsuit with turban and three wigs and 750 Ken doll with painted hair, in his original outfit of red swim trunks and red, white striped jacket.

#864 Fashion Queen Barbie & Ken Trousseau Gift Set 1964


Set includes; a Fashion queen Barbie in her white and gold swimsuit, scarf with three wigs, painted hair Ken doll in his original red swim trunks and striped jacket, Barbie's Bride's Dream wedding ensemble, Ken's tuxedo and accessories along with the one and only white satin bowtie exclusive to this gift set.   Additional outfits for Barbie include; Belle Dress, Movie Date, full skirt and a scoop neck playsuit and for Ken; Sports shorts and Saturday Date suit.


892 Tennis time gift set 1964

#892 Barbie & Ken Tennis Gift set 1964



Set includes #750 Painted hair Ken doll, #850 Bubble-cut hair Barbie, #790 Ken's Time For Tennis, Pak Items; two sport shirts, pants, white briefs, black shoes with white painted tops.  Barbie's outfits are: #941 Tennis Anyone?, Pak Items; silk sheath dress, full cotton skirt with matching open toe shoes, scoop neck playsuit, sheer nylon panties and bra and a vinyl clutch purse.

1011 Sparkling Pink giftset#1011 Barbie Sparkling Pink

 Gift Set 1964

A #850 Bubble-cut hair Barbie, with pale pink satin pieces from the Pak series of 1963; bolero jacket, pillbox hat, satin coat dress, one shoulder top, wrap skirt, hot pink helenca swimsuit & clear open toe shoes with silver glitter.  A Margot Robbie press tour inspired outfit for the 2023 Barbie movie.


1012 Midge Gift Set 1964#1012 Midge Gift Set 1964

An #860 Midge doll with straight legs,  #1605 Knit Separates outfit; long stripe skirt, sheath skirt and scarf, stripe clutch purse and straw hat with stripe knit ties, solid color knit pants and top, blue open toe heels. These knit pieces were also sold separately as Pak items.

1013 Barbie Round The Clock Gift Set 1964-1965#1013 Barbie Round The Clock Gift Set 1964-1965

1964 Bubble cut Barbie doll in her original red helenca swimsuit; outfits; 943 fancy Free, 951 Senior Prom and 954 Career Girl.


1014 Barbie & Ken on Parade Gift set 1964#1014 Barbie & Ken on Parade Gift set 1964


Three dolls; Barbie, Ken and Midge dressed in; 0875 Drum Majorette 0876 Cheerleader and Ken in 0775 Drum Major from 1964.

1017 Barbie's Wedding Party set 1964-1965
#1017 Barbie Wedding Party 1964-1965 Gift set

Four dressed dolls; Barbie, Ken, Midge and Skipper wearing; 947 Brides Dream, 7897 Tuxedo, 987 Orange Blossom, and 1904 Flower Girl.


1018 Barbie & Ken Little Theatre set

#1018 Barbie & Ken Little Theatre 1964 Gift set

Barbie dressed doll in 0874 Arabian Nights, plus outfits;  0872 Cinderella, 0873 Guinevere and a Ken dressed doll in 0774 Arabian Nights, plus outfits; 0772 The Prince, 0773 King Arthur.

1021 Skipper Party time 1964

#1021 Skipper Party Time Gift set 1964-1965


Skipper doll in her red swimsuit, 1902 Silk N Fancy outfit and  matching red 1906 Dress Coat outfit. Also issued as Skipper and her Friend Skooter Party Time gift set 1965.


1022 Barbie, Ken, Midge Pep Rally Gift set 1964-1965

#1022 Barbie, Ken, Midge Pep Rally Gift set 1964-1965


Three complete outfits; Barbie's 0875 Drum Majorette, 0876 Cheerleader and Ken's 0775 Drum Major outfits from 1964. No dolls were included in this set

1021 Skipper Party Time 1965

#1021 Skipper Holiday Party gift set 1965


Skipper doll now with bendable legs wearing her blue nautical swimsuit, with outfits; 1902 Silk N Fancy outfit and red matching 1906 Dress Coat outfit.  Similar to the 1964 set with the straight leg doll.

1032 Skipper on Wheels 1965-1966

#1032 Skipper On Wheels Gift set

1965-1966 Sears


This set included outfits;  1911 Day at the Fair and 1920 Fun Time, plus the red motor scooter.  No dolls were included.


