English Doll Makers and Marks A to L

List of British / English antique to vintage doll & makers company name begins A to L, dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known.  Next British /English Doll Makers M-Z

A & A Merchandising Products Co. Ltd. 1941+
– doll patents No. 626901, No. 646745
The Acorn Toy Company Ltd. 1944+
– doll & toys trade mark an acorn on oak leaf 1944
Adart Ltd. photograph dolls pat. no. 22825, 1908+
Adlon walking dolls with Mama voice boxes 1920s
Adora Toys Ltd. doll trade mark Adora 1945+ London
Airfix Products Industries, Ltd. 1939-2006 London
– was acquired by Hornby in 2007
Agrespoly Dolls 1950s-1970s Made in Hong Kong
M. W. Alderson doll hands hold objects pat. no. 14511, on 9/1890
Frederic Aldis wax dolls mark label 1878-1901
 – doll mark 11 & 13 Belgrave Mansions SW
Thomas Aldred wax dolls 1881-1903
Alresford Crafts bears & dolls 1972-1992 Alresford, Hampshire
All British Doll Mfg. Co. doll mark Allbrit 1915-1919
– composition, kid, papier mache dolls & doll wigs
Richard & Sons Allwin Doll Co. doll mark ALLWIN 1935+
 – Shirley Temple look a like dolls
Amanda Jane LTD. 1952-2007 Sussex
 – plastic or vinyl Amanda Jane & Amanda Jane Baby dolls
Amara Designs puppet, souvenir rag dolls 1975+ Herfordshire
H. K. Armitage patent No. 254,105 for a diving doll 25/6/1925
M. O. Arnold pat no. 11356 mechanical doll on wheels 1904+
Art Fabric Mfg. Co. cloth doll mark 3 girls 1913-1916 London
Art Master of Chelsea Ltd. costume 9″ doll kits 1975+ Middlesex
Art Plastic Co. Ltd. unbreakable art dolls 1950s+ London
Art Toy Mfg. Co. cloth doll mark Misska 1919-1923 & NYC
 Atlantic Rubber Company doll mark Toggy 1923+ London
Atlas Mfg. Co. 1914-1918 London
 – cloth, British ceramic heads & hands dolls
Mabel Lucie Attwell artist, doll designer 1914-1962
 – designed Bambinas for Chad Valley & others. Roddy Doll Co.
 – Diddums dolls, Pooksie doll, Caresse dolls
Austen & Haben Co. 1916 Peckham, England
Australia and New Zealand doll makers
Bailey Potteries Ltd. Lo-La dolls, heads, limbs 1940+ Stoke-on-Trent
William Bailey Co. doll mark KLIPTIKO 1916+
Florence Annie Barker doll mark eye symbol E 1905+ Yorks
Isaac Barrett & Co. doll sound patent No. 420,361 1922-1933+
Marjorie Lillian Bartholomew soft doll mark Marty 1959+ Essex
Ena Marjorie Bartley doll mark Rhythbar 1953+ Birmingham
John Batt & Co. doll mark bat symbol 1883 London
Anthony Bazzoni wax dolls, composition speaking dolls 1828-1878
Beaver Doll & Toy wood dolls 1916-1917 NY/CAN/ENG
 – doll mark Beaverbilt, Beaverbeasts, Beaverability
Henry S. Benjamin Co. doll mark Victory Doll 1887-1926 London
Bennett & Erland dolls, doll house makers 1974+ London
Mabel Bland-Hawkes cloth dolls 1918-1930
Bluebird Toys Plc 1980-1998 – now owned by Mattel USA
Boudoir dolls 1915-1930s
British Made doll mark bisque black or white doll 1918, unknown
British National Doll mark BND 1930-1960
British Novelty Works (presumed) doll mark BNW 1915
British Toy Co. doll trade mark Wardol prior to 1915
 – acquired by Potteries Toy Co. in July 1915
Brown & Richie, Ltd. 1940s +
doll trademark a crown, lion on a shield & BR in a square Daddy’s Queen doll head mark APEX
Brown, Westhead & Moore Co. doll mark B.W.M. & Co 1859-1891
 – in 1891 took over S. Hancock & Sons 
Canada doll makers
Cascelloid Ltd. celluloid dolls 1919-1968 London
also known as Palitoy Company
Cassidy Brother’s, Casdon Toys 1946-1971+ Blackpool, UK
Cauldon Potteries Ltd. pottery doll heads1920-1932
Chad Valley Doll Co. 1897-1978
Childs & Sons papier mache head doll mark mid-1800’s
Chiltern Toy Works dolls 1908-1920+
– 1920-1967+ H.G. Stone & Co. LTD., sold to Chad Valley
Clarke, Nicholls & Combe doll mark globe & ship 1870+ Middlesex
Classic dolls, see Speights LTD 1900-1924
Cobo cloth dolls 1870s+ Bailiwick Guernsey
Marguerite (Grete) Cohn doll mark Grecon 1920-1950s?
