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Hasbro Storykins Dolls 1967-1968

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8700 Hasbro Storykins Cinderella Doll & coach

8700 Hasbro Storykins Cinderella  doll 3 1/2"

Blonde hair, blue eyes, a pink & white lace gown & orange coach

Make Your Fairy Tales Come True . . . Nine Storykins dolls in the series, they have rooted hair, a vinyl bendable, poseable body, are 3 1/2" tall, dressed and named for fairy tales with themed accessories, an unbreakable 33 1/3 LP record each in a different color, a comb and brush set came with each doll. 


Dolls were on the market through 1968 and are Liddle Kiddle doll like or competitors.  The three; Cinderella, Goldilocks and Sleeping Beauty dolls were also available as a mail in premium offer, located on the back of Post Cereal boxes.


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1968 Hasbro Storykins Dolls Identified


8701 Hasbro Storykins Mother Hubbard doll 19678701 Hasbro Storykins

Mother Hubbard doll


Mother is wearing a red & yellow print dress with white apron, she has a pair of black rimmed eyeglasses a white dog & brown stove, blue comb & brush, red record.

8702 Hasbro Storykins Goldilocks doll 1967

8702 Hasbro Storykins Goldilocks  doll


Yellow hair, brown eyes, wearing a green, white & pink floral print dress, brown bear, brown table, 2 chairs, 3 bowls (red, yellow, & blue), a red comb & brush, & black record.

8703 Hasbro Storykins Rumplestiltskin doll

8703 Hasbro Storykins Rumplestiltskin doll


Orange hair & beard, wears a green tunic, blue tights & a green plastic hat & spinning wheel with real strings, blue comb & brush, blue record.

704 Hasbro Storykins Sleeping Beauty doll

8704 Hasbro Storykins Sleeping Beauty doll


Brown hair, brown eyes, wearing a blue flocked gown with matching hood a Pink Canopy Bed, yellow comb & brush and record.

8705 Hasbro Storykins  Prince Charming doll & Horse

8705 Hasbro Storykins  Prince Charming  doll


Blond hair, brown eyes, wearing a purple, blue & white tunic, red tights, purple plumed hat & brown horse on a detachable green base, yellow comb, brush and orange record.

8712 Hasbro Storykins Pinocchio doll

8712 Hasbro Storykins Pinocchio doll


Doll has black hair, has puppet strings and a plastic string frame attached to his arms and legs.  Has red pants and a blue shirt.  Brown plastic workbench, hammer, red brush and comb. Orange record.

8713 Hasbro Storykins Snow White doll

8713 Hasbro Storykins Snow White doll

and Seven Dwarfs


Snow White is 3 1/2" tall, has black hair, brown eyes, wearing a yellow gown with a red cape, yellow comb & brush, red record, included were her Seven Dwarf dolls shown on right.

8713 Hasbro Storykins Snow White's Seven Dwarf Dolls

8713 Hasbro Storykins Snow White's Seven Dwarf dolls 1 1/2" tall;

Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy. 

Note: the two dolls in light blue shirts are duplicate's.


Not shown;  8711 Hasbro Storykins The Jungle Book Mowgli and Baloo; molded plastic Mowgli doll with painted hair,

no clothing and Baloo the bear with a drum & two sticks, red Jungle book record.



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