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R & B Debu'teen doll 18"

Arranbee Debu'teen doll 18" tall

The Arranbee Doll Company (R & B) was located in New York city, they sold bisque, composition, rubber, hard plastic and vinyl dolls. They were a well known USA doll manufacturer who in their early years imported dolls and parts to be assembled in the USA, some of their bisque doll heads were made by Armand Marseille and Simon &Halbig, later they produced their own high quality dolls.   In 1958 Arranbee was purchased and became a division of the Vogue doll company, who had a history with them and continued to use the R & B doll marking until early 1961.


Arranbee doll mark R & BSome Arranbee doll marks: 16, 23ARV, ARRANBEE, Arranbee Pat. Aug. 10. 26, circle P (Miss Coty Girl), circle X, R & B Doll Co, AM 341 or 341 K, AM 351 or 351 K, 49 R & B, 65 R & B, 210 Pat Pen, 250 R & B, Kewty, Made in U.S.A. Pat's Pend, Nancy, Germany Arranbee 620, 680, Simon Halbig Arranbee Patent No. 74720 Germany and many Arranbee dolls are unmarked.


Arranbee Antique to Vintage dolls identified

ar_dream18baby1930sfa.jpg (10193 bytes)1924-1950s Arranbee My Dream Baby doll or Dream Baby doll, 9- 24" tall, bisque head (shown on left) on a cloth or composition body, on the earliest dolls the bisque dome head with glass sleep eyes and painted hair was made by Armand Marseille (mold 341, 351, add a K and it was on a composition body), later they used composition heads (shown on right) on cloth or all composition body, some have rubber hands at the end of a cloth arm, larger sized dolls have composition arms and composition legs to above the knees with blue or gray tin sleep or painted eyes, with painted upper lashes, open mouth or closed.   Lots of variety in the various Dream Baby doll, some even came with a wig over the molded hair, their were both open & closed mouth versions.  The early Armand Marseille bisque doll heads can be marked: AM Germany 341 3 1 2K, AM Germany Arranbee, AM 351 4 Germany Arranbee.

rb_dream11baby_fa.jpg (41057 bytes)

1930s R & B Dream Baby doll, 11" tall, all composition head with molded hair and jointed body, sleep eyes, open mouth, doll mark R & B Doll Co.

1926 Arranbee Bottletot doll or Bottle Tot doll, 13" tall, all composition and cloth, came with it's own bottle held in it's right hand.  This is a later version of one of their bisque head dolls.

ar_bottletot.jpg (9459 bytes)

1926 R & B Bottletot doll, 13"


1930s Arranbee Marianne doll, 24-27" tall, composition shoulder head, arms and legs to above the knees, cloth stuffed body an upper legs, jointed shoulders and stitched hips.  Human hair wig in long cork screw curls, glassene sleep eyes, open mouth with three upper teeth.  Came wearing an organdy dress with matching bonnet, socks and leather shoes.  Doll is unmarked, but her dress has a label which states her name:  Marianne an Arranbee doll.  This doll appears nearly the same as a composition doll marked Perfect  (for the Perfect Toy Mfg Co) on the shoulder plate, is 18" tall, has a mohair cork screw wig, tin sleep eyes, is wearing a Marianne Arranbee organdy dress absolutely the same style as shown here, with a Marianne label.


1930s R & B Marianne doll, 24"

1930s Arranbee Storybook Dolls; Dutch Girl doll & Dutch Boy doll, 9-10" tall, all composition, molded hair or wig, wore an appropriate costume for character portrayed.  Shown is a 9" tall Dutch Girl in costume with yarn hair over her molded and painted hair, original clothing, and wooden shoes.  Other Storybook dolls are: Bo Peep, Cowboy & Cowgirl, Jack & Jill, Little Boy Blue, Mary had a Little Lamb, Snow White & a Pirate.

ar_dutch9girl_intnl.jpg (18428 bytes)

1930s R & B Storybook doll -

Dutch Girl doll, 9"


