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Identifying Barbie Doll Vintage Clothes 1966

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1966 Doll Marking

Barbie Miscellaneous


Barbie has twenty new outfits in 1966, five from the prior year were repeated.  Barbie got a new Mod cousin "Francie" doll this year and the sibling twins; Tutti and Todd were also first issued.  These 1600 and 1400 series costumes are some of the most highly sought and valued in the Barbie vintage fashions - and hard to find as well.


1649 Lunch on the Terrace 1966-1967

1649 Lunch on the Terrace 1966-1967

Sleeveless green and white check with dotted bodice sheath dress, matching big floppy brimmed hat, white closed toe pumps.


Mattel reproduced #1649 & #1632 in a Barbie & Midge 50th Anniversary gift set in 2013.

1650 Outdoor Art Show (1966-67)

1650 Outdoor Art Show 1966-1967


Multi-colored floral print sleeveless dress in nylon, red trim on neck,  arm and waist, zippered back, a molded turquoise felt hat with red bow band.  Note another reference book says there was a turquoise belt and red closed toe heel shoes  included.

1651 Beau Time (1966-67)

1651 Beau Time 1966-1967


Sleeveless red and navy plaid dress with big red bow. No shoes included. 

1652 Pretty as a Picture (1966-67)

1652 Pretty as a Picture



Sleeveless black bodice with black and white check skirt with a flower shaped gold and diamond waist accent, big floppy matching hat, black patent clutch purse, black closed toe pumps.

1653 International Fair 1966-1967

1653 International Fair 1966-1967


White crepe double breasted blouse, red and white striped tricot pleated skirt, black plastic camera and white closed toe pumps.

1654 Reception Line 1966-1967

1654 Reception Line 1966-1967


Blue taffeta sleeveless dress with sheer overlay skirt, blue taffeta hat matching edging, flower and satin bow accented, blue closed toe pumps.

1655 Underfashions 1966-1967

1655 Under Fashions 1966-1967


Pink tricot corset, pink bra, pink panties, pink half slip, beige textured nylon hose.

1656 Fashion Luncheon 1966-1967

1656 Fashion Luncheon


Pink satin and textured pink cotton skirt sheath dress with lining, matching pink jacket with diamond pin, satin hat with flowers and grosgrain ribbon, long white tricot gloves, light pink closed toe pumps.  In 1967 Fashion Luncheon was issued without the hat, short white gloves replaced the long white gloves, a pearl on a chain necklace was added.  The rest was the same as 1966.  Mattel re-released this as a reproduction in 1997.

1658 Garden Wedding 1966-1967

1658 Garden Wedding 1966-1967

Rose satin strapless dress, white lace over dress, rose closed toe pumps.

1660 Evening Gala 1966-1967

1660 Evening Gala



Gold brocade lame` long evening dress with deep slit up the front and zippered back closure, lined in solid aqua satin, aqua satin long slim skirt, aqua satin pants with chiffon ruffle at ankle, clear open toe heels with gold glitter shoes.

Mattel re-released this as a reproduction in 2007.

1661 London Tour (1966-67)

1661 London Tour



Ecru vinyl double breasted coat, ecru purse, turquoise chiffon scarf and missing from photo bone closed toe pumps.

1663 Music Center Matinee (1966-67)

1663 Music Center 

Matinee 1966-1967

Sleeveless red tunic with faux diamond flower accent pin, red slim skirt, rose satin big floppy hat, long white tricot gloves, red closed toe pumps.

1664 Shimmering Magic 1966-1967

1664 Shimmering

  Magic 1966-1967


Silver lame` sheath dress with three-quarter sleeves, red satin coat with drop waist, silver lame` big brimmed hat with six red roses accents and red closed toe pumps or red spike heels.

Sears Pink Formal (1966)Pink Formal  - Sears 1966


Pink satin skirt with pink tulle, sleeveless pink satin over dress, pink marabou boa stole, clear open toe heels with silver glitter.


1665 Here Comes the Bride (1966-67)

1665 Here Comes the Bride 



White satin and lace gown, white veil with lace trim and white box trim, bouquet of two pale pink orchids, long white tricot gloves, blue garter, white closed toe pumps.

1666 Debutante Ball (1966-67)

1666 Debutante Ball 1966-1967


Aqua satin and darker aqua georgette sash gown, white rabbit fur stole with aqua georgette ties, long white tricot gloves, pearl on a chin necklace, gold dimple clutch purse, and clear open toe heels with gold glitter.

