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1966 doll Marks


Ken blonde painted hair 1963

Ken brunette painted hair 1963


Ken  got nine new outfits for 1963, all the 1962 outfits were repeated except 780 In Training and six new Pak items were available.  The 1963 Ken doll is the same as the 1962 doll.

791 Fun on Ice  1963-1964

791 Fun on Ice  1963-1964

Diamond design V neck knit sweater with black knit edging, gold corduroy zippered pants slacks, black ice skates with silver blades, gold knit scarf, gold knit mittens and gold knit hat with a blue pom-pom on top.

 792 Play Ball  1963-1964

792 Play Ball  1963-1964

Light gray and white striped short sleeve uniform with red stripe trim on shirt and down the sides of the matching pants, with attached black plastic belt with gold buckle, red knit knee-hi socks, black cleats shoes, red plastic baseball hat with a white "M" painted on the front, tan plastic baseball bat, brown plastic mitt and a white baseball.

793 Doctor Ken 1963-1965

793 Doctor Ken 1963-1965

White side buttoned short sleeve Doctor's shirt, white zippered slacks, white cotton socks and white shoes, his accessories are a black plastic medical bag with "MD" on the side, black and silver stethoscope, tie on white mask , white hat, a black and silver head mirror.

794 Ken Masquerade 1963-1964

794 Ken Masquerade 1963-1964

One piece yellow and black clown suit with a ruffled yellow collar, white cotton skull cap, yellow and black felt hat with orange yarn hair, black shoes, plastic clown mask and a "Come To My Party" yellow invitation.  Masquerade 944 is Barbie's matching outfit and 1903 Masquerade is Skippers outfit all co-ordinate for Halloween. Cute.

795 Graduation 1963-1964

795 Graduation 1963-1964

Black cotton traditional robe gathered yoke and long sleeved, (no collar with Ken's) black felt hat with tassel and a diploma which is a piece of white paper tied with a white ribbon.  Barbie has a matching outfit #945 Graduation  1963-1964.

796 Sailor 1963-1965

796 Sailor 1963-1965

White authentic sailors suit, with a separate black tie.  The shirt has a side zipper and embroidered sailor insignia on the upper sleeve, black tie, white bell bottom zippered pants, blue denim duffle bag with "USN" on front, white knit sock, black shoes, a white plastic sailor hat.

97 Army and Air Force 1963-1965

797 Army and Air Force 1963-1965

Army outfit consists of a tan shirt, tan zippered pants, tan hat, tan tie, tan socks, brown belt and light brown shoes.  The Air force outfit would use the navy blue hat, navy blue belt, navy blue tie, navy blue socks, navy blue shoes and both uniforms used the set of metal wings and a poster.

798 Ski Champion 1963-1964

798 Ski Champion


Red quilted jacket with zippered front and tan print lining, black zippered stirrup pants, black knit ski cap with burgundy pompon, black cotton mittens, black ski boots, brown ski's, wooden poles with black plastic tips and handles with brown "stops", (which always seem to be missing) and green goggles.

799 Touchdown 1963-1965

799 Touchdown 1963-1965

Red knit jersey shirt with white band inset sleeves white number seven in felt on the chest, red cotton knickers with padded legs and laced fly, knee socks in red with a navy band, black cleats shoes, red plastic helmet with a white stripe, red plastic molded shoulder pads and brown plastic football.

Pak Snorkel Gear 1963

Pak Snorkel Gear 1963

This pak item consisted of the knit striped swimsuit, green fins, green mask with clear plastic front and green snorkel.

Pak Boxing 1963

Pak Boxing 1963

Blue satin trunks with white side stripes, white jersey knit socks, black high top shoes, brown plastic boxing gloves, yellow terrycloth towel.

Pak Hunting Shirt 1963

Pak Hunting Shirt 1963

This contained the red plaid long sleeved shirt with three buttons on front, snaps beneath for closure, red vinyl hunting cap, black hiking boots and a brown and black plastic gun with an "M" on the handle. The jeans were sold separately as a Pak item and were not included. 

Pak Jeans (1963) - not shown;  same jeans as 1409 Gone Hunting sold in 1964.

Pak Sweat Shirt 1963

Pak Sweat Shirt 1963


Orange sweatshirt with a hood, white drawstring and front pocket. 


Next year this will join the Snorkel Gear outfit to become 1406 Skin Diver. 

Pak Tan Sweater (1963)

Pak Tan Cardigan Sweater 1963


Tan and white cardigan sweater trimmed with white knit edging and four gold bead buttons.


This is also part of 1409 Fraternity Dance in 1964 with tan zippered pants and a white polo shirt 


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