Doll Makers Around the World by Country

Doll Makers Around the World by Country

Doll makers around the world listed by Country, included is the company name, dates of operation, doll mold numbers, identifying doll marks when known and any other helpful details to assist in identifying dolls.

Africa – AmericaArgentinaAustraliaAustriaBelgiumBohemiaBrazilCanadaChinaCzechoslovakiaDenmarkEnglishFinlandFranceGermanGreeceHungaryItalyJapanMexicoNetherlandsNew ZealandNorwayPeruPhilippinesPolandPortugalRomaniaRussiaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandSyriaTaiwan United Arab Emirates of Dubai

Ethnic doll, Folk doll, International doll, National Costume doll, Souvenir doll, Tourist dolls –

1950s+ Almost every country on this planet sells tourist type costumed dolls, which are generally of small stature and clearly folks did enjoy and purchase the dolls to commemorate their holidays.  The doll of choice are Dress-Me type composition or plastic dolls, inexpensive and plentiful.  Doll is usually jointed only at the neck and shoulders, stationary legs, often with molded painted shoes and is usually unmarked.  This type of doll was produced by the thousands and shipped around the world to almost every country, the doll was then dressed (by local artists, individuals, small importers) in the regional attire of that country and purchased as a tourist souvenir.

Africa, African Doll Makers – Dolls made in Africa

Marguerite Brunot doll mark Marque Depose MB intertwined 1918+ in Algiers, North Africa, Fertility dolls, Religious dolls made in Africa, made by individuals, not made commercially, Miss Anna Laubscher’s Puppenfabrik Graaff-Reinet doll mark 1914-1918 in South Africa, P.M.I. Company doll mark PMI JHB small plastic souvenir tourist dolls 1950s+  in Johannesburg, Africa, Prima Toys makes dolls, toys, games, distributor 1967-present in Capetown, S. Africa, South Africa Doll Company doll mark SAD plastic dolls 1960s+ in South Africa.

Argentina Doll Makers – Dolls made in Argentina

Artycal Industria Argentina plastic dolls ca. 1950s+, Marilu doll mark Marilu Marca Registrada in blue or red ink stamp 1932+

Brazil, Brazilian Bonecas Doll Makers – Dolls made in Brazil

Estrela Company doll mark ESTRELA 1937+, maker of dolls and toys, licensed by Ideal & Mattel to reproduce products in Brazil
 – some Estrela bonecas doll names; Bebe, 1963 Miss Universe Leda Vargas, Linda, Patti Playpal, Susi and many others.
Holzer & Cie doll mark mariposa red paper label on cloth felt souvenir dolls 1920s+ S. Paulo, Joao Perotti Orbis doll mark Manufactura ORBIS Joao Perotti, S. Paulo Industria Brasileria, cloth felt dolls souvenir 1920s+

Denmark, Danish Doll Makers – Dolls made in Denmark

Bing & Grondahl doll mark B & G in blue, China head dolls 1853+, Dandol APS doll doll mark DVP APS Denmark, made vinyl animal Hedgies hedgehog characters plus other dolls 1980s. Jeris Kofoed, J.K. Køge Doll Factory made celluloid dolls 1947-1950s? in Køge, Denmark, Kai Reisler Aps doll mark Made in Denmark inside a circle J.N, made toy model figures; animals, cowboys, firemen, guards, Indians, sailors, soldiers & trolls in hard plastic or vinyl, designer John Nissen 1949-2008 Copenhagen, Royal Copenhagen Manufactory China head doll mark three wavy lines or three vertical lines 1772-1925+.

Finland, Finnish Nukke Doll Makers – Dolls made in Finland

Dollitex plastic dolls 1952-1975 – then became Polarnukke plastic dolls 1975-1990s, Turku Martha Doll Company or Turun Martta-Nukketeollisuus & Nukkela early dolls have German heads and hands probably made of bisque 1908-1974.

Greece, Greek, κούκλ Doll Makers – Dolls made in Greece

John Kehagias doll mark Ty.I 40/14 J.K. 1960s-1970s, also marked Regal of Canada, Lea Dolls unmarked – Maid of Athens doll made of leather and cloth, blue velvet short jacket, full skirt souvenir doll 1960s Greece, Evelt Themis hand made porcelain dolls dressed in traditional Greek costumes 1980s.

