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Identifying Francie Doll Vintage Clothes Fashions 1970

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1966 doll Marks



Francie is Barbie's modern cousin, she shares her wardrobe with same sized 11 1/4" tall Casey & Twiggy.

1237 Satin Happenin'

1970-1971, 1974


Rose satin jumpsuit, white lace and rose accented jacket and hot pink square toed heels.

1238 Snappy Snoozers 1970-1971, 1974


Hot pink tricot gown with two ruffles, peignoir in sheer hot pink with rows of ruffles, white felt slippers with hot pink trim. 

1239 Bloom Zoom

1239 Bloom Zoom 1970-1971, 1974


Bright print floral mini dress, blue vinyl short vest, floral tights, blue buckle flat shoes.

1240ponybx.jpg (16185 bytes)

1240 Pony Coat 1970-1971, 1974


Faux brown and white coat with white vinyl pockets and belt, lined in green satin, white closed toe low shoes.

1242 Altogether Elegant

1242 Altogether Elegant 1970-1971, 1974


 Hot pink and white lace gown with matching shot jacket, short white gloves, silver clutch purse, hot pink cut out low heel shoes.

1243 Striped Types 1970-1971, 1974


Red and navy stripe knit long sleeve tunic and pants, navy long sleeve blouse with red sleeves, dark blue buckle flat shoes.

1244 Wedding Whirl

1970-1971, 1974


White sheer over dress with white satin under skirt trimmed with pale pink ribbons, white veil, short white tricot gloves, white cut out shoes, three white satin flowers with a tulle and ribbon bouquet.

1245 Snake Charmers 1970-1971, 1974


Yellow knit bodice with vinyl snakeskin

a-line skirt with orange vinyl belt, matching coat with faux yellow fur trim and cap, yellow stockings, yellow plastic mid calf boots.

1761sunny-slacks-bx.jpg (10639 bytes)

1761 Sunny Slacks 1970-1971


Yellow geometric print pants, hot pink long sleeve blouse & hot pink square closed toe shoes.

1762 Pink Power 1970-1971


Hot pink lace sleeveless dress lined in hot pink tricot, pink stockings & pink square closed toe shoes.

1763entertainer.jpg (7771 bytes)

1763 The Entertainer 1970-1971


Deep peach jersey jumpsuit with lace trim & matching deep peach square closed toe shoes.

1764CordCape.jpg (20615 bytes)

1764 Corduroy Cape 1970-1971


Blue corduroy hooded cape with white or yellow faux fur trim, blue majorette style boots.

1766 Wild Bunch 1970-1971

1766 Wild Bunch 1970-1971


Reddish orange and fuchsia faux fur coat with orange vinyl trim, fuchsia and red sleeveless knit dress with a crotched belt, a matching hood, gold chain necklace with clasp, orange knit tights, orange boots, short fuchsia short gloves, a black camera.

1767 Plaid Plans 1970-1971


Red long sleeve knit blouse, orange, red and white plaid vest, plaid pants, mini skirt and tam cap, long green fringed scarf, red square closed toe shoes.

1768waltz_velvet.jpg (11743 bytes)1768 Waltz in Velvet 1970-1971


Red velvet long evening gown with white lace bodice, white half slip with red ribbon accents, long sleeve red velvet jacket with faux white fur trim, white furry muff, white square closed toe shoes.

1769longleath-bx1.jpg (17814 bytes)

1769 Long on Leather 1970-1971


Red vinyl long coat with white top stitching, matching red vinyl mini skirt & red vinyl boots, zig zag geometric red, white & blue knit blouse & tights, white fringed scarf.

Pak Slacks N Cap 1970-1971  


Slacks with elastic waist and matching cap - various fabric prints were available.

Francie Pak In Step 1970-1971

Pak In Step 1970-1971


Francie's square toe shoes in white, yellow, blue, red, orange, fuchsia and green, and a pair of pale pink ballet slippers.

Pak Super Shirt 1970-1971


Pink long sleeve body blouse with silver bead accent.

pak_western_wild1970.jpg (35727 bytes)

Pak Western Wild 1970-1971


Suede cloth vest, boots and bag in yellow or brown or a combination.

Photo N/A


Pak Night Brights 1970-1971  


Orange tricot short pajama top with print floral overskirt and bloomers, yellow comb and brush.


pak_poncho_bravo1970.jpg (41989 bytes)

Pak Poncho Bravo 1970-1971


Open weave multi colored fabric cape with white fringe trim, and dark blue short boots. 

1512pretty_power1970a.jpg (15821 bytes)

1512 Pretty Power Sears 1970-1973

Francie 1512 Pretty Power, Sears Exclusive 1970-1973


Yellow knit shirt, white vinyl vest, multi stripe skirt with wide waistband, floral nightie, green vinyl jacket with belt, panty hose, stockings, two pair of shoes, pair of felt slippers, and three hangers.


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Francie Vintage Doll Resources:

 Collectors Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls & Collectibles book in 1984 by Sibyl DeWein and Joan Ashabraner.

Barbie Doll Fashion: The complete history of the wardrobes of Barbie doll, her friends, family, book, vol. I 1959-1967 in 1990, vol. II 1968-1974 in 1997 by Sarah Sink Eames.

Francie & her Mod, Mod, Mod World of Fashion book in 1996 by Joe Bitman.

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