1034 Barbie Hostess set 1965

#1034 Barbie Hostess Gift set 1965


#1034 Barbie Hostess Gift set 1965

1632 Invitation to Tea in a red version, clear gold glitter open toe shoes, 1634 Barbie Learns To Cook, in darker Barbie printed fabric dress, red open toe heels.  Three exclusive accessories; two silver colored candelabras with pink painted candles, a blue bowl of fabric flowers, (4010 Dining Room has the blue bowl but with fruit in it) and a gray serving tray. 

1036 Skooter Cut N Button gift set 1965-1967#1036 Skooter Cut 'n Button Gift set 

 1965-1967 Sears

Set came with a straight leg Skooter doll in her red and white two piece swimsuit, with three exclusive sew free fashions; pink nightgown, cap and scuffs, red coat with blue vinyl belt, blue and whit gingham check sun dress.


1043 Barbie Color Magic giftset 1966#1043 Color Magic Barbie

Gift set 1966 Sears

This has been re-issued by Mattel as a reproduction gift set.  Photo shown is of the vintage original 1966 gift set.

1042 Francie & her Swinin' Separates Sears 1966#1042 Francie & her

Swingin' Separates

Gift set 1966 Sears


A TNT Francie doll with blue slacks, red flowered sleeveless top, yellow ruffled crop top, red skirt, yellow low heels.


1044 Francie's Sportin' JC Penney 1966#1044 Francie's Sportin'

Gift set 1966 JC Penney


A TNT Francie doll, white tennis dress, white socks, tennis shoes, and racket, pink skating costume matching pink hose, blue vinyl mittens and white ice skates.

Barbie Inland Steel Gift set, Barbie Loves the Improvers 1967Barbie Inland Steel or

Barbie Loves the Improvers

Gift set 1967


The Barbie Inland Steel gift set used the 1190 Straight leg Barbie doll in her two piece pink swimsuit, wearing a unique silver cardboard drum shaped over dress, modeled after a futuristic Paco Rabanne design.


This gift set is thought to be a mail in promotion, as all dolls have been found to date, in brown cardboard mailer with plain white insert box. 


The Inland Steel Gift set was sold in a very limited amount, it's unknown exactly how many gift sets were made and sold, but at least four have been found in online auctions.

Barbie Goes Braniff 1967 giftset Wards

Barbie Goes Braniff Gift set 1967

Montgomery Ward

Designed by Emilio Pucci Stewardess Hostess Outfits are

1. Puccino serving dress in yellow and rose with shoes 

2. Raspberry suit and print hat with shoes

3. Hostess culottes in blue with shoes

4. Boarding outfit in lime green with clear helmet with boots

These outfits were not made by Mattel, but by Marx  and are marked made in Hong Kong.

Braniff Ken pilot outfit 1967 by Marx


Ken has a co-coordinating Pilot uniform,

sold separately also by Marx.


3303 Barbie Beautiful Bluse gift set 1967#3303 Barbie Beautiful Blues

Gift set 1967 Sears 


Standard 1160 Barbie doll with orange vinyl swimsuit and white net cover-up, plus blue lame` sleeveless dress, blue satin coat with marabou trim, blue plastic clutch purse, blue closed toe heels and a white hanger. 


3304 Casey Goes Casual gift set 1967#3304 Casey Goes Casual

Gift set 1967 Sears


Set included a Casey doll 1180 in her gold and white swimsuit, clear stand, a hot pink print jumpsuit with a vinyl belt, knit horizontal striped dress, pink vinyl coat, pink low heeled shoes and pink hanger.

#1544 Barbie Travel in Style

Gift set 1968 Sears


Includes a #1190 standard Barbie doll in two piece pink swimsuit, green floral print swing coat and mini skirt of same print with green vinyl trim. a royal blue sleeveless shell, royal blue hose, mid heel bow shoes, green, blue, white labeled (labels read Rome, London, Paris) hat box. 

1545 Stacey - Stripes Are Happening 1968 #1545 Stacey Stripes are Happening Gift set

1968 Sears

Features a titian #1165 Stacey twist n turn doll wearing her red one piece swimsuit with a naval hole and three white buttons.  Included is the bright striped knit mini skirt with pink vinyl waistband, pink vinyl jacket front with the rest being the striped knit fabric, striped sleeveless blouse, striped socks, hot pink go-go boots & a pink hanger.


1546 Perfectly Pretty Set (1968)#1546 Skipper Perfectly Pretty

or Lace n' Velveteen

Gift set 1968 Sears


Twist N Turn Skipper doll in her striped one piece swimsuit, a white bodice dress with blue velvet skit, matching blue velvet coat, hat, royal blue Japan flat shoes.