Hungary, Hungarian Doll Makers – Dolls made in Hungary

Magyar Asszonyok Nemzeti Szovetsege – National League of Hungarian Women dolls 1909-1926, Zsigmond Liebner dolls, toys 1920s+, Uncle Liebner famous toy dealer in Budapest, Magyar Baba vilag – Hungarian Dolldom dolls 1920s, Pápa Pottery doll mark PAPA 1811+,
Magyar Ruggyantaàrugyàr Rt. – Hungarian Rubber Articles Factory doll mark Made in Hungary made celluloid & rubber dolls 1922-1926, Mrs. Marga Szerelemhegyi doll mark Marga in heart symbol Made in Hungry 1920s-1930s.

Mexico, Mexican Muñeca Doll Makers – Dolls made in Mexico

Isabel Belaunsaran dolls 1″ or less, made of silk thread wound around a wire frame hair,  features, dressed 1913+, Cornhusk dolls, Folk Art dolls, traditional dressed dolls made in Mexico, Munecos Carselle 6-12″ souvenir dolls in traditional dress made in Mexico 1940s-1960s, Muñequitas Illusion – Mexican tourist souvenir dolls, composition or plastic 1940s-1970s, Plastimarx Company made Schaper Li’l Me dolls, division of Louis Marx USA – now called Schaper Chi Kiss dolls 4″ tall 1970s-1980s, Proveda tourist souvenir dolls in traditional dress 6-12″ tall made in Mexico 1940s-1960s, Santos doll figures, religious dolls made of wax or carved wood 1700s+, Tipica Muneca Mexicana irrompible (unbreakable), composition Mexican boy dolls, Mexican girl dolls like Nancy Ann dolls, Toluca dolls made from gourds.

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Netherlands, Holland, Dutch, Pop Doll Makers – Dolls made in The Netherlands

Grödner Tal wood dolls, Nürnberg Fille, Peg Wooden, Penny Wooden dolls made the the 18th to 20th century, Gebrüder Douwes doll mark Gebr. Douwes Nationale Costuums Damrak 69 Amsterdam, bisque head doll by Simon & Halbig with a cloth body, R. Eekhoff bisque shoulder Simon & Halbig head doll mark R. Eekhoff 1894 Groningen, Dovina doll mark VH intertwined, Dovina 1960s-1970s Rotterdam, Holland, Tonny Fortuin plastic Dutch souvenir dressed dolls 1960s Nieweweg, Netherlands, Gerzon dolls 1925-1930 importer, distributor, composition head, cloth body dolls similar to Käthe Kruse, celluloid dolls, Kämmer & Reinhardt Liebling baby doll, mignonnettes, celluloid Kewpie like dolls, Boudoir dolls, black dolls, Chinese dolls, Oriental dolls, Het Poppen Rijk (The Doll Palace) doll mark girl standing with arms stretched above head Wildebras 1946-1973 Steenwijk, Netherlands, Harry Van Tussenbroek puppet art dolls 1929+.

Norway, Norwegian, Dukke Doll Makers – Dolls made in Norway

Mimi Berg, norgesdukker hand carved artist wood dolls 1940s Norway, Tomte Laerder, Tomte Lærdal Anne dukke dolls, books, toys 1943-1978 Stavanger, Norway, Ronnaug Petterssen cloth dolls 1930s-1970s.

Peru, Peruvian Doll Makers – Dolls made in Peru

CIPSA – Corporation de Industry Plastics SA dolls 1959+ Lima, Peru

Poland, Silesia Lalka Doll Makers – Dolls made in Poland

 Celluloid Toy Factory 1884-1939 Kalisz, Poland, founded by Adam Szrajer and father-in-law Jakub Fingerhut, made wooden toys and celluloid dolls marked ASK inside a triangle Poland. also in Russia, Celluloid Toy Factory doll mark TR inside a triangle for successor German Theodor Reinke 1939-1945 Kalisz, Poland, Celluloid Toy Factory doll mark PPMK inside a triangle Poland or a four leaf clover symbol Poland used after world war II ended in 1945, this company was then renamed Kaliskie Zaklady Przemyslu Terenowgo at Ul Przbrzezma., Gromada doll mark Made in Poland red & white paper label on all wood small dolls with large flat feet 1940s+, Mask Face dolls with cloth bodies made in Poland 1920s+, P. R. Zast doll mark ASK inside a triangle on head P.R. Zast inside a triangle Poland on back (dolls from Adam Szrajer of Kaliz).

