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1927 Effanbee (special order) Oriental / Chinese Patsy doll 14" tall



1927 Effanbee (special order) Oriental / Chinese Patsy doll 14" tall

"dolls that touch your heart"

Founded around 1910 in New York City, Effanbee stands for Fleischaker & Baum - F & B - who were the company founders. They became well known for being the first to produce a realistically proportioned child doll named Patsy, they then created companion dolls, a large clothing wardrobe and Patsy's own fan club, reportedly with 275,000 members.  F & B also created the first hard rubber, drink and wet doll named DyDee Baby.  The Effanbee Company produced composition, hard rubber, cloth, hard plastic and vinyl dolls.


Antique to Vintage Effanbee F & B Dolls Identified 1920s


ca. 1920s Effanbee Mama doll, 23" tall, composition head, lower arms and legs, wide cloth one piece stuffed body, upper arms and upper legs with stitching only at the hips for movement.  Molded painted blonde hair, blue painted eyes, closed mouth, doll marked  Effanbee in script.

ca. 1920s Effanbee F & B Mama Doll, 23"

ca. 1920s F & B Mama doll, 23"


ca. 1924 Effanbee F & B Baby Evelyn doll face, 18"

ca. 1924 Effanbee Baby Evelyn doll, 18" tall, composition head, limbs, cloth body, molded painted hair, sleep eyes.  This doll has magnets in her hands to hold metal objects like a hankie, flowers, etc., doll mark Effanbee Baby Evelyn.


Photo courtesy of Ronsfancy


ca. 1924 Effanbee F & B Baby Evelyn doll, 18"

ca. 1924 Baby Evelyn doll, 18"


1924-1935 Effanbee Marilee doll, 14, 24 & 27 " tall, composition shoulder head and limbs child or toddler like, cloth body with Mama crier, wigged (could have molded hair beneath), tin sleep eyes, open mouth with four teeth, doll marked: Effanbee Marilee Copy Doll.  Came in both a white or black doll.


Uses the same cloth body style as: Baby Dainty, Sweetie Pie, Mickey, Baby Bright Eyes, Lovums, 1925 Rosemary.  Other dolls in this line were: Betty Lee 20", Alice Lee 23" & Barbara Lee 29" tall.


1924 Effanbee F & B Marilee doll, 27 "

1924 F & B Marilee doll, 27"


1924 F & B Pat-O-Pat doll face, 14"

1924 Effanbee Pat-O-Pat doll, 13-15" tall, Bye-Lo Baby doll look a like, composition flange head, composition hands, cloth body and legs, molded painted hair, painted eyes, closed mouth.  When you press the button on the tummy she claps her hands, doll marked:  Effanbee made in USA.


Photo courtesy of Ronsfancy.



1924 Effanbee F & B Pat-O-Pat doll, 14"

1924 F & B Pat-O-Pat doll, 14

1924-1930s Effanbee Bubbles doll, sized 13-28" tall, cloth body, composition head and shoulder piece, also arms and legs composition, some were black dolls. 


There was a whole line of Bubbles dolls; Dolly Bubbles doll 14", Charlotte Bubbles doll 20", Betty Bubbles doll 22".


Effanbee_bubbles.jpg (12214 bytes)

1924 F & B Bubbles doll


1927 Effanbee Mi-Mi doll, 14" tall, all composition, five piece jointed body, molded painted hair in a short bob, with a molded painted headband, blue painted eyes, closed mouth.  Mi-Mi was only advertised in December 1927, by January 1928 the same ad shows the doll now named Patsy, the Mi-Mi doll is marked EFFANBEE Mi-Mi PAT. PEND DOLL, mark image  as shown on right.


1927 Effanbee doll mark EffanBee Mi-Mi Pat. Pend Doll

1927 Effanbee doll mark Mi-Mi

1928-1946 Effanbee Patsy doll,  14" tall, cloth body on the first dolls which used the Baby Dainty head mold, later dolls were all composition five piece jointed body, molded painted hair usually a shade of red with a painted headband, there are a whole line of Patsy family of dolls, came in many sizes, some have magnets in their hands to hold things.  (Patsy and the 1922 Armand Marseille, Just Me doll mold 310 with a bisque head are identical).  Patsy was issued as anative American Indian and Chinese / Oriental doll versions.


F & B Patsy doll heads are unmarked, marked on doll back  Effanbee Patsy Pats. Pend. Doll or other variations with dolls name.  The 1946 dolls are totally unmarked, some dolls have been found on the Patricia marked body and with the Patsy Baby head with a mohair wig.  Some Patsy dolls came in a black version.  1928-1943 Skippy was Patsy's boyfriend.


Patsy dolls were very popular and very imitated - see the Patsy type doll page for other doll makers dolls.

1928 F & B Patsy doll 14"

1928-1946 Patsy doll, 14"


Other Patsy doll family members;  Wee Patsy 6" (Fairy Princess), Baby Tinyette 7", Tinyette Toddler 8", Patsy Babyette 9", Patsyette 9", Patsy Baby or Patsy Babykin 10", Patsykin, Patricia Kin or Patsy Jr. 11", Patsy,  Patricia, or Skippy 14", Patricia or Patsy Joan 16", Patricia or Patsy Ann 19", Patsy Lou 22", Patsy Ruth 27", Patsy Mae 30" tall.


1928-1943 Effanbee Skippy doll, 14" tall, Patsy's boyfriend, uses the Patsy composition body, has brown molded hair with a big curl on the forehead, he's modeled on the comic strip character by P. J. Crosby, played in the movie version by Jackie Cooper.  Part of the Patsy Family.  Heads unmarked, marked on back  Effanbee Patsy Pats. Pend. Doll.


