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Identifying Francie Doll Vintage Clothes Fashions 1971

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1966 doll Marks



Francie is Barbie's modern cousin, she shares her wardrobe with same sized Casey & Twiggy.

3443 Satin Supper 1971-1972

3443 Satin Supper 1971-1972


Pale blue sleeveless satin jumpsuit, green sleeveless vest with blue satin tie, green square closed toe shoes.

3444 Midi Plaid 1971-1972

3444 Midi Plaid 1971-1972


Red long sleeved tricot bodice, red, white and blue big plaid midi length skirt, wide white vinyl belt, red fringed scarf, red square closed toe shoes.

3445 Zig Zag Zoom 1971-1972

3445 Zig Zag Zoom



Yellow ribbed sleeveless top, zig zag multi color wide legged pants & cap with blue bill, royal blue vinyl belt, yellow go-go boots, yellow transistor radio, and rose sunglasses.

3446 Midi Bouquet 1971-1972

3446 Midi Bouquet 1971-1972


Pink floral print long sleeved dress with matching scarf, rose square  closed toe shoes and rose sunglasses.

3448 With It Whites

3448 With It Whites

1971-1972 & 1974


White with red top stitching tunic with red vinyl belt, white pants, short white skirt, red sleeveless top, red square closed toe shoes.

3449 Buckeroo Blues 1971-1972 & 1974

3449 Buckeroo Blues 1971-1972 & 1974


Red print long sleeve blouse, turquoise suede cloth midi skirt with braid trim, matching short vest, fringed shoulder bag and suede cloth boots with braid trim.

  3451 Midi Duet 1971-1972 & 1974

  3451 Midi Duet 1971-1972 & 1974


Pink and green sheer long sleeve dress with attached white lining and pink ribbon, long hot pink sleeveless vest, pink square closed toe shoes.

3450 Dreamy Duo 1971-1972 & 1974

3450 Dreamy Duo

1971-1972 & 1974


Short night gown in sheer yellow with hot pink trim matching long robe.

3453 Snooze News 1971-1972 & 1974

3453 Snooze News

1971-1972 & 1974


Hot pink nylon top wit lace trim & pink ribbon, matching hot pink panties, pink felt scuffs with silver tone bead accent, yellow paper face mirror.

 3454 Summer Number 1971-1972 & 1974

 3454 Summer Number

1971-1972 & 1974


Hot pink with yellow, orange yarn trim two piece swimsuit, multi print sheer long skirt with yarn tie belt & (not shown) pale pink sunglasses.

3455 Frosty Fur 1971-1972 & 1974

3455 Frosty Fur 1971-1972 & 1974


White faux fur coat with white vinyl trim, two gold beads at neck, white boots or shoes.

3456 Wild Flowers 1971-1972 & 1974

3456 Wild Flowers 1971-1972 & 1974


Multi print midi dress with leg of mutton sleeves, pink square toe shoes.

3458 Olde Look 1971-1972

3458 Olde Look 1971-1972


Long sleeved peasant dress in a floral print, orange crochet ruffle at bottom, matching solid orange apron with crochet trim, orange over bodice with yellow ties, orange felt basket and orange square toe shoes.

3459 twilight twinkle 1971-1972

3459 Twilight Twinkle 1971-1972


Turquoise faux fur sleeveless maxi vest with silver braid trim, & silver beads, turquoise long gown with silver and turquoise lace over gown with silver braid trim, silver tiara, silver clutch purse, turquoise square toe shoes.


Note:  The two outfits below are switched in Sarah Sink Eames book; Barbie Fashions Vol. II, the outfits should be;

3460 Change Offs woven stripe pattern outfit with interchanging pants and midi skirt.

3461 Peach Blush is assumed named for the purply "blush" color on a peach skin.

The Eames book calls this outfit Peach "Plush" (usually referring to a fur fabric), in the DeWein book; The Collectors Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls and Collectibles, lists it (twice) with both names.


3460 Change Offs 1971-19723460 Change Offs 1971-1972


Colorful woven stripe and diamond pattern jacket with yellow vinyl trim, matching midi skirt and slacks, yellow sleeveless top and yellow molded lace knee hi boots.

3461 Peach Plush 1971-1972 3461 Peach Blush or Plush 1971-1972


Dark rose felt coat with fancy floral braid trim, rose satin sleeveless top, rose felt skirt with same braid as coat trim, tan crocheted tam and dark rose molded lace knee hi boots.

1194 Rise N Shine box 1971

1194 Box cover

1194 Rise N Shine 1971

1194 Box contents

1194 Rise N Shine Gift Set 1971 Sears Exclusive

Francie Growing hair doll and pink metallic dress, sheer pink nylon nightie gown with matching robe, paper face mirror, comb, brush, hair pins, hair flowers, gold talc box, white with pink pom-pom scuffs.


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Francie Vintage Doll Resources:

 Collectors Encyclopedia of Barbie Dolls & Collectibles book in 1984 by Sibyl DeWein and Joan Ashabraner.

Barbie Doll Fashion: The complete history of the wardrobes of Barbie doll, her friends, family, book, vol. I 1959-1967 in 1990, vol. II 1968-1974 in 1997 by Sarah Sink Eames.

Francie & her Mod, Mod, Mod World of Fashion book in 1996 by Joe Bitman.

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