Doll Makers Marks, Labels, Symbols with Images

how to read an antique German doll mark
How to read an antique German doll mark

How to identify a doll?  Look for a doll makers mark, if one is present it is often found on the back of the dolls head, on the upper or lower back, under the arms, bottoms of the feet, on a cloth body, a tag may be sewn into a seam.  Check your doll carefully, the mark could be placed anywhere and many dolls are unmarked, just sold with a wrist tag, that is long gone.  If your doll is marked, it could be with a mold number, initials or letters, a symbol, date, country of origin – or any combination of these.

Doll Markings with images listed alphabetically by company name, By Country or By material the doll is made of.

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Marks By Country
All  |  American  |  Austria  |  Canada  |  Chinese  |  Czechoslovakia | English | French  | 
French unknown  |  German  |  German unknown | Italy  |  Japan-Nippon  |  Portugal or Spain

Marks By Material  
Celluloid  |  China Head  |  Cloth | Composition | Metal  |  Papier Mache  |  Plastic-Vinyl | Rubber  |  Wax  |  Wood

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