1938 Effanbee Aviator Skippy doll, dressed as an aviator, doll marked Effanbee Skippy . P.L. Crosby.


ef_skippy14_1928.jpg (23672 bytes)

1928 F & B Skippy doll, 14"


1928-1937 Effanbee Lovums doll, 15, 22 & 28" tall, a Mama doll, composition shoulder head and limbs with cloth body, molded painted hair or wigged, sleep eyes or painted eyes, open mouth with two upper and two lower teeth, doll mark Effanbee Lovums or Lovums Patent No. 1283558.  Some Lovums dolls have a phonograph inside the body.  The Lovum's doll head mold was used on the Betty dolls and Tousle head doll and other variations and unmarked heads were possibly sold to other doll makers.  The Lovums doll was reissued in 1977 to 1980.


ca. 1940 Effanbee Heartbeat Baby doll, same size dolls as above, uses the Lovums head mold and body, additionally she has a key wound mechanism to make the sound of a heartbeat when the doll is lain down.  Same doll marking as Lovums.


ef21lovums_comp1928.jpg (27029 bytes)

1928 F & B Lovums doll, 22"

1928-1937 Effanbee Mary Ann doll, 19" tall, shown all original, composition head and limbs, stuffed cloth body, sleep eyes, open smiling mouth, wigged.  


Photo courtesy of Flozdolz, all pristine and original.

ef_maryann3-sflozdolz.jpg (26880 bytes)

1928 F & B Mary Ann doll, 19"


1928-1944 Effanbee Mae Starr doll, 30" tall, composition shoulder head, cloth body, composition limbs, brunette human hair wig, blue sleep eyes, open mouth with four upper teeth, jointed at the shoulders, has a phonograph record in the body and came with six cylinders that played nursery rhymes, doll mark  Mae Starr Doll Part of the Patsy Family.

Effanbee doll mark Mae Starr Doll

ef_mae30starr1928fa1.jpg (8070 bytes)

1928 F & B Mae Starr doll, 30"


1928 Effanbee Patsy Ann doll, 19" tall, all composition, molded hair and some have a human or mohair wig over the unpainted molded hair, sleep eyes some came with tin or glass; blue, brown or green, closed mouth, marked: Effanbee Patsy Ann Pat. #1283558.  Part of the Patsy Family.


There is also an open mouth with six upper teeth version, composition body, sleep eyes, used the Lovums doll head with a caracul or human hair wig.


1928 Effanbee Patsy Ann doll face, 19"

1928 F & B Patsy Ann doll, 19"

1928-1940 Effanbee Patsy Lou doll, 22 1/2" tall, all composition, painted molded hair or with a mohair wig, sleep eyes; blue, brown or green and fully jointed. Part of the Patsy Doll Family.

1928 + Effanbee Patsy Lou doll, 22 1/2"

1928-1940 F & B Patsy Lou doll, 22 1/2" 

Additional Effanbee F & B dolls not shown 1920s

1924 Effanbee Harmonica Joe doll, 14-14 1/2" tall, white or black versions, composition jointed body shoulder head and arms, cloth body and legs, molded painted hair, painted eyes, open mouth with rubber inset mouthpiece, rubber ball inside body to gently squeeze to play harmonica, dressed in suspender overalls with paper label with doll name, long sleeve shirt with Effanbee tag, hat with metal Effanbee pin, socks and shoes.  Doll mark Effanbee, harmonica marked F. A. Rauner Made in Germany, My little Charmer D.R.W.Z. No. 92551.


1925 Effanbee Baby Dainty doll or Baby Effanbee doll, 13-15" tall, Bye-Lo Baby look a like, this is the 2nd Baby Dainty mold, very different than the earlier doll, composition flange head & hands to wrist, cloth body & limbs some with mama cry voice box in body, stitched joints at shoulders & hips, molded painted blond or black hair, tin sleep eyes or painted eyes.  Came as either a white doll or black doll marked on back Effanbee.  Uses the same head mold as the above Pat-O-Pat doll.


1926-1930 Effanbee Rose-Marie doll, 18, 21, 23, 26 & 30" tall, Mama doll, composition shoulder head, sleep eyes, 1929-1930 some Rosemary dolls have flirty eyes, real upper eyelashes, open mouth with teeth and tongue, cloth body with composition limbs.  Montgomery Wards sold this doll named Rosemary or Rose Marie.  Doll marked in an oval EFFanBEE Rosemary Walk Talk Sleep, Made in USA.


1926 Effanbee Lovey Mary doll, 13-14, 16-17, 19-20, 22-23, 25-26" , Mama doll, "Did you see Bessie Love as Lovey Mary?" 1926 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie Lovey Mary, the Lovey Mary doll has a composition shoulder head, short brown glued on wig, sleep eyes with real eyelashes, closed mouth, composition full limbs with straight legs, cloth body, dressed in an organdy sleeveless dress in pale blue, lavender or pink, matching bonnet with rosette, heart necklace, black patent tie shoes, doll mark Effanbee Rosemary.


related Effanbee 1910s < 1920s > 1930s 1940-1970s   dewees cochran   little lady anne shirley dolls   patsy type dolls


Effanbee Doll Resources:

Effanbee dolls that touch your heart 1912-1982 book in 1983 by Patricia R. Smith.
Effanbee Dolls The Formative Years 1910-1929 book in 1984 by Patricia Schoonmaker.
Patsy Doll Family Encyclopedia book, vol. I in 1992, vol. II in 1998 by Patricia Schoonmaker.

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