1930s Arranbee Nancy doll, 11-22" tall, an Effanbee Patsy doll competitor or look a like, all composition or composition head & limbs on a cloth stuffed body, molded short hair, some with hair bow loops, painted eyes, tin sleep eyes, or glass sleep eyes, the 16" tall doll had sleep eyes and sometimes had a wig over the molded hair.  Their is quite a bit of variation in the molded hair of these dolls, as several different dolls were used over the years.  Some have short even across bangs, others had wavy slightly curled bangs and Doll shown has the bangs swept across the forehead.  Marked: Nancy,  ARRANBEE DOLL CO., R & B or unmarked.  Many competitors also made Nancy like dolls.


ar_nancy_tin_eye.jpg (58604 bytes)

1930s R & B Nancy doll, 16"

1930-1940s Arranbee Nancy doll, 14-22" tall, she's either all composition or composition and cloth body, sleep eyes, open smiling mouth with four teeth, she is shown in her original human hair wig and clothing, but the hair bow has probably been replaced.  Marked: R & B, Nancy or unmarked.

ar_nancy20toddler_bo.jpg (35625 bytes)

1930s R & B Nancy doll, 20"

1932 Arranbee George and Martha Washington dolls, 12" tall, part of the Cherrie Historical Doll Series, this pair of dolls were created to commemorate George's 200the birthday.  All composition (used the Nancy body), jointed bodies, mohair wig, has painted facial features, shown in original clothing.  Marked: Arranbee Doll Co.

ar_george13washington_bo.jpg (20799 bytes)ar_martha13washington_bo.jpg (13425 bytes)

1932 R & B George & Martha Washington dolls, 12"

1936 Arranbee Ink U Bator Baby doll, 6 1/2" tall, an all composition My Dream Baby doll, all composition jointed body, molded painted hair, came with it's with it's cardboad box "incubator" and layette, doll mark R & B Doll Co.

1936 Arranbee Ink U Bator Baby doll, 6 1/2"

1936 R & B Ink U Bator Baby doll, 6 1/2"


1938-1940s Arranbee Debu'teen doll, Southern Girl series, 11" tall, jointed all composition body, sleep eyes, wigged with closed mouth, wearing a very detailed ensemble of striped blue taffeta gown with scalloped hemline, long white cotton slip with cutouts & white on white embroidery, matching white cotton pantaloons,  white socks with black oil cloth shoes with cut outs, also crocheted fingerless gloves & big straw picture hat.  This same attire has been found on the larger Debu'teen dolls too and came in different colors, as well as on the Nancy Lee doll described below.  Some dolls are marked R & B or unmarked.


Vogue Dora Lee doll, 11" tall, probably used this Debu'teen doll mold, dolls are unmarked, shoes had Dora Lee's name stamped in ink on the sole, clothing is untagged - so this is the only thing that makes the Debu'teen doll a Dora Lee.  The 14" size Debu'teen dressed doll was named Sandra Lee.


1938-1940s Arranbee Debuteen doll in Southern Girl attire

1938-1940 R & B Debu'teen doll

Southern Girl series, 11"


1938 R & B Debuteen boy doll 14" face1938-1940 Arranbee Debu'teen Hungarian International Costume Male Doll, 14" tall,  jointed all composition body, brown tin sleep eyes, brown mohair wig with a closed mouth.  This doll  appears to be a male doll dressed in a Hungarian costume, blue velvet vest gold braid trim, red velvet pants gold braid trim, white batiste shirt with huge pleated sleeves with ribbon trim in red, white and green, black with gold trim oilcloth boots.  Doll is unmarked. There were also Nancy Lee 17" composition dolls dressed in costumes, shown on page eighty-five of the Arranbee book by Suzanne DeMillar, it is a pair of boy and girl dolls dressed in Norwegian costumes.


