Armand Marseille Dolls 1884+ German

Armand Marseille 310 Just Me doll face
Armand Marseille 310 Just Me bisque head doll face

Armand Marseille of Sonneberg and Koppelsdorf, Thüringia, Germany was one of the worlds largest and best known bisque / porcelain doll head manufacturer.  Armand was born in 1856 in St. Petersburg, Russia the son of an architect and immigrated to Germany with his family after 1860. 

In 1884 Marseille bought a toy factory and in 1885 he acquired a porcelain factory in Koppelsdorf, Marseille’s earliest doll mold number is 1890 a dolly face shoulder head . . .  Armand Marseille’s empire and history in the doll world had begun. Most Armand Marseille dolls are marked AM initials in the marking.

Many antique doll collectors will have begun with a Marseille doll or added one or more over the course of doll collecting. Marseille dolls are easily found, plentiful, quality made from common to rare doll molds. Marseille doll molds & marks

1900+ Marseille doll mold 370 bisque shoulder head doll
1900+ Marseille doll mold 370 kid body doll 22″
1900+ Marseille doll 390 bisque socket head doll
1900+ Marseille doll mold 390 composition body with stick legs doll

From 1900-1938 Marseille’s most commonly found doll mold 370 a shoulder head on a cloth or kid body or doll mold 390 a socket head doll on a composition jointed body.  The early poured bisque doll heads have an inside lip or rim where the top of the head is cut out and are fired, features are painted, then fired again. The much later dolls are a heavier bisque like clay, fired, then the flesh color and features are painted without a final firing. All Marseille doll bodies were purchased from other doll makers. 

Armand Marseille mold 1894 teen doll with ribs split hip area 21″ face
Armand Marseille 1894 teen doll with ribs split hip area 21″ body, unusual
Armand Marseille Alma doll
ca. 1900+ Armand Marseille Alma doll
Armand Marseille painted eye boy doll
Armand Marseille painted eye boy doll face 18″

From 1900 to 1930 it’s reported Marseille produced 1,000 bisque doll heads per day of baby, children, lady and character dolls, on cloth, kid or composition bodies, most doll heads with glass eyes, some with painted eyes.

In 1919 Ernst Heubach and Marseilles merged and formed the United Porcelain Factory of Koppelsdorf (Vereinigte Koppelsdorfer Porzellanfabrik vorm Armand Marseille and Ernst Heubach).  By 1932 the two companies went their separate ways.  Later Armand’s son Herman Marseille made doll heads of composition.

Many of Armand Marseille dolls have AM initials plus a mold number in the marking. The Marseille named dolls were mostly made for the USA market and often do not have the AM in the marking; Alice, Alma, Baby Betty, Baby Florence, Baby Phyllis, Beauty, Bessie, Cama, Columbia, Darling, Duchess, Ellar baby, Fany, Florodora, Jubilee, Just Me, Kiddiejoy, Lilly, Lissy, Little Sister, Mabel, Majestic, Margaret, Melitta, Minnit baby, My Companion, My Dearie, My Lovely, My Dream baby, My Pet, My Playmate, My Sweetheart, Nobbikid, Our Anne, Our Pet, Princess, Queen Louise, Rosebud, Roseland and we presume the Special doll. Many of these bisque doll heads were made for other doll makers or distributors. Daisy Dimple, Sunshine doll and Dainty Dorothy dolls were all sold, distributed through Sears. Marseille doll molds & marks

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