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1966 doll Marks


Shop for Barbie vintage 1968 doll clothes
Shop for Barbie vintage 1968 doll clothes


Barbie doll got twenty-four new outfits, five pak items and four gift sets in 1968.

1804 Knit Hit (1968-69)

1804 Knit Hit 1968-1969


Pink and blue knit sleeveless dress, light blue closed toe heels.

1813 Snug Fuzz 1968-1969

1813 Snug Fuzz



Hot pink faux fur jacket with white vinyl trim, pink fur skirt, silver lame` top (not shown), matching hose, white vinyl belt, silver lame` hose and either gray or pink ankle boots.

1814 Sparkle Square (1958-69)

1814 Sparkle Squares 1968-1969


Hot pink and neon yellow checked dress, matching coat, (not shown), white sheer hose, silver dimple clutch purse, white soft bow heel.

1820 Zokka! (1968-69)

1820 Zokka! 1968-1969


Sleeveless silver and blue lame` dress, (not shown) orange dangle earrings, orange molded boots painted silver, with a band of orange at the top .

1821 Under-Liners (1968-69)

1821 Under-Liners



Multi-colored floral teddy, missing from photo; garter belt, beige nylon hose, pink open toe heel shoes.

1822 Swirly-Que (1968-69)

1822 Swirly-Que 1968-1969


Sleeveless multi-swirled print dress, (not shown) VHTF geometric pink and green earrings, hot pink closed toe heel shoes.

1825 Jump Into Lace 1968

1823 Jump Into Lace 1968


Pink satin jumpsuit with lace overlay, hot pink open toe heels.

1824 Snap Dash 1968

1824 Snap-Dash 1968

Green long sleeved dress with yellow vinyl trim, green felt cowboy hat, yellow cotton knee socks, either yellow mid-heel with bows or yellow soft ankle boots.

1841 Night Clouds 1968

1841 Night Clouds 1968

Yellow nylon sheer shortie pajama top with orange and pink ruffles, yellow sheer robe, yellow open toe heels. 

1842 Togetherness (1968)

1842 Togetherness 1968


Sleeveless knit dress, matching hose, matching bonnet, (not shown) hot pink bow shoes.

1843 Dancing Stripes (1968)

1843 Dancing Stripes 1968


Sleeveless pink stripe dress, matching coat, hot pink closed toe heels or red closed toe heel shoes.

1844 Extravaganza 1968

1844 Extravaganza 1968

Pink nylon gown with silver netting, pink long gloves, silver dimpled clutch purse, either clear glitter open toe heels or pink closed toe heels.  Usually came in the hot pink color, but also found in pale pink.

1845 Scene Stealers 1968

1845 Scene Stealers 1968


Pink organza sheer coat, green lame` shell, pink satin ruffled skirt, hot pink closed toe heels.

1846 Trail Blazer 1968

1846 Trail Blazers 1968

Multi colored striped corduroy jacket, matching pants, yellow knit shell, (not shown) mod green plastic sun glasses, granny apple green ankle boots.   

1848 All That Jazz 1968-1969

1848 All That Jazz 1968-1969

Tangerine, hot pink and chartreuse metallic striped coat (not shown), matching pleated skirt dress, sheer beige hose, soft bow orange heel shoes.

1849 Wedding Wonder 1968-1969

1849 Wedding Wonder 1968-1969


White satin wedding gown, white net veil, bouquet with two white velvet flowers and three buds with satin ribbon streamers, white closed toe heels. 

1853 Now Wow 1968-1969

1853 Now Wow! 1968-1969


Pale blue with chartreuse crochet trim dress with matching hat, pale blue hose, pale blue majorette boots.

1854 Twinkle Togs 1968-1969

1854 Twinkle Togs



Dress with metallic turquoise top with chartreuse lining and a  striped metallic sheer over skirt, pale chartreuse hose, turquoise spike shoes.