1938 R & B Debuteen boy doll dressed in Hungarian Costume

1938-1940 R & B Debu'teen

Hungarian International Costume Doll, 14"


ar_debuteen23compo_cloth_bo.jpg (11442 bytes)1938-1940 Arranbee Debu'teen doll, 11-22" tall, all composition, or (shown on left) composition shoulder plate and composition limbs on a cloth stuffed body (see next photo but with straight legs), may have single or multi stroke eyebrows, sleep eyes (some may have painted eyes), wigged, jointed at neck, shoulders and hips. Doll marked R & B on neck and some have the marking on the dolls inner upper arm or inside upper leg or unmarked.  The Debu'teen shown on right is 18" tall, in original sheer brown with white polka dot dress, lace criss-crossed fichu on bodice and suede shoes.


ar_debuteen18blonde1938.jpg (48928 bytes)

1938 R & B Debu'teen doll 18"

ar_deb_cloth_bent_knee_fa1.jpg (13431 bytes)1938-1940 Arranbee Debu'teen doll seated, 22" tall, composition shoulder head, arms and legs on a cloth stuffed body, same Debu'teen face with sleep eyes, smokey gray eye shadow with a small upper lid, two or three stroke eyebrows, painted lower lashes, real upper lashes, wig maybe of mohair, several colors have been found, her knees are slightly bent.   Doll is marked: R & B on neck and sometimes inside the upper arms is R & B or unmarked.

ar_deb_cloth_bent_knee_do.jpg (11573 bytes)

1938 R & B Debu'teen doll 22"

1938-1946 Arranbee Nancy doll, 11-27" tall, all composition or composition shoulder plate swivel head and composition limbs with a cloth body, Princess Elizabeth head mold, may have single or multi stroke eyebrows, sleep eyes, wigged, jointed at neck, shoulders and hips, open mouth with four upper teeth or with a closed mouth. Doll marked R & B, Nancy or unmarked.

1938+ R & B Nancy doll,  11-27"


1938-1946 Arranbee Nancy Lee doll, 14, 18" tall, or 21" tall, fully jointed body, all composition, mohair wig, sleep eyes, closed mouth, doll marked on head R & B or Nancy or unmarked.  Shown in a floral gown that is part of the Southern Girl series.

ar_nancylee17floral.jpg (66574 bytes)

1938+ R & B Nancy Lee doll 18"

Southern Girl Series floral dress

ar_nannette22_cloth_fa.jpg (16787 bytes)1938-1946 Arranbee Nannette doll or Nanette doll, 17- 23" tall, composition head on shoulder plate with a cloth body, jointed at neck & shoulders, Mama dolls with a crier in the body, mohair wig, tin or glassene sleep eyes, most have a closed mouth, but dolls have been found with open mouth with two upper teeth, too.  Doll marked under the upper arms R & B body is unmarked.


ar_nannette22_cloth_bo1.jpg (9095 bytes)ar_nannette22_cloth_bo.jpg (11395 bytes)

1938 R & B  Nannette doll or Nanette doll 22"


ca. 1938 Arranbee Nancy doll, 17-18" tall, or possibly Ideal Pigtail Sally doll, all composition jointed body at the neck, shoulders and hips, composition head with mohair pigtail wig in; blonde brunette or tosca, sleep eyes, open mouth with four upper teeth. Doll came dressed in different fabric dresses with pinafore and matching head scarf, white socks and oilcloth shoes.  Doll marked on back: 18 -.  Photo courtesy of Aeflock, thanks for asking about your doll, sorry we didn't figure out who she truly is.


ca. 1938 R & B Nancy doll or Ideal Pigtail Sally doll, 17-18"


ar_rosalie1939ad.jpg (34670 bytes)1939 Arranbee Rosalie doll, 13 1/2, 18 or 24" tall, may have been a Sears Exclusive, all composition or composition head & limbs on a cloth body (usually found on the larger size dolls, uses the Debu'Teen body), glass like sleep eyes, brunette wig of mohair on the smallest size and human hair on the larger dolls, inside washer jointed arms and legs, wore a brown dotted organdy dress with gold bolero, leather like black belt, cotton poke bonnet with ribbon strap, white rayon socks, white underpants and leather like snap buckle shoes.  Doll marked same as the Debu'Teen R & B, or unmarked.   Photo on left is a Sears ad for Rosalie.


ar_rosalie_petite.jpg (46101 bytes)

1939 R & B Rosalie doll 18"

Photo courtesy of Maureen

1940s Arranbee Little Angel Baby doll, 11, 17, 21" tall, composition head and limbs, cloth body with crier, molded hair, blue or brown sleep eyes, closed mouth.  Doll marked on neck R & B.

