1990s Porcelain collector doll
1990s Modern Porcelain collector doll

Modern Porcelain Collector dolls

were sold beginning in the 1970s to present, the dolls were meant to appeal to adult doll collectors, not to children. The theory was buy it, keep it in the box unplayed with, after some time passes, you’ll be able to sell the doll for more than your original purchase and make a profit.

Collectors didn’t realize that a bazillion dolls were sold. That sheer quantity of dolls now in the market place, is determining the value of those collector dolls today.

Some porcelain dolls can be identified by a marking on the back of the neck, a design number or a tag sewn to the dolls cloth body, inside clothing if original or doll and clothing may be entirely unmarked.  The clothing alone, maybe worth more than the actual porcelain doll itself. 

All modern collector dolls came with a COA = Certificate Of Authenticity with the dolls name, usually stating their fine bisque quality, the LE – Limited Edition number of dolls made (in the thousands) and a design number of the doll. 

What is my vintage porcelain dolls value or worth?

That is a question asked over and over again by porcelain doll owners. You can do your own research to find a value, go to eBay> porcelain doll> sold values>  look for dolls similar to yours. Sad to say these dolls are now available in such large quantities, they have little to no value.

So save your time and effort, put these dolls in a garage sale, give to someone who might appreciate the doll, a give to a thrift store and take a small tax write off, remove the clothing and sell separately etc., be happy to get something, everything old is not necessarily a treasure.

Some Modern Porcelain Collector Doll Makers Identified:

Alberon Collector’s Dolls     Ashley Belle Collection Dolls     Avon Fine Collectible Dolls     Bradley Collectable Dolls     Brinn-Towle Dolls     Cal-Hasco, Inc. Collector Dolls   Cathy May Dolls    Cathay Collection    Century Collection Dolls     Chinese 1980s+ blue and white Delft porcelain decorator dolls     Classic Treasures Dolls     Cutie Collection    Danea Collectible Dolls by Dan & E.A., Inc.   Dan-Dee International Dolls     Delton Product Corp.      Denton Doll Collection     Diane Porcelain Dolls      Duck House    Dynasty Dolls     The Emerald Doll Collection    Francine Cee Collectibles dolls Hamilton Gifts LTD. Inc.   Heirloom Dolls   Heirloom Treasure Dolls      Heritage Signature Collection Dolls    House of Lloyd Dolls    Jean J. Industries Collectible Doll Company     Joy Model Doll Copany Kingstate Collectible Dolls     Knightsbridge Collectible Dolls     Lenox Group / Axis Corp’s Geppeddo Dolls    Leonardo Collection Porcelain Dolls Lexington Hall, LTD; Wimbledon Collector Porcelain dolls,    M.D.C. Corporation porcelain doll mark CASCO    J. Misa Collection porcelain dolls Moody Cuties Collection Porcelain Dolls by Georgetown    Paradise Galleries Dolls     Pemberton & Oakes Collectible Doll    Porzellan-Puppe collectible dolls Premier Porcelain Dolls     Precious Moments all porcelain doll figurines Queen Anne Porcelain Doll Collection by World Bazaars, Inc.     Remeco Collection     Victoria Rose Collection    Rosewood Collection    Sankyo Claudie et Claude porcelain musical windup doll   Seymour Mann Collectible Dolls     Show-Stoppers     Victorian Star Collection   Sweet Dreams Collection Dolls     Timeless Treasures Porcelain Dolls    Towle Porcelain Collector Doll Christening Baby   Tuss Collection dolls by William Tung     Marian Yu Designs (MYD), Inc.     Victoria Impex Corporation Collectible Dolls and the famous Walda antiqued porcelain doll.

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