1855 Team Ups 1969

1855 Team Ups 1968-1969


Hot pink knit jacket with gold buttons, striped sleeveless dress with hot pink solid skirt, gold belt with buckle, hot pink fishnet stockings, hot pink low bow shoes.

1856 Wild N Wonderful 1968-1969

1856 Wild 'n Wonderful 1968-1969

Wild print sleeveless top with matching mini skirt with orange waistband, orange vinyl panties, knee high plastic orange sandals with cut outs.

1857 Dreamy Pink 1969

1857 Dreamy Pink 1968-1969


Hot pink nylon two piece peignoir set; gown and robe with ruffle and flower trim, matching hot pink felt slippers with pale pink flower.

1858 Fancy-Dancy 1969

1858 Fancy-Dancy



 Chartreuse and fuchsia sleeveless dress with matching jacket, fuchsia flocked hose with flowers and leaves, hot pink bow shoes.

1859 Tunic n' Tights 1968-1969

1859 Tunic 'n Tights 1968-1969


Hot pink and yellow knit long sleeve top and tights, yellow vinyl tunic top with patch pockets, yellow matching shorts, yellow short go-go boots.

1860 Smasheroo 1968-1969

1860 Smasheroo 1968-1969


Faux yellow fur jacket lined with striped fabric, long sleeve striper dress, yellow fish net hose, red boots, red hair bow & yellow faux hat.

This was reproduced by Mattel in 1998.



Photo N/A






Pak Flats 'n Heels 1968


Thirteen pairs of shoes; black, bone, hot pink, orange, red, turquoise closed toe pumps, royal blue bow shoes, gold tone wedgies, white, green turquoise, hot pink open toe shoes.  

Pak Extra Casuals 1968

Yellow linen hat, pink vinyl tote with a daisy accent, pink rectangle drop earrings, two pink plastic bracelets and hot pink closed toe shoes. 

Pak Pedal Pushers 1968

Pak Pedal Pushers 1968

Blue cotton pedal pushers and sleeveless blouse both with yellow stitching, yellow flats shoes. 

Pak Dressed Up! 1968


Shown in Evening Gala brocade cream and gold bodice, gold half belt with buckle, red satin gathered skirt, there are several different combinations of brocade bodice fabrics; fashion queen gold striped and Golden Glory have been found, and satin skirt colors; pale blue, little darker blue, green, pink, have been found, each dress had a pair of open toe high heel shoes.  

Pak Add-Ons 1968


Pink plastic makeup kit with an eyelash brush, eye pencil and hand mirror, pink plastic shoulder purse, wide pink and red  bracelets, white and green double strand necklace, pink and red dangle earrings, and black plastic rectangle granny eyeglasses. 

Gift sets;  four

1544 Travel in Style set gift set Sears 1968


Gift set -1190 standard Barbie doll in two piece pink swimsuit, green floral print swing coat and mini skirt of same print with green vinyl trim. a royal blue sleeveless shell, royal blue hose, mid heel bow shoes, green, blue and white labeled  Rome, London, Paris, hat box. 

1547 Glimmer Glamour 1968

1547 Glimmer Glamour gift set Sears 1968

Gift set - VHTF - A blue silk dress and sheer overskirt and blouse with gold glitter dots, gold braid accented high waist and gold tone belt, gold lame' swing coat with a neck tie attached and 3/4 sleeves, lined in yellow nylon, gold color hose (exclusive to this set) and clear open toe heels with gold glitter.

1551 Dinner Dazzle gift set Sears 1968

Gift set - Talking Barbie in her pink one piece swimsuit, two piece pink lame suit with real fur trim on collar, pink ruffled silk blouse with diamond buttons, skintone hose and pink closed toe heels.

1552 Silver N Satin gift set J C Penney 1968

Gift set - Talking Barbie in her pink one piece swimsuit, pink satin coat with high waist silver belt, pink and silver lame mini dress, pink lace and nylon half slip, pink hose, pink closed toe heels and silver purse. 


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