Photo courtesy of Fabbiopablo.

rb_little17angel_baby1940s1.jpg (41362 bytes)

1940 R & B Little Angel Baby doll 17"

1947-1950s Arranbee Nanette doll, 14 - 21" tall, some are walkers, all hard plastic (later dolls have vinyl heads), sleep eyes, wigged (floss, dynel in all colors), jointed at neck, shoulders and hips, doll sometimes marked on head R & B or unmarked


On right is shown a Nanette 14" tall, all hard plastic, original brown dress, socks, shoes and hangtag. Nanette has many outfits for her wardrobe.     

ar_nanette14_walker.jpg (41971 bytes)

1957-1959 R & B Nanette doll 14"

1948 Arranbee Princess Elizabeth doll and Baby Charles doll, 14" tall, all hard plastic with a glued on wig with attached silver crown.  She is dressed in a gown of pink chiffon with flocking, full long slip with matching panties & pink oil cloth shoes.  Baby Charles wears a christening gown of the same pink flocked fabric.  Doll marked: R & B.

ar_princess14eliz1948a.jpg (16441 bytes)

1948 R & B Princess Elizabeth doll and Baby Charles doll

ca. 1950s Arranbee Nancy Lee doll, 14-21" all hard plastic jointed body, sleep eyes, wigged, closed mouth. Is shown in a Bride's dress, but had a variety of outfits from casual to formal wear, doll marked R & B or unmarked.

ar_nancy20jean-bride_bo.jpg (47784 bytes)

ca. 1950s R & B Nancy Lee doll, 20"

1950s Arranbee Little Dear doll or Little Angel doll, 8, 11 or 12" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth, hard plastic jointed body.  


Photo courtesy of Patkan, doll is shown pristine & all original.

eg_little_angel_patkan.jpg (32021 bytes)

1950s R & B Little Dear doll or 

Little Angel doll, 12"

1951 Arranbee Nancy doll, 22-24" tall, made of vinylite plastic head and limbs, cloth torso body, brunette or blonde dynel glued on wig, walker, Mama crier, she wore a pink checked taffeta child like dress "just like her little mother wears" with white pinafore, white socks and black Mary Jane shoes.  Came with a set of curlers.

Photo courtesy of Ruth (and thanks for asking about your doll).

 ar_nancy22_1951.jpg (20516 bytes)

1951 R & B Nancy doll, 22"

1952-1959 Arranbee Nancy Lee Toddler doll, 14-16" tall, has a child like toddler body, all vinyl five piece jointed body, saran wig glued on, blue sleep eyes, closed mouth, (kinda reminds me of the Terri Lee doll), came dressed in several different outfits.  The 1959 Dolls have a different face mold & came with a Dutch bob hair style.  Doll marked: Arranbee.


Photo courtesy of Flozdolz and is shown pristine and all original.

ar_nancylee16toddler50s.jpg (31566 bytes)

1952 R & B

Nancy Lee Toddler doll, 16"

ca. 1952 Arranbee Nancy Lee Cinderella doll, 14 or 20" tall, vinyl head, arms & legs, hard plastic body, sleep eyes, floss wig - this one is a beautiful blonde in an upswept elegant style, wearing a gorgeous off-white satin gown with petal type bodice at the waist, trimmed with gold braid and gold stars embroidered across the full skirt, doll marked on head R & B


Photo courtesy of Linda.

ar_cinderella14linda.jpg (12901 bytes)

