English – Doll Collecting Glossary Abbreviations, Terms or Words Explained

ABJD – Asian Ball Jointed Doll abbreviation
Action Figure – jointed posable male character doll for boys
Adtocolite – is a light, smooth composition ca.1916
All Bisque – dolls under 15″ tall, made of all bisque material
Alphabet Doll – China head doll alphabet print fabric body
Animated Doll – doll moves with rotating crank mechanism
Antique Doll – the doll was made before 1930
Antique Mechanical Dolls, Automata, Autoperipatetikos a Greek term for self propelled walking dolls
Applied Ears – ears are separately molded, applied to head
Appropriately Dressed – clothing fits time period & style
Articulated Body – jointed doll body and limbs for movement
Artist Doll – usually a one of a kind doll not mass produced
Automobile dolls – dressed in car driving attire
BJD, Ball Jointed Doll – ball and socket jointed doll body
BKW – Bent Knee Walker doll abbreviation, jointed knees
Baby Bunting – doll covered in fur prior to WW I
Bald Head – doll head without a crown opening, see Belton
Bark Dolls – Florida craft doll made and dressed in tree bark
Basia – named doll made to support Polish refugees of WW I
Bass Wood Doll – made of a close grain bass wood
Belton Doll – has solid dome head, 2 or more holes in crown
Bent Limb Body – Baby’s body with bent limbs
Biscaloid, Biscoloid, Bisculoid – imitation bisque
Biskoline – similar to a celluloid material
Bisque – unglazed tinted porcelain, refers to an Antique doll
Bisquette – durable composition material
Bristle Doll – dances on piano vibration as it’s played
Blown Glass Eyes – hollow glass eyes
Bonnet Head Doll – bisque head doll, cloth body with fancy molded bonnet of butterflies, clovers, flowers, Marguerite
Boudoir Doll – ladies bed decoration or sofa accent doll
Breather – doll with open or pierced nostrils
Buckram – stiff cotton or linen fabric
C. I. V. – City Imperial Volunteer initials London (Boer war)
Caracul – short curly lamb skin fur used in doll wigs
Celebrity, Personality Doll – resembles a famous person
Celluloid Doll – cellulose nitrate & camphor material
Centimeter to Inches conversion – 1 cm. = 0.393700787 in.
Character Doll – a lifelike face of a real child or adult
China Doll – glazed porcelain head, partial China limbs
Cloth Doll – made of all cloth, some are called Rag Dolls
Compolene – British unbreakable doll material by J.P Miller 1918
Compolite – British light unbreakable doll material 1918-1919
Composite – often used by non doll collectors, see next entry
Composition – wood pulp and glue doll material
CM, Closed Mouth – closed lips, no mouth opening
Crazing – fine lines on painted surface of composition dolls
Creche doll figure – Holy doll figure Italian
Crown – opening on top back of antique doll heads
Debox – to remove a NRFB doll, MIB = mint in box
Decal Eyes – flat white painted eye base with affixed flat paper decal of the pupil and iris without detail or depth
Decalcomania Decorations – decal facial feature applied to bisque head after first firing
Doll – a small replica human figure, male, female, adult, child
Doll House Dolls – small dolls dressed as family, domestics
Dolly Face Doll – a pretty stylized child face doll
Embossed Mark – raised letters, numbers, makers symbol
Fate Lade – fortune telling doll
Feathered Eyebrows – brows painted with many fine strokes
Fiamingo – name of Flemish sculptor François Duquesnoy
Fixed, Stationary Eyes – eyes that do not sleep
Flag Doll – China head doll with a flag printed fabric body
Flange Neck – neck ridge with bottom holes to attach body
Flapper Doll – short bobbed hair, slender limbs, 1920s style
Flapper Type Doll Legs – straight, non-bending legs
Flirty Eyes – eyes that open, close and move side to side
Flocked Hair – short fibers glued to head as hair
Frozen Charlotte, Frozen Charlie – one piece all bisque doll
Fumsup Touchwud, Thumbs Up Touch wood – WW I & WW II good luck charm given to soldiers by their loved ones.
Golliwogg, W.O.G.S. – Working On Government Service, nickname of 1800s Egyptian natives known as Ghuls
Googly, Goolies, Goo Goo – roguish look to the side eyes
Gusset – sewn triangle inset fabric to allow movement
Gutta Percha – Malaysian gum tree, hard rubber substance
HTF – Hard To Find abbreviation
HP – Hard Plastic abbreviation
Hard Plastic – doll material used after 1942
Haunted Doll + a storyline – oy vey, see the L@@K entry
Hottentot Doll – Rose O’Neill black Kewpie dolls
Huminals – figure has both human & animal characteristics
Inches to Centimeter – 1 inch x 2.54 centimeters
Incised Mark – permanent mark impressed into head or body
Intaglio Eyes – eyes inset or cut into head then painted
Ivorite – painted clay like material use by Rite Specialty Co
JCB – Jointed Composition Body abbreviation
Jobber – middle person wholesale type buyer, seller of dolls
Kachina – Pueblo Indian religious spirit doll
Kapok – ceiba tree seed pod used for stuffing dolls
Kid Body – leather doll body