Romania, Romanian, Papusi Doll Makers – Dolls made in Romania

Aradenca Toy Factory made rubber squeak dolls and toys 1948-2013.

Russia, Russian, Soviet union, куклы Doll Makers – Dolls made in Russia CCCP

Antoshka doll mark V symbol 1950s, Doll Planet Russian Dolls forum board (in Russian), A.S. Dunayev doll mark Dymasb A.L., Komeko Go, a six pointed star symbol, doll maker made ceramic or terracotta heads from Simon & Halbig molds in Khotkovo, Russia ca. 1900+, Lenigrushka Factory dolls 1928+ of Leningrad, Matryoshka wooden nesting Russian dolls 1890+, New Year’s Tree decoration miniature Russian nationality dressed dolls 1950s – miniature doll jointed at neck, one piece head & body, dressed in Russian provincial costumes, Okhtinsky Chemical Plant doll mark OHK, OXK, OKX (K is backward) CAENAHO BCCP on celluloid or plastic dolls 1907+ St. Petersburg, Szrajer & Fingerhut / Shraer & Fingergut doll mark 449 symbol in 1884-1939 Russia and Poland, Remeco Collection porcelain dolls 2001-? Russia, London, Rosglavia Grushka Toy Factory made plastic souvenir dolls 1960s+ Moscow, Russian Trihedral dolls, three sided wood dolls 1940-1991 Russia, Marie Vassilief portrait dolls 1910-1926, Vesna Toy Factory made small and large plastic dolls, talkers, doll mark BECHA 1960s-present, Zhuravlev & Kockeshkov Factory 1900-1918 made bisque, pottery, terracotta dolls with composition bodies, doll mold 1474.

Sweden, Swedish Docka Doll Makers – Dolls made in Sweden –

Lilly Jacobssen Dockatelje made small plastic regional dressed souvenir tourist dolls 1960s, Alan Flink doll mark Alan Flink Sweden Souvenir tag, made painted wood dressed souvenir dolls 1960s or 70s, Rörstrand China head doll mark red R wavy lines 1726-1925+.

Switzerland, Swiss – Doll Makers – Dolls made in Switzerland –

Anderegg doll mark Th. Anderegg Wood Carving Export Montreux, Switzerland made wood carved dolls early 1900s, S.G.F. Bern doll mark red shield with white cross, Servante Bernoise 17 Siécle, Bucherer & Cie doll mark Made in Switzerland Patents Applied For 1921-1935, Mme. Louise Bureau doll mark Au Chaperon Rouge, Madame Louise Bureau, Gene-VA, Rue du Rhone 58, Fabrique de Poupees, Cunique Des Poupees doll mark Lausanne, Place Palud No. 1, K star R 101x 39 ca. 1910, Glorex doll mark Glorex Originals label on cloth stockinette dolls 1974- present Switzerland, Heidi Ott dolls 1970s+, Swiss Linden wood dolls made by various craftsman in the Brienz area ca. 1900s+, Thorens doll mechanical music boxes, Edison phonographs plus others 1883+, Jouets Weber, Franz Carl Weber dressed dolls and doll accesssories 1897-1950s, Westo doll mark on small celluloid tourist dolls 1960s+, Wood dolls, Wooden dolls 1900s+.

Syria, Syrian Doll Makers – Dolls made in Syria –

Barronne Sandra Belling doll mark Made in Lebanon Baronne Belling label made small Syrian dressed cloth dolls 1930s-1950s,

UAE Dubai Doll Makers – Dolls made in The United Arab Emirates of Dubai –

New Boy FZCO company made Fulla dolls 1999+ Dubai, Playwell International LLC made 1992 Stephanie doll plus others 1991-present Dubai.