1952 R & B Nancy Lee,  Cinderella doll 14"

ar_nance14jane_andrea_red.jpg (17206 bytes)1954 Arranbee Nancy Jane doll, 14" tall, hard plastic jointed body, strung doll, closed mouth, wigged, came in a suitcase with a wardrobe of the same clothing sold with the Nanette dolls.  Doll is marked: Made in USA and possibly R & B on neck.   Without her tags or original packaging she will not be easily to identified, as she closely resembles other dolls with the same markings. Both photo's courtesy of Andrea/Andy.

ar_nance14jane_andrea_blue.jpg (15706 bytes)

1954 R & B Nancy Jane doll, 14"

1954-1957 Arranbee Littlest Angel doll, 11-12" tall, hard plastic, jointed knee walker doll, rooted vinyl head or hard head with wig, came wearing panties, socks and shoes. She has a huge wardrobe that could be purchased separately, doll usually marked R & B.

ar_littlest_angel105_bxd.jpg (59712 bytes)

1954-1957 R & B Littlest Angel doll, 11-12"

1955 Arranbee Nanette Ballerina doll, 14-15" or 17-18" tall, sleep eyes, painted lower lashes, wigged, jointed at neck, shoulders and hips, wore a tutu, some with embellishments of stars and circles or maribu trim, some have flowers styled into their hair do and ballet shoes. 

ar_nanette14ballerina_yel1.jpg (14235 bytes)

1955 R & B Nanette Ballerina doll 14"


1955+ Arranbee Dream Baby doll, 17, 18 or 21-22" tall, baby doll crier, vinyl head with molded hair, one piece latex washable body or fully jointed baby body, sleep eyes or painted eyes, open mouth, came dressed in christening gown or shirt and diapers with pink or blue blanket.   Doll marked on neck Arranbee or unmarked.


Other dolls made during this time were: 1955+ Angel Skin doll, Boy or Girl dolls each with deeply molded hair, closed mouth, one piece latex body, dolls marked R & B or Arranbee.  The Boy doll was also sold as the New Boy Doll, 12-17",  as early as 1952.


1955+ R & B Dream Baby doll 22"

1955 R & B Dream Baby doll 22"

1955 Arranbee Angel Face doll, 16-25" tall, chubby all vinyl jointed body (some with extra elbow & knee joints) or pink cloth stuffed torso, molded & painted hair or rooted saran hair, open smiling mouth some with teeth, drink wet doll, sleep eyes.  Some doll markings are:  R & B + 19BBS,  R & B + 22BBS and possibly others.

ac_angel_face.jpg (17620 bytes)

1955 R & B Angel Face doll, 20"

1955-1957 Arranbee Sweet Pea doll, 12" tall, (Littlest Angel's baby sister) all vinyl drink wet baby, short rooted hair, wore a diaper, blue sleep eyes, doll marked: R & B.

ar_sweet_pea.jpg (18321 bytes)

1955 R & B Sweet Pea doll 12"


1956-1957 Arranbee Surprise Doll, 11-12" tall (Special Promotion Doll a Littlest Angel doll with brown sleep eyes and long rooted lemon blonde hair with straight bangs), all vinyl jointed walking doll, came in a presentation box, dressed in her Sunday - American outfit along with "The Surprise Doll" book authored by Morrell Gipson.  Also, available separately and based on the book were the international outfits of: Monday - Britain/English, Tuesday - Russia, Wednesday - Italy, Thursday - China, Friday - Holland/The Netherlands and Saturday - France.  Should be marked same as the other Littlest Angel dolls R & B.


1956-1957 R & B Surprise Doll, 11"

Taffy face1956 Arranbee Taffy doll, 16, 18 or 25" tall, is a hard plastic hip pin walker body with chest grill, straight legs, vinyl head with sleep eyes, rooted hair, closed Cissy type mouth, doll mark 82, 18ARV R & B or ARV25 R & B


Belle Doll & Toy made similar Marjorie faced doll, Alexander Binnie or Winnie dolls, Sayco Glamour Bride or Bridesmaid dolls marked 85.


