Antique Bisque Doll Makers

Jumeau bisque head doll
Antique Jumeau bisque head doll

Bisque head dolls were introduced in the 1850s by Europeans primarily in France and Germany, much later a few bisque head dolls were made in USA America and during World War 1 in Japan.

From the 1860s to 1870s most bisque or China head dolls were found on Lady dolls, children were usually represented as all bisque dolls. In 1878 Emile Jumeau introduced his Bébés Incassable – bisque head child dolls on composition bodies, which were hugely successful, afterwards the rest of the doll industry followed to produce similar child dolls through to the early 1950s. Do not confuse antique bisque dolls with modern porcelain collector dolls of today.

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