English 1740s Queen Anne wood doll face
English 1740s Queen Anne wood doll face

Antique Wood Dolls 1400+

Wood is a fairly easy material to carve or whittle to form a crude doll in the form of a human likeness.  Wood is very durable, easily manipulated and is still in use today for making wooden dolls or figures and toys of many kinds for children, in countries around the world, either commercially, by artists or a home worker. Listed below are early wood doll types and known wood doll makers and marks from around the world.

Antique Wood or Wooden Types of Dolls & Dates

1400+ French, Italy, Spain and others; Religious dolls or religious figures; Crèche dolls, Santos dolls
1600-present Kokeshi, folk art, painted, limbless all wood dolls made for children in Japan
1680-1720 English William and Mary, 1700-1750 Queen Anne, 1750-1800 Georgian wooden dolls
1700s-1930 German Federdocken, feather dolls, turned wooden doll, painted features, a feather in hat, stones in torso rattle
1700s+ Austria or German Grödner Tal carved wood dolls
1735-1925+ German Skittle or Tyroler wood dolls
1750+ French or English Pandora early wood or wax fashion mannequin doll, Grandes Pandora’s is a life size mannequin doll
1800s-1900s South East Europe Gmunderdoken wooden dolls representing the people of the Gmunden area
1800s-1900s German Schepperdocken hollow wooden dolls with stones inside that rattle when shaken
1800’s-present Knitting Nancy, Nodder, Spindle, Spool, Stump all wood dolls
1850+ American Hopi Kachina wood dolls made of cottonwood root, then carved, painted and decorated figures
1890+ Russian Matryoshka wooden nesting dolls made and painted by various craft persons, artists
ca. 1890s Austria & Hungry Wooden Kate dolls wooden folk art dolls
1896-1914 German Bébé Tout Bois all wood dolls, often made for the French market
1900s+ German Carved Tuck Comb wood dolls, Peg Wooden doll or Dutch Wooden doll
1916-1918 French Madame Nina Alexandrowicz made cloth art dolls, Mimi a wood art doll, black mascot dolls
Before 1917 and after until about 1991 Russian Trihedral one piece three sided wood carved dolls
1919+ Wood Segmented dolls, various countries and doll makers
1920s American Zuni wood dolls are usually made from pine wood
1960s+ vintage all wooden Banks with a slit in head, back or both for coins

Antique to Vintage Wooden Doll Makers

Anderegg dolls early 1900s, doll mark Th. Anderegg, Montreux, Switzerland

Ferdinand Andri wooden peasant dolls 1871-1956 Austria

Artel Co. wooden doll mark ARTELPRAHA with painted clothes 1900s Prague

Beaver Doll & Toy Co wood dolls 1916-1917 NYC, Canada, London – doll mark Beaverbilt, Beaverbeasts, Beaverability

Mimi Berg, Norgesdukker carved wood dolls 1940s Norway

Bimblick Toy Co. wood segmented dolls 1926-1930 NYC

Gary Birch carved wooden artist doll figures ca. 1987-1990s Cincinnati, Ohio, USA doll mark Birch # date

Cameo wood segmented dolls 1922-1970s USA

Crown Toy Mfg wood segmented Disney dolls 1930s-40s USA

Decor-Spielzeug, Decor Toy Company wood dolls 1957+ GER

Door of Hope dolls 1901-1949 China

 Julius Dorst wooden dolls & toys 1839-1930s
– doll mark HD, clown symbol star D

Joel Ellis Co-Operative Mfg. Co 1858-1925+USA (unmarked) – 1873-74 mortise & tendon wood dolls, painted black feet

Erzgebirge wood figure dolls 1920s

Exeloid Company wood doll mark XLCO 1915-1920+ Pennsylvania, PA

Fehrle carved wooden head doll mark FEHRLE

Fleischmann & Cramer wood dolls 1881-1925+

Hitz, Jacobs & Kassler turned, carved painted wood dolls 1923

Kaspar Huggler & Sons wood caved dolls 1900-present – in Brienz, Switzerland (off site official link)

Insam & Prinoth dolls 1820+ Tirol & Germany wooden dolls, peg wooden dolls verlegers 1820+ Tirol

Ives, Blakeslee & Williams Co, Bridgeport, CT  1868-1932 – Ives Mfg. Co., Edward R. Ives, wood dancing black dolls on music boxes ca. 1880s

Jointed Doll Co. wood doll mark Improved Jointed Doll pat. April 29, 1879, Dec. 7, 1880, & Nov. 7, 1882 – 1874-1885 Springfield, VT

Kestner made wood dolls, how marked is unknown 1805+

Labrador wooden dolls hand made in N. American Arctic

Larkin Co 1875-1930 made wood and other kinds of dolls USA

Richard Metzler 1884-1928 musical, papier mache, wood dolls

Harold Naber Kids carved wood art dolls 1970s-1994 USA

Netherlands 1800+ wood Grödner Tal dolls, Nürnberg Fille dolls, Peg Wooden dolls, Penny Wooden dolls

Nöckler & Tittel 1849-1930s bisque, cloth, composition, googly eye dolls, rubber, Täufling, wood dolls

Poppets wood dolls mid 1800s-1930 Kentucky, USA

J. B. Purger wood peg jointed dolls 1851-1896 Grödner Tal

E. Randall Grödner Tal wood dolls1904-1958 UK

Sanoner, Senoner, Sononer Grödner Tal wooden dolls 1800+

F.M. Schilling 1871-1928, doll mark Angel with wings, paper label Tout Bois, Holz, Germany allwood, angel symbol, Fabrikmarke deponirt or unmarked

Rudolf Schneider dolls 1912-1925+ made Bébé Tout en Bois dolls marked with a label; trademark Bébé Tout en bois entierement articule (Baby doll articulated wood), French market.

Schoen & Yondorf, SAYCO 1922-1960s made wood dolls USA

Schoenhut & Co basswood dolls 1872-1935 Philadelphia, PA  – all wood Pinn family clothespin dolls 

Silber & Fleming wooly head wood dolls, wood dolls 1872-1882

D. M. Smith & Co wooden dolls 1852-1885, blue painted feet

Star Toy & Novelty composition, wood dolls 1914-21 USA

Swiss Linden wood dolls 1900s+ Brienz area

Ted Toy-lers wooden dolls & toys 1924-1928

Telli Company wood head & cloth body doll

Telma Mfg. ceramic, composition, wood dolls 1917-1918 UK

Thomas R. Thompson Tots Toie wooden dolls 1919 USA

Tillicum Toy Mfg. Co. turned wood dolls 1926-1930 USA

Twistum Toy factory wood segmented dolls 1921-1929 USA

Professor Wahn flat painted wooden dolls 1902-1907 Silesia

Wilson Novelty wooden Wilson’s Walkies dolls 1930s-1951 USA

Zeuch & Lausmann wood dolls 1888-1925

Gottlieb Zinner & Sohn dolls 1845-1926  – world leader making musical & mechanical dolls

Georg Zollner cloth dolls, wood matryoshkas 1927-1930

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