 – 1920 Berlin, Germany & 1940 London, England
 – felt dollhouse dolls with metal feet
S. Coleman wax dolls prior to 1867
– Nos. 6, 7, 11, 12, & 26, Ground Floor Pantheon, Oxford Street
Crabet Shape Company mask faced dolls 1916-1918
William Henry Cremer Junior & Son doll mark 1862-1900
Cremer Dolls Toys Games 210 Regent St.
Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co. 1889-1940s
 – doll mark Crown Staffs The Caversham doll H.J.H.
Cowan De Groot & Co. doll mark Codeg 1919-1950s
J. Cowan Dolls LTD. doll mark Jayco ca. 1919-?
Dean’s Rag Book Co. doll mark DRB Co, DRBC 1903+ London
Dennis Malley & Co. doll mark demalcol 1921-1924 & GER
Dent & Co. of Windsor, England 1897
 – Queen Victoria bought doll for a God-daughter, marked 261 dep
 – Germany (Bahr & Proschild head)
Diamond Pottery Co. dolls 1908-1935 Hanley
 – doll mark DPCo English Make, doll mold 68-8, 159, 161, 164, 654305
Diamond Tile Co. doll mark England with diamond 1933-1943
Doll Industries Ltd. doll mark DIL Made in England 1948+ London
 – trademark Doll-In-Doll, dolls can be unmarked as well

D – continued
Doll Manufacturers 1917-1920 Tunbridge Wells
 – British ceramic heads, mask face, black & Hindu
Doll Pottery Company 1916-1920 Fenton
– may have English Make in the doll marking
Dollies Ltd. ca. 1933-1935 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
 – doll mark Dollies # British or Britisch
 – joined Dean’s Rag Book to form Dean’s Dollies Ltd. 1935+
Dorothy doll mark Dorothy 9082 made in England, unknown
Dura Porcelain Co. 1915-1918 Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs
doll mark Benco Dura, DU 28 RA
East London Federation Suffragettes Factory doll mark E.L.S.F.
Georg P. Eckardt (Eckart) doll mark GEO 1820-1930+ & GER
Hans E. Eckardt (Eckart) doll mark horse drawn cart 1895+
Walter & Ronald Eckardt (Eckart) 1920-1925
John Edwards wax dolls 1868+
Edwards & Pamflett doll mark The Cecily Doll tag 1918-1923
Eisenmann doll mark Einco 1881-1940 London, Furth, Bavaria
 – known as King of the Toy Trade
Elite Doll Company 1915-1918 Staffordshire
 – British ceramic head doll mark Dep. Elite U.S.1
Ellison, Rees & Co. doll mark Ellarco 1915-1920
– then (Leon) L. Rees & Company 1920-1963
Empire Porcelain Company 1896-1967
– doll mark 70. Empire Stoke-on-Trent 1916+
Empress Pottery – see Dura Porcelain Co.
