Hard Plastic, Plastic or Vinyl Dolls 1942+

In 1942 Ideal Novelty & Toy was the first manufacturer to produce dolls of the new plastic material soon followed by the rest of the industry.  This new material could be molded, washed and it’s very durable. Here is a list of vintage doll makers by company name.

A & H Doll Co 1948+
ABC Toy Co dolls 1930s+
Advance Doll & Toy 1950s
Alexander dolls 1948+
Allied Grand dolls 1915+
American Character dolls 1919+
Tressy dolls 1963+
Arranbee R & B dolls 1922+
Arrow Rubber Plastics 1940+ 
Arrow Skookum dolls 1920+
Averill, Hendren dolls 1915+
Barbie vintage dolls
Beehler Arts dolls 1950s
Belle Doll & Toy dolls 1952+
Betsy McCall dolls 1951+
Bild Lilli dolls 1955+
Bild Lilli clone dolls
Block Doll Corp dolls 1950s
Buddy Lee dolls 1920+
Cameo dolls 1922+
Dewees Cochran dolls 1934+
Cosmopolitan dolls 1950s
Deluxe Reading dolls 1955+
Penny Brite 1963
Doll Bodies dolls 1950s+
Dress Me type dolls 1944+
Eegee dolls 1917+
Effanbee F & B dolls 1940+
Ellanee dolls 1957+
Eugenia dolls 1943+
Fortune Doll Co 1950s
Furga dolls 1872+
Gilbert Honey West doll

Hartland dolls 1950s
Hasbro dolls 1923+
Dolly Darlings 1965
Peteena Poodle 1966
Showbiz Babies 1967
Storykins dolls 1967
Leggy dolls 1972
Himstedt dolls 1986+
Hollywood dolls 1941+
Horsman dolls 1950s | 1960s
Mary Hoyer dolls 1925+
Hedwig de Angeli
Hoseley Party dolls
– Richwood Cindy Lou
Ideal 1940s | 1950s |
1960s | 1970s
Toni 1949+
Tammy 1962+
Flatsy 1969
Jolly Toys dolls 1950+
Juro Novelty vents
Kaysam dolls 1959+ 
Kenner dolls 1970s+
Mama baby dolls
Marx dolls 1960s-1979
Mattel dolls 1960s | 1970s
Barbie 1959-1978
Barbie clone dolls
Liddle Kiddles 1966+
Upsy Downsy 1969
Sunshine or Happy Family
Honey Hill dolls 1976
Mego dolls 1970s
Sonny & Cher 1976+

Mollyes dolls 1929+
Monica dolls 1941+
Nancy Ann dolls 1936+
Muffie dolls 1953+
Nasco dolls 1948+
Niresk dolls 1950s
Ontario Plastics dolls 1950s
Oriental, Asian dolls
Ottolini dolls 1950s+
Paris Rita dolls 1940s+
Pedigree Sindy dolls 1963+
Plastic Molded Arts dolls 1949+
Playpal type dolls 1959+
Earle Pullan dolls 1945+ 
Quant Daisy doll 1973+
Reliable Toy dolls 1950s
Remco dolls 1960s+
Richwood dolls 1940s+
Roberta dolls 1940s+
Royal dolls 1914+
Sarold dolls 1950+
Sayco dolls1922+
Sears dolls 1901+
Standard Doll Co 1951+
Sun Rubber dolls 1923+
Terri Lee dolls 1946+
Uneeda dolls 1917+ | 1962+
– Tiny Teen Suzette, Bob
Dollikin dolls 1958+
Tiny Time Teen dolls 1967
Valentine Doll Co 1950s+
Virga dolls 1950s
Vogue Ginny dolls 1922+

Hard Plastic Dolls 1950s14R Fashion dolls, Active Doll Corp, Admiration, Ar-Doll Creations, Artisan Novelty, Baby Barry Toy dolls by Universal Toy Company, Bal Dolls Inc, Brookglad, Cast Dist. Corp, Characteristics Doll Company, Citro, Dandee, Freydberg, High Heel Fashion dolls,  Imperial Crown Toy, LuAnn Simms, Mona Lisa Exclusives, Nancy & Sluggo dolls, Marlon, Natural Doll Co, Novelty Mart, Personality Doll Corp, Roddy, Rose Mary Doll Company, Rosko, Standard Doll Company, Stashin, Togs & Dolls, Wilson, Woolworth.

Hard Plastic Dolls 1960s-1970s – Ben Casey & Nurse dolls, Beta Doll & Toy, Bonnie the Plaid Lassie doll, Dakkachan, Debbie Drake doll, Fluffy Type doll, Gabriel Industries, Paris & Co. Happy Hippies & Nurse, Herman Pecker & Company, Imperial Crown Toy, Japan Girl doll, Nadine doll, Natural Doll, Rita the Writin doll, Ross Products, Plated Molds Sales, Susie Sad Eyes doll, Swedlin, Tristar, Valentine’s Ladies dolls.

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Hard Plastic Dolls Identification and Price Guide books volume I, II by authors Polly and Pam Judd.
Collector’s Guide to Dolls of the 1960s and 1970s books volume I, II by author Cindy Sabulis.
Many individual doll companies and their dolls have been researched by various authors, search for them by company name.