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1966 doll Marks


Shop for Barbie vintage 1970 doll clothes
Shop for Barbie vintage 1970 doll clothes
Barbie got thirty-one new fashions for 1970, including ten Pak items, eight Sears & one JC Penney exclusive or gift sets.
1451 Tangerine Scene 1970

1451 Tangerine Scene 1970

Orange long sleeve body blouse, orange plaid skirt, orange soft flat shoes or orange pilgrim heel shoes.

1452 Now Knit 1970 

1452 Now Knit 1970 


Lime green and navy stripe knit shift dress, silver wide plastic belt with buckle, lime felt hat lined in navy blue and blue ribbon trim on crown, navy scarf with small silver circle closure, and navy blue pilgrim  heels or royal blue T-straps. (wrong color shoes pictured).

1453 Flower Wower 1970


Sheer cotton floral dress with empire waist, v neckline with fabric rose accent, long bell sleeves, lime green pilgrim heels or lime T-strap shoes.

1454 Loop Scoop (1970) 1454 Loop Scoop 1970


Yellow cotton shift dress with crocheted braid in green, orange, blue and orange rows,  yellow pilgrim  heels or yellow T-strap shoes.

 1456 Dreamy Blues 1970


Blue satin mini dress with deep blue, light blue and yellow sheer ruffles, white sheer ribbon tied in a rose at waist, blue pilgrim heels or blue T-strap shoes, blue filigree hanger.

1457City Sparklers (1970)

1457 City Sparklers 1970


Green lame' dress bodice with a chiffon skirt, two pearl buttons on dress front, chartreuse pilgrim closed toe heel shoes.

 1458 Gypsy Spirit 1970


Turquoise velveteen skirt  and vest trimmed in gold pink and chartreuse braid, pink tricot body blouse also trimmed in gold, shoes were; hot pink pilgrim closed toe heel, blue pilgrim or blue or pink T-strap shoes, pink filigree hanger.

1459 Great Coat (1970)

1459 Great Coat 1970


Yellow vinyl princess style tailored coat trimmed in faux leopard fur, matching vinyl hat with fur trim, yellow pilgrim heel shoes.

1462 Rare Pair (1970) 1462 Rare Pair 1970


Yellow and pink A-line dress with matching jacket, four gold beads on dress front pleats, yellow sheer hose, yellow pilgrim heels or yellow soft bow shoes, yellow filigree hanger.

1463 Lovely Sleep-ins (1970)

1463 Lovely Sleep Ins 1970


Sheer pink nylon lace robe with pink feather collar and cuffs, tied closure at neckline, pink tricot gown with puckered bodice and ruffled hemline, pink furry slippers with pink bow accents.

1464 Anti-Freezers (1970) 1464 Anti-Freezers 1970


Red, white and yellow plaid skirt solid red waistband, matching scarf with red yarn fringe, yellow cotton sleeveless blouse, red knit coat with five gold beads and yarn belt, yellow plastic boots.

1465 Lemon Kick (1970) 1465 Lemon Kick 1970


Yellow sheer pleated palazzo pants, yellow top trimmed with a pink ribbon and white braid on bodice, solid yellow tap pants, yellow pilgrim heels or yellow soft bow shoes.

1467 Lamb N Leather (1970)

1467 Lamb N Leather 1970


White woolly faux fur coat, pink lined, black trimmed vinyl patch pockets on front, pink and black vinyl belt, pink vinyl with black trim heeled boots, pink vinyl purse, white fur hat with pompon on top, black tricot short gloves.

1468 Special Sparkle 1970

1468 Special Sparkle 1970


Pink and gold brocade coat, gold lame` skirt with gold tone waist chain, pink shell blouse, pink pilgrim heels or hot pink T straps shoes.

1469 Blue Royalty 1970


Sleeveless blue lame` gown, white faux fur cape, blue pilgrim heels or blue T strap heel shoes.

