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1966 doll Marks


Vintage Skooter Dolls 1965-1968 - are 9 1/4" tall and were introduced in 1965, she is Skipper and Ricky's friend and shares Skipper's vintage wardrobe. Has rooted hair styled in pigtails, painted face with freckles, came first as a straight leg doll then a bendable leg.  Skipper was discontinued in the USA in 1968, but still available in Europe as the Fun Time doll from 1975-1976.

1040 Skooter doll box front graphic 19651040 Skooter doll Straight Legs (1965-1968)

1040 Skooter doll Straight Legs (1965-1968)


Freckled face, brown eyes, rooted pigtail styled hair with red ribbon bows, red and white two piece swim, red flat shoes, gold wire stand, comb and brush, booklet, came in a two piece cardboard box with front graphic shown on far left. Early dolls have tan flesh tone and later dolls have a more peachy pink tone.  The three hair colors available for Skooter were: brunette, blonde & titian. 

Skooter doll marking  © 1963  Mattel, Inc.

1120 Skooter doll Bendlegs (1966-1967)

1120 Skooter doll Bend Legs


Hair, marking and accessories same as straight leg doll, new lime green box with clear front cello, swimsuit or shorts set in red and white polka-dot crop top with blue jean shorts, red hair ribbons, red flat shoes, white comb and brush, gold wire stand, booklet, early produced dolls have the tan skin, later they were more pink tone.

Skooter doll marking  © 1963 Mattel, Inc.   


7381 Fun time Skooter doll (1975-1976) 

Available only in Europe


Used the Skipper head mold, has dark red hair in a medium flip, blue eyes, pink skin, twist waist an bendable legs, wore a blue two piece swimsuit.  Skooter doll marking: © 1967 Mattel, Inc. U.S. Pat'd. U.S. Pats. Pend. Made in Korea.



Vintage Ricky Doll & Clothes 1965-1967 - came onto the market in 1965, he is Skipper's boyfriend, has the same body style as Skipper and Skooter dolls and bears the same markings as the 1964 Skipper. BUT he does have his own wardrobe, Ricky has six outfits, plus his original swimsuit and jacket all tagged Ricky.

Ricky 1965


1090 Ricky doll Straight legs (1965)


Molded red hair, blue eyes, tan skin tone, solid blue swim trunks, blue horizontal stripe jacket, collar of white terry cloth, red strap & cork sandals, "Ricky" wrist tag, liner/box, black wire stand  and booklet. He has the same body mold as Skipper & Skooter and is 9 1/4" tall. 

Ricky doll marking:  © 1963 Mattel, Inc.


1090 Ricky doll Straight legs (1966-1967)

Pinker skin, rest the same as 1965.



Ricky 1501 Lights Out (1965-1967)

Ricky 1501 Lights Out


Blue terry cloth robe, patch pocket, belt and blue scuffs, two piece yellow long sleeved shirt, white collar and initial, matching pull on pants.


Ricky 1502 Saturday Show 1965

Ricky 1502 Saturday Show 1965

Long sleeve white dress shirt, red skinny tie, light tan zippered slacks, red socks and black shoes.


Ricky 1503 Sunday Suit 1965

Ricky 1503 Sunday Suit 1965

Striped blazer, black collar (same fabric as 985 Barbie's Open Road, slacks & coat lining), black zippered pants, short sleeved white cotton shirt, red socks and black shoes.

Ricky 1504 Little League 1965-1967

Ricky 1504 Little League


Red knit shirt with blue stripe, matching red knit socks, zippered jeans, white tennis shoes, brown plastic catchers mitt, white plastic baseball, red baseball hat with a white "M" initial.

Ricky 1505 Skateboard (1966-1967)

Ricky 1505 Skateboard


White sport shirt, red and gray pin stripe cotton, white zippered shorts, white knit socks and white tennis shoes, and beige plastic skateboard with red stripe.


Ricky 1506 Let's explore (1966-1967) Ricky 1506 Let's Explore


Red plaid long sleeve shirt, patch pocket, gray zippered slacks, red knit socks, black shoes.



Vintage Living Fluff Doll and Tiff Doll 1971-1973


1143 Mattel Living Fluff doll 1971-72

1143 Living Fluff doll


9 1/4" tall, same sized as Skipper, Skooter and Ricky dolls, part of the Barbie family of dolls, she has rooted blonde hair in pigtails, brown painted eyes with rooted eyelashes, swivel waist, bendable arms and legs, one piece swimsuit of yellow, orange and green stripe, solid orange bottom with orange vinyl skirt and a yellow skateboard.


Marking: © 1969 Mattel, Inc. Taiwan U.S. & For. Patd. Other Pats. Pend Patd. In Canada 1967

1199 Mattel Tiff doll 1972-73

1199 Tiff doll (1972-1973)

Pose 'N Play

Part of the Barbie family of dolls, box front says; I have a skateboard! I wear Skipper's clothes!  Tiff is Skipper's tomboy friend, she's 9 1/4" tall, with medium length titian rooted straight hair, brown painted eyes with painted eyelashes, bendable body style, same as the other Pose 'N Play dolls, came wearing blue jeans with "Help and Go" decals, white knit sleeveless top with a "Stop" sign in red with white letters decal, white tennis shoes and a red skateboard.  VHTF

Marking: © 1969 Mattel, Inc. Taiwan U.S. & For. Patd. Other Pats. Pend Patd. In Canada 1967


1143 Mattel Living Fluff doll head 1971


1143 Fluff doll face close-up (1971-1972)

with real eyelashes.

1199 Tiff doll head 1972-73

1199 Tiff doll face close-up (1972-1973)

uses the Fluff face mold, with painted eyelashes.


Living Fluff doll 1249 Sunshine Special 1971 Sears1249 Living Fluff Sunshine Special Doll Gift set 1971 Sears


A 1143 Living Fluff doll and accessories in clear cellophane front box, with mix-n-match clothes; white blouse with red, blue, yellow ric-rack down the front and around each sleeve, red and green print skirt with same fabric ruffle, red velvet pants with gold waistband trimmed with same ric-rack, gold velvet vest with red ric-rack, print scarf, gold hose, gold flat shoes exclusive to this set.  VHTF





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