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Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes Identified 1965

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1966 doll Marks


Skipper doll has new bendable legs this year, also she got a new friend Skooter doll in 1965 who is same sized at 9 1/4", and they shared thirteen new outfits, six Fashion Paks, one gift set and two Sears exclusives.

1910 Sunny Pastels (1965-1966)

1910 Sunny Pastels (1965-1966)


Striped sleeveless dress, matching purse, white socks, pink Japan flat shoes.  Barbie's matching outfit is: 1619 Fun N' Games 1966.

1911 Day at the Fair (1965-1966)

1911 Day at the Fair (1965-1966)

Barbie print body blouse, matching scarf, red wrap skirt, miniature Barbie doll (not shown, see below), red Japan flat shoes. Barbie's matching outfit is: 1624 Fun at the Fair 1965.

1912 Cookie Time (1965-1966)

1912 Cookie Time (1965-1966)

Sleeveless white and blue dress, metal bowl, Easy as Pie cookbook, spoon, rolling pin, cardboard cookie mix box, red Japan flat shoes.

miniature Barbie Doll

Skipper's; 1911 Day at the Fair

1913 Me N' My Doll outfits.


also in Tutti's 3608 Let's Play Barbie outfit.

These outfits each came with a miniature Barbie Doll with a red painted helenca swimsuit, doll is just shy of 2" tall.  

Photo courtesy Pam Weiss

1913 Me N' My Doll (1965-1966)

1913 Me N' My Doll (1965-1966)

Pink gingham sundress, pink tricot half slip, miniature Barbie doll, dolls pink gingham skirt, white tricot socks, white Japan flat shoes.

1914 Platter Party (1965)

Long plaid and velvet dress, blue plastic record player, red and blue label record, red Japan flat shoes.

1915 Outdoor Casuals 1965-1966

1915 Outdoor Casuals (1965-1966)

Turquoise sweater, matching pants, turquoise dickey, short white tricot gloves, white Japan flat shoes, red yo-yo. Barbie's matching outfit is: 1648 Photo Fashion (1965) Sears Exclusive

1916 Rain or Shine (1965-1966)

1916 Rain or Shine (1965-1966)


Yellow raincoat, matching belt with buckle, yellow rain hat, yellow umbrella with tassel, white boots.


Barbie has a matching outfit: 949 Rain Coat 1963 and  0949 Stormy Weather 1964-1965.

1917 Land and Sea (1965-1966)

1917 Land and Sea (1965-1966)


Blue denim pull-over, matching pedal pusher pants, matching hat, red white stripe knit top, red sunglasses.

1918 Ship Ahoy (1965-1966)

1918 Ship Ahoy (1965-1966)


Long sleeve blue with knit striped bodice, blue vest, white tricot socks, red Japan flat shoes, red plastic sailboat, black camera, Hawaii, Mexico travel brochures .

1919 Happy Birthday 1965

1919 Happy Birthday 1965


Blue and white eyelet sleeveless dress, matching half slip, white tricot gloves, white tricot socks, white straw hat, white Japan flat shoes, cake. paper doily, red and navy trim paper napkins, six candles, two paper snappers, gold wrapped present, paper invitation.

1920 Fun Time (1965-1966)

1920 Fun Time (1965-1966)

Dark blue jacket, matching capri pants, sleeveless top, short sleeve plaid shirt, royal blue Japan flat shoes, croquet mallet, croquet stake, croquet ball, two wire wickets.

Skipper 1921 School Girl 1965-1966

1921 School Girl (1965-1966)

Sleeveless white blouse, red jacket, red white checked pleated skirt, red felt hat. brown rimmed eyeglasses, white tricot socks, red Japan flat shoes, apple, yellow English,  blue geography, green arithmetic books, black vinyl book strap yellow and red pencil. 

1922 Town Togs (1965-1966)


Green felt coat, matching jumper, yellow knit shirt, black and white checked stockings, matching cap, black Japan flat shoes.

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Collectors Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls & Collectibles book in 1984 by Sibyl DeWein and Joan Ashabraner.

Skipper Barbie dolls little sister, Tutti and Todd identification and value guide book in 1998 by Scott Arend, Karla Holzerland, Trina Kent.

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