#1547 Barbie Glimmer Glamour

Gift set 1968 Sears

Gift set - VHTF - A blue silk dress and sheer overskirt and blouse with gold glitter dots, gold braid accented high waist and gold tone belt, gold lame' swing coat with a neck tie attached and 3/4 sleeves, lined in yellow nylon, gold color hose (exclusive to this set). clear open toe heels with gold glitter.


1551 Dinner Dazzle#1551 Barbie Dinner Dazzle

Gift set 1968 Sears


Talking Barbie in her pink one piece swimsuit, two piece pink lame suit with real fur trim on collar, pink ruffled silk blouse with diamond buttons, skintone hose and pink closed toe heels.

1552 Silver N Satin set#1552 Barbie Silver N Satin Gift set

1968 JC Penney


Talking Barbie in her pink one piece swimsuit, pink satin coat with high waist silver belt, pink and silver lame mini dress, pink lace and nylon half slip, pink hose, pink closed toe heels and silver purse.


#1590 Skipper Bright 'n Breezy Gift set 1969 Sears


or Wow! What a Cool Outfit Gift set


A #1105 Skipper Twist N' Turn doll 1969 with sausage curls, in orange and pink swimsuit, turquoise knit culotte dress, matching green vinyl coat with faux blue fur trim and green flat shoes

1591 Stacey Doll & Gift Set - Nite Lightning 1969#1591 Stacey Nite Lightening

 Gift set 1969 Sears

The #1165 Stacey doll with twist n turn waist shown on right, with the new shorter flip hair do, wearing her new wild multi-colored swimsuit, also included a pink satin cocktail dress with multi colored metallic fringed skirt, blue satin coat with short puffed sleeves, sheer blue hose, blue bow shoes.  This gift set was reproduced by Mattel in 2006.


#1592 Barbie Twinkle Town Gift set 1969 Sears

A platinum hair 1190 Barbie in her blue two piece swimsuit exclusive to this set, plus 1866 Movie Groovie outfit; silver and pink blouse, pink satin skirt, pink sheer nylon hose, pink soft bow heels or pink pilgrim heels.


#1593 Golden Groove Gift set 1969 Sears

Included a #1115 Talking Barbie doll plus this fabulous three piece evening suit in pink and gold brocade print with faux fur trim on the sleeve cuffs, gold tone chains accent the front, gold lame` tall fabric boots.

1594 Simply Wow set (1969) Sears Exclusive

#1594 Julia Simply Wow

Gift set 1969 Sears


This included a #1128 boxed talking Julia doll in the gold & silver jumpsuit as noted above, a blue with white bodice top with gold trim dress, matching jacket, blue pilgrim heel shoes, and blue hanger.

#1595 Barbie & Ken Fabulous Formal Gift set Sears 1969

As well as the fashions this included a #1115 Talking Barbie, #1111 Talking Ken each in their original swim suits, Barbie's #1871 Romantic Ruffles in yellow, Ken's #1431 Gurvuy Formal the only difference being a yellow faille jacket instead of the red jacket


#1596 Barbie Pink Premiere Gift set 1969-1970 JC Penney

#1115 Talking Barbie with a pink, gold & white ruffled evening dress pink, pink satin with gold lame` trim coat, matching pink purse on  chin, pink hose, gold lame` short gloves and pink chunky closed toe shoes.


1584 Jamie, Furry friends (1970-71)#1584 Jamie Furry Friends

Gift set 1970-1971 Sears


Jamie's gift set came with the #1132 Jamie walk doll with a yellow knit dress, orange boots, scarf, plus orange furry coat and hat, pink pilgrim shoes, a gray poodle dog with pink collar and leash, yellow dog bowl, food box and bone.

#1585  Living Barbie Action Accents Gift set Sears



Living Barbie in hot pink leotard and tights, orange vinyl ski jacket, skis, orange ski boots, blue and pink velveteen jumper skirt, faux fur pink hood hat, blue ice skates, pink tulle tutu, pink ballet slippers, blue & pink swimsuit, blue snorkel, mask and fins.


1586 Very Best Velvet 1970#1586 Living Skipper,

Very Best Velvet

Gift set 1970-1971 Sears


#1117 New Dramatic Living Skipper doll, wearing a hot pink, blue & green swimsuit, orange velvet dress with yellow flounce skirt, orange velvet coat with yellow lining, plastic belt, sheer yellow hose, yellow flat shoes.

