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1966 doll Marks


1000 Allan doll face 1964Ken blonde painted hair face 1963+The 0700 series and 1404 number are the Little Theatre outfits of which their are eight costumes for Ken, and Barbie has a matching outfit.  Ken's buddy (shown right) Allan was introduced in 1964.  The boys had thirteen new outfits in 1964, plus thirteen new Pak items, the previous 700 series that were repeated this year (thirteen of them) and have a zero added to their stock number, some with variations. One Little Theatre gift set.  

0772 Ken The Prince 1964-1965

0772 Ken The Prince  1964-1965

Green velvet cape lined in gold satin, gold and green brocade jacket with separate white lace collar ruff, green velvet breeches with gold nylons attached, and green velvet shoes with a gold braid around the top VHTF, gold velvet hat with feather and pearl encircled emerald accent.  A full color theatre program and VHTF - a magenta velvet pillow with gold braid and tassel trim on which was one clear plastic closed toe spike slipper which fit ONLY Cinderella err . . . Barbie.  

0773 Ken King Arthur 1964-1965

0773 Ken King Arthur  1964-1965

His armor is a silver lame jacket that snaps in the back, silver lame` footed pants with a front snap, and silver lame` hood.  Red satin surcoat that snaps in the back with a gold griffin on front, gold braid belt HTF, that holds the brown scabbard with a silver plastic sword HTF, cardboard shield of red, blue and gold foil with the same griffin on front VHTF, it has a paper tab on back to put his hand thru to hold the shield.  A silver helmet with a lion on top, and red plastic spurs VHTF.  A full color theatre program was included.

0774 Ken Arabian Nights  1964-1965

0774 Arabian Nights 1964-1985

Red velvet coat with gold braid, white and gold braid belt, gold lame` knit pants with shirred leggings, gold lame` turban with pearl encircled emerald accent and red velvet slippers with cork soles and gold braid trim.  A full color theatre program was included.

0775 Drum Major  1964-1965

White jacket with red and gold horizontal stripes, red and gold epaulets made from cardboard, red zippered pants with white stripe down the side, white knit socks and white shoes.  A big white faux furry hat trimmed with gold braid and plume, a gold baton wrapped with gold braid and had gold oval knob on one end and narrow one on the other.  

0776 Switzerland (1964)0776 Ken in Switzerland (1964)

Gray fleece lederhosen with eight silver buttons on printed red heart embroidered suspenders, white short sleeve shirt, white ribbed knee-hi socks, black hiking boots, black felt hat with white accent braid, accessories are a brown and black plastic pipe, a painted ceramic beer stein with metal lid and a full color travel pamphlet was included.

0777 Holland (1964)0777 Ken in Holland (1964)

White long sleeved shirt with double row of silver buttons down the front, bright blue knickers with two tiny gold beads at waist, white knit knee-hi socks, tan plastic klompers, er . . wooden shoes,  red print scarf, blue felt cap, a bouquet of tulips and full color travel pamphlet was included. 

0778 Ken Mexico 1964

0778 Ken in Mexico (1964)

A two piece brown felt like fabric jacket, brown felt pants with white braid trim down sides and elaborate white trim, white short sleeve shirt, bright green satin cummerbund, thin black grosgrain ribbon tie, brown felt sombrero hat with white braid trim, black cowboy boots and a full color travel pamphlet.

0779 American Airlines Captain 1964-1965

Navy blue jacket with four silver braid trim on the sleeves and metal wings on the breast, navy zippered pants, long sleeved white dress shirt, black tie, black knit socks and black shoes.  His navy fabric hat has silver braid trim, a shiny plastic bill with silver insignia.  Included was a flight log book dated 1963 and marked "Japan".  No white shirt or flight bag were included in the 1965 version.

0781 Sleep set blue 19640781 Blue Sleeper Set (1964)

This sleep set is harder to find than the brown striped set sold in 1962-1963, now in light blue and white stripe pajama tailored shirt, pull on blue and white matching pants, accessories were also the same as in 1962-1963; a plastic glass of milk, brass alarm clock and wax honey bun.

782 Casuals stripe 1964 0782 Ken Casuals 1964

Now a striped knit pullover collarless shirt in stead of the yellow shirt, rest the same as 782; white duck zippered pants, striped knit socks and brown shoes with white painted tops, his red cap, two brass keys with a "K" monogram on a chain (also found in Rally Days).

0789 Yachtsman 19640789 The Yachtsman 1964

The 1964 Yachtsman version  a cap was added, it's white canvas cloth with a black plastic bill and an anchor insignia crest on the crown, and a "zero" was added to the item number.  Rest the same as 789 - Light blue zippered jacket with navy knit trim, light blue zippered slacks, red and white tee shirt, white knit socks, black shoes and the blue covered book with white text that says "How To Sail A Boat".

0880 Little Red Riding Hood 1964

880 Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf (1964)

Technically this was a Barbie costume but it contained a few pieces for Ken, namely the gray wolf mask with attached bowtie, red and black corduroy hounds tooth hunters cap (pictured just above the red cape) and the white and pink dotted granny's cap, and a full color theatre program.

 1400 Country Clubbin (1964)

1400 Country Clubbin (1964)

This included the black and white hounds tooth jacket with a half red lining, two black buttons on front, and black zippered pants.  (Shirt and shoes were not included).

1401 Special Date (1964-1965) 

1401 Special Date 1964-1965

Steel blue jacket with full gray lining, tiny white handkerchief is stitched into the upper breast pocket, steel blue zippered pants, white long sleeve dress shirt, red tie, black knit socks, black shoes.