1781 Tennis Team (1970-71)

1781 Tennis Team 1970-1971


White tennis dress, white tennis shoes, tennis racket, white tennis ball.

1782 Shape-Ups (1970-71)

1782 Shape-Ups 1970-1971


Red knit leotard, red nylon pantyhose, two black dumbbells, exercise book, twist board with stirrups.

1783 Ruffles N swirls dark pink & blue dress 1970-1971

1783 Ruffles N Swirls 1970-1971 1783 Ruffles N Swirls light pink, powder blue 1970-1971


Sleeveless dark or light pink and dark or light powder blue with ruffle down front and at hem dress, pink plastic belt, pink or light powder blue pilgrim heels.

1784 Harem M-M's (1970-71)

1784 Harem M-M's 1970-1971


Red long sleeve jumpsuit, gold and silver belt, no shoes were included.

1786 Bright N Brocade (1970-71)

1786 Bright N Brocade 1970-1971


Pink chiffon tunic, matching pants, pink soft bow flat shoes.

1787 Prima Ballerina (1970-71)

1787 Prima Ballerina 1970-1971


Pink satin tutu, pink sheer pantyhose, hot pink ballet slippers.

1788 Scuba-Do's (1970-71)

1788 Scuba-Do's 1970-1971


Yellow hooded sweatshirt, two piece yellow and orange print  swimsuit, orange fins orange mask, orange snorkel.

1789 Fiery Felt (1970-71)

1789 Fiery Felt 1970-1971


Orange felt coat with yarn trimmed hem, matching orange hat, orange plastic boots.

1791 The Lace Caper (1970-71)

1791 The Lace Caper 1970-1971


Ivory lace top, matching pants, hot pink vest, hot pink pilgrim heels or pink T strap heel shoes.

1792 Mood Matchers (1970-71)

1792 Mood Matchers 1970-1971


Paisley print tunic, matching paisley print palazzo pants, aqua blouse, aqua belt, aqua pilgrim heels or aqua T strap shoes.

1793 Skate Mates (1970-71

1793 Skate Mates 1970-1971


Red velveteen with curly faux fur trim sleeves and hemline dress, matching hood hat, red sheer pantyhose, white curly fur trimmed red gloves, white skates with silver blades white filigree hanger.

1794 Check the Suit (1970-71

1794 Check the Suit 1970-1971


Big yellow and hot pink checked jacket and slacks, trimmed with yellow vinyl on collar and waistline.  (not shown) Yellow knit shell top, yellow pilgrim closed toe heel shoes or yellow T strap shoes, yellow filigree hanger.

1796 Fur Sighted (1970)

1796 Fur Sighted 1970


Red or orange two piece suit, jacket has yellow fur horizontal strips edged in gold trim, three gold frog & bead closure, yellow, red and metallic zigzag pull-over knit top, matching hood hat, yellow pilgrim closed toe heel shoes.

1797 The Ski Scene 1970


Orange-red vinyl jacket with gold bead accents, matching hood hat lined in gray, deep magenta bulky knit long sleeved sweater, yellow vinyl pants, orange-red ski boots and skis, wood poles with red handles, silver picks, red wrap around goggles clear lenses with a gold bead attachment to hood, red filigree hanger.

1798 Rainbow Wraps(1970)

1798 Rainbow Wraps 1970


Big geometric print satin gown with solid green metallic bodice, red-orange ribbon tie at waist, matching triangle shawl with red fringe trim, long pink nylon sheer under slip with ruffle, blue T strap heel shoes.

1799 Maxi N Mini (1970)

1799 Maxi N Mini 1970


Blue metallic maxi coat trimmed with blue faux fur on collar and at hemline, metallic knit shift dress in yellow, pink and blue stripe with a gold cord waist tie, blue metallic fabric hip boots.