Labrador Doll – wood handmade dolls from Arctic areas
Lady Doll – adult female doll
Letitia Penn Doll – wooden Georgian type, a gift of a doll handed from person to person over a long period of time, it now resides at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.
Lilliput – teeny tiny miniature dolls under 6″ tall
L@@K – on-line marketing ruse to get a worthless item sold
Luster Trim – metallic or pink color over glazed porcelain
Lyxhayr – chemically treated nonflammable vegetable fiber
MC – Mint Complete abbreviation, out of original packaging
MIB – Mint In Box abbreviation (in original box)
MLW – Molded Lash Walker (eyelash) abbreviation
Mama Doll – 1920s + cloth & composition, crying voice box
Magic Skin – thin rubbery doll material that darkens with age
Mask Face – stiff cover for the front only of dolls face
Milliner’s Model – paper mache head, cloth, kid & wood body doll used as a mannikin for displaying clothing fashions
Modern Doll – a doll made in the last 25 years or so
Mohair – fine goats hair used for glued on doll wigs
Mold Number – impressed, incised number of a dolls design
Molded Hair – hair styled into the head mold, often painted
Mourning Doll – a one of a kind doll created to memorialize a child or adult, Victorians made a wax doll image of a child that passed
Multi-Face Doll – doll has two or more faces that rotate
NM – Near Mint doll abbreviation
NRFB – Never Removed From Box abbreviation
Nankeen, Nankin, Nanking – commercially made cloth cotton body doll, made in France, Germany and USA
Ne Plus Ultra – riveted or swivel kid body joints 1883+
OOAK Doll – One Of A Kind doll, only one was made
OM, Open Mouth – cut open mouth usually with inset teeth
O/CM, Open Closed Mouth – open uncut mouth without teeth
Oriental Dolls – dolls with Asian characteristics
Ozocertie, Ozokertie – wax made from petroleum 1884+
PE – Painted Eyes abbreviation
PL – Painted eye Lashes abbreviation
PLW – Painted eye Lash Walker abbreviation
Painted Bisque – paint is not baked into object, can rub off
Paperweight Eyes – blown glass eyes with depth, look real
Papier Mâché – paper pulp, glue, sizing, clay, flour mixture
Parian – unglazed China shoulder head doll
Paste head – another name for a composition head
Pate – cardboard, cork, plaster covering of the head open crown
Patina – mellow sign of aging
Peddler Dolls – dressed as a tradesman; Costmonger sells fruits or vegetables, Colporter or Colporteur peddled religious goods, Nanny notions, Tinker sells metal wares etc.
Peppering – tiny black flecks in antique bisque dolls
Phonograph Dolls – early talking dolls
Pierced Ears – hole in ear lobe for earrings
Pierced In Ears – hole in ear lobe and straight into the head
Plangonologist – a person who collects Dolls
Poppet, puppet, pup -old English of a doll, from Latin word pupa
Poppets – wooden handcrafted Kentucky mountain doll
Porcelain Doll – usually refers to a modern collector doll
Porcelainette – Beck Mfg Co non-breakable doll head material
Portrait Doll – doll modeled after a real person
Pouty Mouth – closed petulant mouth
Pug Nose – small slight upturned button nose
Pupiless Eye – fixed doll eye made of all one solid color
Rare – over used adjective in on-line doll auction descriptions
Repo – repossession, not a good thing, see next item
Repro – reproduction of an earlier doll mold or model
Resilles – hair net for Spanish comb
Rub – spot where color has worn away
SLW – Straight Leg Walker doll abbreviation
Santos doll figures – Holy Saints doll figures Spanish
Shoulder Head – head and shoulder all one piece|
Shoulder Plate – shoulder portion with socket for head
Sleep Eyes – eyes that open and close when laid down
Slip – liquid clay and water to make porcelain
Socket Head – head with neck that fits shoulder plate or body
Solid Dome – doll head without a crown opening
Starfish Hands – after 1910, fingers splayed, like on Kewpies
Stockinet, Stockinette – soft loosely knitted cloth stretchable fabric
Swivel Head – bisque shoulder head that turns in its socket
Tin Eyes – metal eyeball with detailed lithographed pupil & iris
Toddler Body – chubby child’s body doll
Topsy Turvy Doll – two dolls in one when turned over
Treble tongue – a tongue that moves
Tuck Comb – wooden doll with a carved hair comb decoration
Turned Head – bisque shoulder head turned slightly Left or Right
Universal Joint – replaced ne plus ultra riveted joints 1896+
VHTF – Very Hard To Find abbreviation
Vinyl Doll – doll material used after 1950
WPA Works Progress Administration, artists cloth dolls
Walker Body – head moves side to side when doll walks
Watermelon Mouth – closed smiling mouth in a single line
Wax Over – wax applied over composition, paper mache head
Weighted Eyes – sleep eyes with a metal weight attached
Yama, YamaYama – doll dressed as a clown
Xylonite – floatable plastic like material used by Butler Bros

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