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1966 doll Marks


Shop for Barbie doll vintage Japan exclusives clothes
Shop for Barbie doll vintage Japan exclusives clothes


#1656 Fashion Luncheon 1966-1967 - Many will recognize this favorite outfit, Mattel recently reproduced it for those not so fortunate to get their hands on this one as a child, looking a little closer particularly at the booklet - will let you in on the clue that this Fashion Luncheon outfit is MIB and was sold only in Japan.

Outfit consists of a pink sheath dress with the top portion being satin and the skirt a nice textured woven cotton, matching jacket with a diamond pin jabot, satin hat with decorative attached flowers, long white tricot gloves and light pink closed toe heels shoes and the Japanese booklet with the TNT Barbie's on the cover.


Photo courtesy of Jeannie Bub.





#1661 London Tour 1966-1967 - This outfit is another of Jeannie's sold only in Japan finds, Jeannie told us she had an Aunt who resided in Japan in the 1960s and collected some Barbie stuff during this time.  Her Aunt then told her she could pick out a few pieces to keep.  Jeannie wondered what kind of a value these would have in today's market, so she wandered over here and posted a note on our forum board.  Now we all get to see her wonderful gifts.  

This London Tour outfit is the same as the one sold in the USA, but again you can see the TNT Barbie's on the booklet cover and the booklet will be in Japanese text.  Ecru double breasted vinyl coat, matching hat and bag, turquoise sheer scarf and ecru closed toe heel shoes.           Photo courtesy of Jeannie Bub.

The only reference book that we are aware of that features Japanese outfits for both

Barbie and Francie dolls, is by Keiko Kimura Shibano, which is now out of print.




The below four European market fashions were not sold in the United States,

are highly prized by Barbie collectors and are difficult to obtain






Barbie #1677 Gala A Bend (1967)



White brocade gown and matching long coat with blue satin lining and white fur collar, white tricot gloves, silver dimple clutch and clear open toe heel shoes with glitter.


Note: These are not the only four European exclusive Barbie outfits, just the ones we have found


Barbie #1679 Sorbonne (1967)


Green velveteen two piece; top with striped knit sleeves, green solid a-line skirt, black eyeglasses, school books with black strap and green closed toe pumps.


Barbie doll Atelierfest Rosarie or Pink Parfait (abt. 1968)

Sheer pink halter top bodysuit with two sheer ruffles on collar and a diamond pin, black a-line skirt (from Solo in Spotlight material), pale pink tricot gloves, pearl snake bracelet, pink clutch purse with diamond bead closure, pink closed toe heel shoes or black spike heels, a pink "Barbie" filigree hanger. (higher value with black spikes).


ca. 1969 Barbie Masquerade Germany only



Barbie Pink Masquerade German 1969

modeled on a 1969 Truly Scrumptious Doll, 11 1/2" tall

This Barbie doll pink Masquerade outfit, appears to have been made from some of the same fabrics as the 1969 Truly Scrumptious doll's original long pink gown.  Outfit consists of a black body suit with attached black sparkly patterned hose, short pink gathered skirt with hot pink ruffle, pale pink lined train with black flocked overskirt in tulle with a ruffle, matching pink hat, pink tricot short gloves, black plastic eye mask and black pilgrim shoes.

This Barbie masquerade outfit was only available in Germany, not sold in the USA or Japan markets.

There is also a similar #9472 pink masquerade outfit Fashion Originals in 1977 made for the Barbie Superstar doll who is 18" tall and sold only in the European market.



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Barbie Doll Clothes in Japan Resources:  Barbie in Japan book by Keiko Kimura Shibano in 1994

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