#1587 Barbie Mad about Plaid

Gift set Sears 1970


Included #1115 Talking Barbie in her red swimsuit, plus a red plaid dress with green vinyl belt, matching plaid swing coat, plaid cloth clutch bag, red furry hat, red chunky closed toe shoes.


1588 PJ Doll - Swingin n' Silver gift set Sears 1970#1588 PJ Swingin' in Silver

Gift set 1970 Sears


A #1118 PJ twist n' turn doll plus a pink and silver lame` dress, silver lame` coat with faux fur cuffs, tall silver lame` boots with faux fur trim.

1589 Red, White and Wild, Sears 1970#1589 Ken Red, White and Wild

Gift set 1970 Sears

Featuring "New Good Looking Ken", with bendable legs, in his mustard tricot shirt and mod cotton print trunks, the clothing included was; red slacks a blue short sleeved shirt, red, white and blue striped double breasted jacket, yellow polka dot tie, blue socks and navy shoes.


#1193 Barbie Perfectly Plaid

Gift set 1971-1972 Sears


Included a #1115 Talking Barbie in her white & gold swimsuit set plus a red & plaid jumpsuit, short plaid coat with faux white fur trim, white faux  hat, white vinyl clutch purse & red flat shoes.

1194 Rise N Shine 1971#1194 Francie Rise n' Shine Gift set 1971 Sears

Francie Growing hair doll and pink metallic dress, sheer pink nylon nightie gown with matching robe, paper face mirror, comb, brush, hair pins, hair flowers, gold talc box, white with pink pom-pom scuffs.


1248 Surf's Up (Sears giftset 1971-1972)#1248 Malibu Ken Surfs Up

Gift set 1971-1972 Sears


Malibu Ken in his red swim trunks, bright floral shirt, yellow surf board, blue swim fins, snorkel, face mask, terry towel, sunglasses, yellow sandals.

1249 Sunshine Special 1971

#1249 Living Fluff Sunshine Special Gift set 1971 Sears

A #1143 living Fluff doll and accessories in clear cellophane front box, with mix-n-match clothes; white blouse with red, blue, yellow ric-rack down the front and around each sleeve, red and green print skirt with same fabric ruffle, red velvet pants with gold waistband trimmed with same ric-rack, gold velvet vest with red ric-rack, print scarf, gold hose, gold flat shoes exclusive to this set.  Clothing will be tagged Skipper.

1508 Live Action PJ doll - Fashion n' Motion Gift set - Sears 1971-1972

#1508 Live Action PJ, Fashion n' Motion

Gift set 1971-1972 Sears


Featured the 1156 PJ doll and her outfit, plus a bright floral print midriff top with orange fringe, skirt, pants, orange suede boots, plus a 45 rpm. PJ record.  (Shown is just the 1156 PJ doll and box).


1247 Jamie Strollin in Style gift set 1972 Sears#1247 Jamie Strollin' in Style Gift set 1972 Sears


Jamie has the knit dress now done in red, blue and yellow, with a blue scarf and red boots, plus a two piece blue knit pantsuit, blue chunky shoes, beach ball in blue and yellow, a white furry poodle dog with blue collar.


1179 Skipper Pose N Play Gift Set  (1972-1973) #1179 Skipper Pose n' Play

Swing Gym Gift set 1972-1973 Sears


Included a Swing A Rounder Gym in orange and pink plastic, doll is exclusive to this set, waist, head, elbows and legs are posable, doll has shoulder length pigtails either strawberry or HTF pale blonde, two piece solid blue with blue and white check bib and skirt playsuit.

Additional Barbie doll & family vintage gift sets not shown

#861 Mix n' Match Gift set Wards 1962-1963

----- Mix n' Match set Wards & Spiegel 1962-1964

#4005 Barbie Furniture gift set 1964

#4012 Barbie living room furniture Gift set 1965

---- Barbie with bendable legs, Sew Free wardrobe Gift set Wards 1966

---- Skipper and Skooter bunk beds, dolls, outfits, Gift set Wards 1967

#7726 Barbie & Ken Sew Magic Fashion add-ons set 1973-1974

#7727 Francie & Skipper Sew Magic add-ons set 1973

#8670 Barbie Sew Magic Fashion set 1973-1974

#7830 Barbie Knit Magic Kit set 1974

#7850 Barbie Sweet 16 Sew Magic add-ons set 1974

---- Barbie Sweet 16 Red Plaid outfit Gift set 1974 Sears

#7882 Barbie Babysits 1974-1976 Sears


Note:  Some popular vintage Barbie gift sets have been reproduced by Mattel.



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