Pak Soft N Snug 1970-1971


Faux fur skirt with satin waist ties, matching fur hat & co-coordinating chunky pilgrim closed toe heels.  Came in different color furs; red, blue and probably others as well.

Photo N/A


Pak Walking Pretty 1970-1971


Footwear; tall red boots, pink bow shoes, green and black square toe shoes, black, fuchsia, navy and red chunky pilgrim shoes.

Photo N/A


Pak Plush N Warm 1970-1971


Hot pink fleece, hooded, long sleeve, playsuit.

Photo N/A


Pak Fashion Firsts 1970-1971


Lingerie in various sheer fabrics and laces; petticoat, two pair of underpants & a pink fuzzy scale.

Pak 0010 Stitch N Style 1970

or The Sew In


Dress maker details, two zippers, belt buckles, silver & gold beads, and more.

0020 Sharp Shift (1970)

Pak 0020 Sharp Shift 1970


Long sleeved knit dress came in many different fabric colors, a pair of pilgrim closed toe heels came with each.

Pak 0030 Cool N Casual 1970


Halter or mid-riff top with matching fabric wide leg pull on pants and a pair of pilgrim closed toe heel shoes.  Many different fabric variations.

Photo N/A


Pak 0040 Foot Lights 1970


Eight pairs of shoes and three pairs of boots; white rain boots, gray, red and yellow go-go boots, red, chartreuse, yellow, black fuchsia and purple flats, two pair of turquoise chunky closed toe.

Photo N/A


Pak 0050 All the Trimmings! 1970


Pink accessories; blonde hair braid on gold buckle with pink ribbon, pink satin fabric purse on a gold chain, gold lame short gloves, pink fishnet hose, gold chain belt, orange plastic drop earrings.


Pak 0060 Perfect Beginnings 1970


Nylon bra, panties, sheer half slip, gold round box of talc & puff.  Many color and fabric variations.

Photo N/A


1498 Shoe Bag - 50 shoes + accessories 

JC Penney exclusive 1970-1971 


Fourteen pairs of shoes, ten pairs of boots, pink ballet slippers, umbrella, hat, red hatbox, pink pantyhose, fourteen hangars.


1510 Glamour Group Sears 1970-1971


1510 Glamour Group

Sears exclusive 1970-1971 


Knit dress, coat with faux fur collar and belt, clutch purse, cotton dress, dressy dress, nightie, pantyhose, shoes.  Various fabrics. 

1511 Fashion Bouquet

Sears exclusive



Four piece suit; jacket, blouse, skirt and pants, coat, two piece swimsuit, shoes, scarf and sunglasses.  Various fabrics.

Photo N/A


1521 Fashion Accents - Sears exclusive 1970-1974 


Dark blue bow shoes, pale blue, orange and red,  chunky shoes in red, white, blue, go-go boots in orange and yellow, turquoise tennis shoes, short white gloves, silver clutch & belt and silver stockings.

 1518-1521 Goodies Galore

Sears exclusive 1970-1973 


A whole lot of accessories; five pairs of shoes, transistor radio, sundae, red cap, short white gloves, tennis racquet and tennis ball, ice skates, pink ballet slippers, brown laced boots, red sunglasses, reddish vinyl bag, seven hangars, white & red knit hat & more.  Later sets added a comb, brush & curlers.                       (shown is 1521)

1585  Barbie Action Accents

gift set Sears 1970-1971


Living Barbie in hot pink leotard and tights, orange vinyl ski jacket, skis, orange ski boots, blue and pink velveteen jumper skirt, faux fur pink hood hat, blue ice skates, pink tulle tutu, pink ballet slippers, blue & pink swimsuit, blue snorkel, mask and fins. 

1587 Barbie Mad about Plaid

gift set Sears 1970 

Included 1115 Talking Barbie in her red swimsuit, plus a red plaid dress with green vinyl belt, matching plaid swing coat, plaid cloth clutch bag, red furry hat, red chunky closed toe shoes.


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