1403 Going Bowling (1964-1965)

1403 Going Bowling 1964-1965

Red short sleeve cotton shirt that has white stitching accent and three white buttons on front and gray zippered pants.  No shoes or socks were included.

1404 Hawaii (1964)

1404 Ken in Hawaii (1964)

Another from the Travel series; A sarong in blue, green and white floral, a straw hat with paper flowers around crown, yellow paper lei, cork sandals with orange straps, orange plastic ukulele and a full color travel pamphlet. 

1405 Roller Skate Date 19641405 Roller Skate Date (1964)

Orange, green and white diamond pattern sweater with a V neck, orange knit cap with green pompom, brown skates with rollers.  1405 Roller Skate Date 1965 - No cap that year, only the sweater, added white zippered pants, brown skates gray rollers.

1406 Skin diver (1964-1965)

1406 Skin Diver


Orange sweatshirt with hood and white ties, knit striped trunks, green plastic mask, green snorkel and green fins. 


The orange sweatshirt alone was also available as Pak item in 1963. 

1407 Fountain Boy (1964-1965)

1407 Fountain Boy 1964-1965

White shirt that is the same style as Dr. Ken with side button closure, red soutache trim on pocket  or Ken stenciled in red, inside the pocket is a paper order pad, two pencils (one brown, one yellow), a white cap with red trim edging, a brown tray with two sodas, chocolate, strawberry, two straws, two napkins and two metal spoons. 

1408 Fraternity Meeting (1964)

1408 Fraternity Meeting (1964)

Brown and white knit sweater (was a single pak item 1963) with four gold buttons on front, light brown zippered pants, white polo shirt.  (Polo shirt is also a single pak item and found in 790 Time For Tennis 1962-1963), no shoes or socks were included.

1409 Goin' Hunting (1964-1965)

1409 Goin' Hunting 1964-1965

Red plaid long sleeve shirt, blue jean  zippered pants, red knit socks, black hiking boots, red vinyl hunting cap, brown and black rifle.   (These pieces could also be found in 1963 Pak items Hunting Shirt & Jeans).  In the 1965 Goin' Hunting version the black boots were omitted.

1410 Campus Corduroys (1964-1965)

1410 Campus Corduroys 1964-1965

Tan corduroy jacket with red half lining, brown leather-like patches on elbows, tan zippered pants. No shoes or socks were included.  These individual pieces were also Pak items, sold as mix and match in 1963.

1411 Victory Dance (1964)

1411 Victory Dance (1964)

Navy jacket with pocket emblem and red half lining, white long sleeve dress shirt, red vest with reverse plaid (also sold as single pak items in 1963) white zippered pants without cuffs (those are for Campus Hero), red tie, red knit socks, black and white shoes.

1018 Barbie & Ken Little Theatre Giftset 1964

#1018 Barbie & Ken Little Theatre Gift set 1964

Barbie dressed doll in 0874 Arabian Nights, plus outfits;  0872 Cinderella, 0873 Guinevere, and a Ken dressed doll in 0774 Arabian Nights, plus outfits; 0772 The Prince, 0773 King Arthur.

Photo courtesy of mike*jeff

Pak Cheerful Chef 1964-1967

White apron trimmed round the edge with red, printed on the front in green and black it reads "Chow Time - come and get it!". 


A big white chef's hat with Ken® printed in green, red and white checked bandana, white terry cloth cook's mitt, spatula, spoon and fork with a red plastic hotdog  were the accessories. 

Pak Lounging Around shirt red (1964-67)

Pak Lounging Around


Set included a printed short sleeve shirt in two fabric variations red or khaki and yellow bermuda zippered shorts.

Pak Morning Workout 1964-1967

same as #780 In Training, 


White cotton knit pull on tee shirt, red and white polka dot boxer shorts, white knit briefs, white socks, blue terry slippers, black pair of  dumbbells, blue sponge, black comb, soap, gray razor with cord, red princess telephone and a "How To Build Muscles" green paper book. 

Pak Party Fun (1964-67)

Pak Party Fun  1964-1967


Black princess style phone, blue paper telephone directory, brown T. V. with a Midge face, microphone, orange ukulele, road map, set of Ken car keys, box of pretzels, bottle of soda, "Come To My Party"  paper invitation, brass alarm clock (set to 10 PM).

Pak Sportsman  1964-1967

A brown & black rifle, two tennis balls, brown baseball mitt, tan bat, tennis racquet, brown football, brown boxing gloves, red football helmet , red shoulder pads.


Shoes for Sports 1964

Pak Shoes For Sports  1964-1967

Green swim fins, black cleats, black hiking boots, black roller skates, white tennis shoes & black ice skates.

Pak Top It Off (1964-67)

Pak Top It Off  1964-1967


Red plastic hunting cap, white plastic sailor's cap, gold knit cap with green pompom, red sport cap, red baseball hat with "M" in white, and a straw hat with red band and feather.  All of these were found in various outfits for Ken.

Pak Doctor Ken's Kit  1964-1967


A black bag, orange flat medicine bottle, spoon, red hot water bottle, head mirror on black elastic band, blue telephone directory, brass  clock, white telephone, wax apple, glass of milk, road map, white hat.

Pak Best Foot Forward (1964-67)

Pak - Best Foot Forward  1964-1967


Striped knit socks, white, yellow, red and black solid knit socks. Shoes; brown and black with white tops, white, light brown or taupe, brown and black shoes pair.

Pak - At Ease


Stripe red and white tee shirt, blue jean zippered pants.

Pak - Soda date 1964-1967

Red or gold knit polo shirt and light tan or khaki zippered slacks.

Pak - White is Right 1964-1967

White long sleeve dress shirt, red tie, red socks and black with white top shoes.


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