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Hasbro Dolly Darlings Hatbox & Prototype Dolls 1965-1966

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1965 Hasbro Dolly Darlings Hatbox Judy or Karen Slumber Party doll

1965 Hasbro Dolly Darlings Hatbox Judy or Karen Slumber Party doll

Dolly Darlings - Hat box Series 1965 - The Hasbro Dolly Darlings 1965 dolls all have molded hair are 4 1/2" tall and were the first dolls in this series. They were packaged in a plastic hatbox case with a clear front cover.  Each came with an assortment of tiny accessories that complimented the dolls character.  These dolls have painted facial features and the distinctive "ballerina" like hands.  Clothing can be removed, but is very difficult to get back on, due to the wide arms that rotate, but do not bend.  John and his pets has the dubious distinction of being the only male doll created in the Dolly Darling series and was not recreated in any of the subsequent rooted hair dolls, as the rest of these dolls were, but with new names.  

Dolly Darlings Hatbox Dolls are marked on their back: 

1965 Hasbro Hong Kong or Japan. 


Hasbro John and his Pets


Dolly Darlings Hatbox Doll - John and his Pets 1965


John is 4 1/2" tall with brown molded hair, brown painted eyes, closed mouth, wore a blue and white checked jacket with a pocket crest, white shirt with red bowtie, solid blue shorts with blue painted socks and brown painted shoes, his accessories are: two dogs; red and black, red cardboard book "How to teach Cats?", two cats; white, black, can of cat food, yellow duck, four pieces of white plastic fencing.

Betty or Beth Supermarket 1965

1965 Hasbro Betty or Beth Supermarket doll

Peggy or Cathy Party 1965

1965 Hasbro Peggy or Cathy Party doll

Suzie School 1965

1965 Hasbro Suzie School doll

1965 Hasbro Shary Vacation doll


1965 Hasbro Shary Vacation doll


Hasbro Dolly Darlings Dolls - Rooted Hair Prototype Dolls 1966


These next Dolly Darling are the prototypes for rooted hair dolls, from the Don Levine Collection who was a Vice President at Hasbro, better known as the creator of the GI Joe action figures, when the Dolly Darlings dolls were produced in 1965-1968

Prototype Head of a Dolly Darling

This is a early prototype head.

Debbie - prototype doll

Prototype "Debbie"

Dolly Darlings Doll


Notice that her facial features are the same as the head to the left, except she has side glancing eyes. 


Also, her hands are reversed from the production dolls and she is shorter.  


Her outfit is the same as Fancy Pants (8543) pictured below, the actual packaging was changed too.

8514 School Days head

Head of the produced Dolly Darlings doll,

8514 School Days doll

8543 Fancy Pants    8510 Teatime 1967-68

left; is the Dolly Darlings doll that was produced, 8543 Fancy Pants 1968

right; is the actual packaging and is Dolly Darling, 8510 Teatime 1967-1968


Below is the production board of the first

eight rooted hair Dolly Darlings Dolls in 1966


Top row, left to right:  8520 Hipster, 8521 Slickset, 8522 Teeney Bikini, 8523 Boytrap #1


 First 8 Dolly Darlings rooted hair

Bottom row, left to right: 8510 Teatime, 8511 Go Team Go, 8512 Slumber party, 8524 Technicolor.


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