1667 Benefit Performance 1966-1967

1667 Benefit Performance 1966-1967


Sleeveless red velvet tunic, white underskirt with 12 red grosgrain bows, long white tricot gloves, red open toe heels.

1668 Riding in the Park 1966-1967

1668 Riding in the Park 



White body blouse, brown and white mini check jacket with three button closure, yellow jodhpurs with brown suede cloth patches, short brown tricot gloves, brown plastic hat, brown boots & brown riding crop. 

1669 Dreamland (1966-67)

1669 Dreamland 1966-1967


Melon sheer with lace bodice gown, matching robe, white comb and brush, white open toe heels with (missing) melon pompons on shoes.

1678 Pan American Stewardess (1966)

1678 Pan American Airways Stewardess 1966

This is the hardest Mattel Barbie airline outfit to find, it's a blue gray twill suit with a slim skirt, jacket is somewhat fitted with six buttons in two groups of three on front, and three buttons on the back vents, a metal Pan American emblem just below the collar, white short cuffed, sleeve blouse, mock breast pocket, matching pillbox hat with emblem and white edging, black plastic shoulder purse (same as 984 American Airlines Stewardess 1961-64), white tricot short gloves and black closed toe pumps. (Note: flight bag shown, was not included).

4040 Barbie & Francie Color Magic set 1966-1967

4040 Barbie & Francie Color Magic set 1966-1967


Turquoise closed toe pumps. 

4041 Color Magic Fashion Fun 1966

4041 Color Magic Fashion Fun 1966


Yellow multi-print blouse, skirt with ruffled hem, hot pink pants with print pockets & ruffled hem,  pink flat shoes, color changer packets A & B, spoon, bowl, 2 applicator sponges.


Same as #1779 Color Magic Fashion Fun in 1967.  Also same as #1043 Sears Exclusive1966, which included a Color Magic doll as well. 

1043 Color Magic Doll & Costume 1966 Sears

Same as #4041 Color Magic Fashion Fun 1966, also includes the color magic doll plus outfit, yellow multi-print blouse, skirt with ruffled hem, hot pink pants with print pockets & ruffled hem,  pink flat shoes, color changer packets A & B, spoon, bowl, 2 applicator sponges.

Pak Set N Serve 1966-1967

Pak Set N Serve 1966-1967


Three casserole dishes with lids small,  medium, and large, two turquoise placemats, two turquoise plates, two cups, two saucers, two metal spoons, silver teapot with lid. No shoes included. 

Pak Lunch Date in Poodle Parade fabric 1966-1967

Pak Lunch Date 1966-1967


Olive green dress with Poodle Parade fabric has white open toe heels (not shown), or the navy and green dress with Knit Hit fabric has red open toe heels. 

Pak (two) Pert Skirts 1966-1967

Pak Pert Skirts 1966-1967


Two skirts in each set, variety of fabrics, one slim and one pleated skirt, no shoes included. 

Pak Kitchen Magic 1966-1967Pak Kitchen Magic 1966-1967


1634  silver color plastic pots with lids, toaster with two pieces of toast, 1628 blue, white coffee maker with lid.

Pak Tailored Tops 1966-1967Pak Tailored Tops 1966-1967


(1)  The Barbie print fabric, sleeveless blouse with collar & button closure & a sleeveless scoop neck top with red stitching. 

(2)  White sleeveless blouse and red scoop necked sleeveless top.

Pak Red Delight 1966-1967

Pak Red Delight 1966-1967


Same as 1640 Matinee Fashion, dress only, in a smoother fabric with red closed toe pumps. 

Pak Flats n' Heels 1966-1967

Pak Flats n' Heels 1966-1967


Twelve pairs of shoes.


Pak Match-mates 1966-1967

Pak Match-mates 1966-1967


Four vinyl handled purses bright blue, orange, white & red and four matching closed toe heels.

Pak three Glamour Hats 1966-1967

Pak three Glamour Hats 1966-1967


Three glamour hats; 1663 Music Center Matinee hat in red, 1650 Outdoor Art show hat in white, 1654 Reception Line hat in pink. 

Pak Have Fun 1966-1967

Pak Have Fun 1966-1967


<-------   Pak Have Fun 1966-1967


Blue record player, blue record, red record, brown TV with the Midge face, brown tray, strawberry soda glass, chocolate soda glass, two straws, two metal spoons, two paper napkins. No shoes included.


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