English Rag Dolls 1892+
Stephen Erhard celluloid doll mark S.E.S, S E & S  1887-1930
Joseph H. Evans & Sons wax dolls 1868-1881
 – doll mark Mfgs & Importers 114 – 115 – 116 Newgate St. London E-C
Fairways House Products Ltd., mail order house dolls 1950s
 – 325, Hillside, Stonebridge, London NW10
Falcon Pottery Works – see William Henry Goss
J. K. Farnell & Company dolls 1871-1968
– renamed Twyford Works 1968-1970
 – Farnell’s Alpha Toys label Made in England
Samuel Finburgh cloth WW 1 soldier doll 5th June 1915
No 1. G & S British, G & S ENGLAND doll mark,
– pot or earthenware head, unknown doll maker
G. B Made in England doll mark, unknown
Gamages Department Store 1878-1972 Holborn, London
Georgian wood dolls 1750-1800
Godfrey Sisters doll mark sheaf of wheat SG initials 1880
C. Gooch wax dolls made by Charles Marsh 1865+
 – doll mark C. Gooch Soho Bazaar Chas. Marsh
Googly Eye Dolls 1911+
William Henry Goss & Co. dolls 1858-1934
Gourdel, Vales & Company doll mark Thumbs Up 1921
Fr. Haas & Company doll mark Fr. H & Co Patent
Hamley Brothers 1760+, Doll Repaired, 64 Regent St. W
– all ceramic FumsUp, Thumbs Up, doll mark 359090 
– distributed Admiral John Jellicoe dolls
Sampson Hancock & Sons dolls 1891-1937
also called; Gordon Works, Corona Pottery.
 – doll mark S. H. & S. English Make, doll mark NTI BOY English Make,   – doll mark NTI GIRL English Make
– S. Hancock made the FumsUp doll for Hamley Bros.
Hancock’s Hilda Cowham designer’s doll mark
Laurie Hansen & Co. doll mark tag 1915-1921
– The Laurie Toys & Dolls, 9-15 Whitecross Street, London EC
Harwin & Co. doll mark The Educational Doll 1911-1921
Hestair Kiddicraft Toys Ltd. dolls & toys 1977-1989 England
– in 1989 the company was sold to Fisher-Price NY, USA
Hewitt & Leadbeater 1907-1920 Longton, Staffordshire, England
1919 called Hewitt Brothers, 1926+ Willow Pottery, Cauldon Potteries
 – doll mark H & L Willow England
(John Lord) Hinde Brothers doll mark Dollie Dimple 1888+
Elizabeth Horne dolls 1890 South Hampstead, Middlesex
 – doll mark The Real Dolls House Female Toy Making Depot
British Hong Kong, China – doll makers
R. Hovenden & Sons doll mark Lon RH don & Sons 1820-1929
IDL Made in England doll mark on composition dolls, unknown
Ideal Toy Co. Eskimo cloth dolls 1915 Hackney, London
Abraham & Henry Isaacs doll makers 1881-1884, succeeded by
– A. & J. Isaacs 1884-1887 doll mark The Cherub Doll 1886,
– then became Isaacs & Henry in 1891 
Anne Alice Ivimey doll mark Dollit 1906 East Surrey
Izzard Importer doll mark label 136 Regent Street 1860-1878+
Arthur William James doll mark AABA 1907+ Hyde Park
Keen & Company 1913-1933, see Julius Kohnstam
Kleeware Plastics Co. doll mark Kleeware England 1938-1959
 – acquired by Rosedale Plastics in 1959
Julius Kohnstam, Keen Company dolls 1913-1933
L 5 C inside diamond RD (or BD) England doll mark, unknown
Liberty & Company of London 1906+
– distributed Mdvanii dolls by Billy Boy 1989+
Linda Dolls 1950s+ souvenir, costume dressed small dolls
– hang tag; A Linda durable plastic doll, Made in Hong Kong
Line Brothers LTD, Tri-ang Bros. doll label 1876-1942+ London
– also known as Pedigree Company 1942-1971
London Rag Dolls 1865-1905
Auguste Loriot, toy maker; wax dolls, toy soldiers, 1784-1807
 – A. Loriot, New Bond Street, London label
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