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1966 doll Marks



Ken walk lively 1972Ken walks, 'n talks and he's busier than ever with movable hands to grasp things.  There were three new dressed Ken dolls this year; Walk Lively Ken, Busy Ken and Talking Busy Ken.  Besides these three original outfits, Ken could choose from ten new outfits for 1972 plus a shoe set and all of 1971's outfits were repeated.


1717 Casual Cords (1972)

1717 Casual Cords (1972) 

Print long sleeve shirt, gold corduroy pants, gold socks, blue knit vest with belt, brown loafer shoes. 

1718 Brown on Brown (1972) 

1718 Brown on Brown (1972) 

Brown jacket with brown pants, short sleeve yellow floral shirt, yellow solid tie, tan socks, brown loafer shoes. 

1719 Midnight Blues (1972) 

1719 Midnight Blues (1972) 

Midnight blue silk jacket with black satin lapels, black pull on pants, white tricot shirt with attached black tie, blue tricot socks, navy loafer shoes.

1720 Way-Out West (1972)

1720 Way-Out West (1972) 

Blue denim jean jacket with top stitching, blue jean pants with attached brown belt, red tricot neckerchief, brown cowboy boots.  

1828 Mod Madras 1972

1828 Mod Madras (1972) 

Ochre jacket with red belt, loud plaid pants, red short sleeve tricot shirt, red sandals.  Variations in the plaid fabric pants have been found.  

1829 Red, White and Wild 1972

1829 Red, White and Wild (1972) 

Red tricot print long sleeve shirt with white stars, white and blue striped pants, red and white vinyl belt, narrow blue and white sleeveless vest, white tennis shoes. 

3376 Denims For Fun (1972) 

3376 Denims For Fun (1972) 


Red, white and blue dot print long sleeve shirt, blue denim cargo pants with big pockets and white top stitching, white tennis shoes.  Best Buy

3377 Wide Awake Stripes 1972

3377 Wide Awake Stripes (1972) 


Blue short robe with blue striped collar and cuff trim, blue tie, matching striped pull on pants, white sandals.   

Best Buy

3378 Western Winner (1972)


3378 Western Winner (1972) 

Khaki safari style jacket with pocket tabs and self tie belt, striped pull on pants, brown cowboy boots.   Best Buy

3379 Cool 'n Casual (1972) 

3379 Cool 'n Casual (1972) 


Long sleeve light blue shirt, pin stripe pull on pants, burgundy tie, socks, black loafer shoes.  Best Buy


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