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Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes Identified 1970


Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1970 - Skipper had 12 outfits in 1970, six Pak items and two Sears exclusives.

Skipper Clothes  1964-1970 | 1971-1979   or   Skipper Dolls 1964-1979



1730 Lots of Lace (1970)

1730 Lots of Lace (1970)


Green velvet bodice with white lace skirt and lime green ribbon, lime green Taiwan flat shoes.

1731 Budding Beauty (1970)

1731 Budding Beauty (1970)


Hot pink organdy and white taffeta dress, hot pink soft Taiwan flat shoes. There are variations of paler pink organdy, and the bodice fabric can have variations.

1732 Daisy Crazy (1970)

1732 Daisy Crazy (1970)


Hot pink dress with daisy print long sleeves, daisy print or hot pink knee high socks, yellow Taiwan flat shoes.

1733 Rik Rak Rah (1970)

1733 Rik Rak Rah (1970)


Sleeveless blue jumper, striped skirt with suspenders, blue Taiwan flat shoes.

1735 Twice as Nice (1970-71)

1735 Twice as Nice (1970-1971)


Pink and blue felt dress, matching coat, pink felt hat, blue Taiwan flat shoes. There is also a red and orange felt version.

1736 Super Slacks (1970-71)

1736 Super Slacks (1970-1971)


White blouse with lace, red white floral pants with red vinyl suspenders, matching hat, rose sunglasses, red Taiwan flat shoes.

1737 Velvet Blush (1970-71)

1737 Velvet Blush



Long sleeve red velvet dress, white lace fishnet stockings, white Taiwan flat shoes.

1738 Fancy Pants (1970-71)

1738 Fancy Pants (1970-1971)


Sleeveless ruffled floral print top, matching pants, light blue shorts, hot pink vinyl tote with 3 yellow daisy's, light blue Taiwan flat shoes. There is also a pink and orange striped version value - Rare, unknown.

1746 Wolly Winner (1970-71)

1746 Wooly Winner (1970-1971)


Red wool plush coat, matching hat, long sleeve yellow and plaid dress, blue knee hi socks, red vinyl shoulder bag, dark blue ankle boots.

1747 Pink Princess (1970-71)

1747 Pink Princess (1970-1971)


Pink sleeveless dress, lime green and pink trim coat, pink faux fur hat, pink sheer pantyhose, white Taiwan flat shoes.

1748 Triple Treat (1970-71)1748 Triple Treat (1970-1971)


Turquoise velveteen dress, matching jacket, pants, hot pink knit top, head scarf, turquoise Taiwan flat shoes.

1749 Lemon Fluff (1970-71)1749 Lemon Fluff (1970-1971)


Yellow tricot pajama top, matching bottoms, yellow plush robe with daisy ribbon belt, yellow slippers.


Pak Undertones 1970

Pak Undertones (1970)


Hot pink pantyhose, 4 pairs of panties; hot pink, yellow, white & coral, two pairs of hose; colors & styles varied.

Pak Toe Twinkles (1970)


Eight pairs of shoes and boots, clear boots with red rim and bottoms, pink, red, and green short boots, turquoise, red pink and navy flat shoes.

Pak Happy Times (1970)


Pink, blue and white record player, Barbie record, blue vinyl cap & boots, a red & white jump rope & a stack of books and two pencils wrapped with a black vinyl strap.

Pak Nighty Nice or Nighty Night (1970)


Blue and white dotted two piece short pajamas, paper face mirror, yellow slippers and blue princess phone.

Pak Side Lights 1970

Pak Side Lights (1970)


Yellow belt, pink plastic belt, yellow vinyl belt, gold chain belt, yellow hat and hot pink vinyl tote with daisy's.

Pak Summer Slacks 1970

Pak Summer Slacks (1970)


Jumpsuit in several fabric combinations, blue sunglasses.

1586 Very Best Velvet 1970

1586 Very Best Velvet, Dramatic New Living Skipper doll gift set

Sears 1970-1971


1117 New Dramatic Living Skipper doll, wearing a hot pink, blue & green swimsuit, orange velvet dress with yellow flounce skirt, orange velvet coat with yellow lining & plastic belt, sheer yellow hose & yellow flat shoes.

1513 Young Ideas

Sears exclusive 1970-1973


Fabrics varied in this set & they reused many  from prior outfits; faux fur coat with vinyl trim (only piece with a tag), two piece cotton suit, solid knit shell & matching socks, party dress, two piece sun suit, sheer hose, gold foil wrapped present, red jump rope, "come to my party" invitation, plastic ball, two pairs of Taiwan flat shoes - some have sunglasses.

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Identifying Skipper Doll Vintage Clothes 1970

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