1956 R & B Taffy doll, 18"


1957 Arranbee Coty Girl doll or Miss Coty Girl doll, 10 1/2"tall, Coty cosmetics advertising doll, all vinyl, sleep eyes, rooted hair various colors, fashion doll with high heel feet, pierced ears, shown wearing a lovely red taffeta and lace formal gown, with blonde rooted hair, but their were many other hair colors available. Doll marked on neck: P within a circle.  Doll marked on underarm 10 1/2RIdeal Little Miss Revlon doll competitor.  Belle Doll & Toy made a Little Margie and Little Marjorie dolls, marked the same as Miss Coty Girl.


ar_coty_girl105red_fa.jpg (16953 bytes)

1957 R & B Miss Coty Girl

doll, 10 1/2"


1957 Arranbee Nanette Fashion doll, 15 & 18" tall, hard plastic body with swivel waist & high heel feet, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes and pierced ears.  Competitor of Ideal's Miss Revlon doll - and looks very similar too.   Most of these dolls are unmarked and were not made for very long.


1959 Arranbee Cody Girl Deluxe doll, 18" tall, looks like the above doll, may have a markings of a V + a number like Valentine dolls.  This doll is very rare.  She wore the same outfit as available for the smaller sized Coty girl; black tulle & satin  cocktail dress with black hat, stockings & black high heel shies.  Both of these dolls had wardrobes that could be purchased separately, many of the outfits were just like those for the smaller Coty Girl.


R & B 1957 Nanette fashion doll, 18"

1957 R & B Nanette

Fashion doll, 18"

1960s Arranbee Wee Lil' Imp doll, 8" tall, all hard plastic with jointed body, carrot red hair, sleep eyes, freckles, dressed same as the above mentioned doll but smaller, like Vogue's Ginny doll.

Vogue_wee_imp1960.jpg (20164 bytes)

1960s R & B Wee Lil' Imp doll, 8"

1961 Arranbee My Angel doll, 17", 25" or 36" tall, soft vinyl head, rooted hair, sleep blue eyes, closed mouth, hard plastic jointed walker body with bendable knees, came dressed in a variety of dresses, doll marked R & B 15, R & B 16 or R & B 19 on the vinyl head.

1961 R & B My Angel doll, 17"

1961 R & B My Angel doll, 17"

Additional Arranbee dolls not shown

1927 Arranbee Drink 'N Babe doll 12" tall, all composition (except right hand) jointed baby doll with lightly molded blonde painted hair, tin sleep eyes with real eyelashes, open mouth, dolls right hand is made of celluloid and holds a celluloid magic rubber nippled bottle, patent date;  August, 10, 1926, US Patent 1,595,840, "The doll that drinks like magic", special doll bottle with disappearing milk, came in a cardboard case with other accessories, doll is unmarked.


ca. 1951+ Arranbee Judy doll 15 or 19" tall, all hard plastic, braided wig coiled over ears with metal knob hidden inside, to raise or lower the back section of hair like a grow hair doll, sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, jointed body at neck, shoulders and hips, either size doll mark on on back Made in USA 170 or Made in USA 210, plus a red ink stamp on side of body Pat. 2,537,536 and the 15" size is also stamped on neck RDEC2.  Possibly a Gimbel's mail order catalog doll.  The Judy doll has to have the braided grow hair plus the red patent stamp and the 15" size the red RDEC2 neck stamp or it's another makers doll.

1957 Arranbee April Showers doll or Lil Cupcake doll, both 11" tall, soft vinyl head with molded hair, jointed baby body, sleep eyes, nursing mouth.

1960 Arranbee Lil' Imp doll or Brikette's Kid Sister doll, 11-12" tall, (is actually a Littlest Angel doll with carrot red hair) hard plastic doll with jointed body, vinyl head with rooted hair, green sleep eyes and freckles, now owned by Vogue using the R & B mark. See the R & B Littlest Angel doll.


Arranbee Doll Resources:

Arranbee Dolls: The dolls that sell on sight, Identification & Value Guide book in 2004 by Suzanne L. DeMillar


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