A-L English Doll Makers and Marks

British or English antique to vintage doll & makers company name begins A to L, dates of operation, identifying doll marks, labels, symbols, letters or initials and trade marks when known.  Next M-Z British / English Doll Makers

A & A Merchandising Products Co. Ltd. 1941+
– doll patents No. 626901, No. 646745
The Acorn Toy Company Ltd. 1944+
– doll & toys trade mark an acorn on oak leaf 1944
Adart Ltd. photograph dolls pat. no. 22825, 1908+
Adlon walking dolls with Mama voice boxes 1920s
Adora Toys Ltd. doll trade mark Adora 1945+ London
Airfix Products Industries, Ltd. 1939-2006 London
– was acquired by Hornby in 2007
Agrespoly Dolls 1950s-1970s Made in Hong Kong
M. W. Alderson doll hands hold objects pat. no. 14511, on 9/1890
Frederic Aldis wax dolls mark label 1878-1901
 – doll mark 11 & 13 Belgrave Mansions SW
Thomas Aldred wax dolls 1881-1903
Alresford Crafts bears & dolls 1972-1992 Alresford, Hampshire
All British Doll Mfg. Co. doll mark Allbrit 1915-1919
– composition, kid, papier mache dolls & doll wigs
Richard & Sons Allwin Doll Co. doll mark ALLWIN 1935+
 – Shirley Temple look a like dolls
Amanda Jane LTD. 1952-2007 Sussex
 – plastic or vinyl Amanda Jane & Amanda Jane Baby dolls
Amara Designs puppet, souvenir rag dolls 1975+ Herfordshire
H. K. Armitage patent No. 254,105 for a diving doll 25/6/1925
M. O. Arnold pat no. 11356 mechanical doll on wheels 1904+
Art Fabric Mfg. Co. cloth doll mark 3 girls 1913-1916 London
Art Master of Chelsea Ltd. costume 9″ doll kits 1975+ Middlesex
Art Plastic Co. Ltd. unbreakable art dolls 1950s+ London
Art Toy Mfg. Co. cloth doll mark Misska 1919-1923 & NYC
 Atlantic Rubber Company doll mark Toggy 1923+ London
Atlas Mfg. Co. 1914-1918 London
 – cloth, British ceramic heads & hands dolls
Mabel Lucie Attwell artist, doll designer 1914-1962
 – designed Bambinas for Chad Valley & others. Roddy Doll Co.
 – Diddums dolls, Pooksie doll, Caresse dolls
Austen & Haben Co. 1916 Peckham, England
Australia and New Zealand doll makers
Bailey Potteries Ltd. Lo-La dolls, heads, limbs 1940+ Stoke-on-Trent
William Bailey Co. doll mark KLIPTIKO 1916+
Florence Annie Barker doll mark eye symbol E 1905+ Yorks
Isaac Barrett & Co. doll sound patent No. 420,361 1922-1933+
Marjorie Lillian Bartholomew soft doll mark Marty 1959+ Essex
Ena Marjorie Bartley doll mark Rhythbar 1953+ Birmingham
John Batt & Co. doll mark bat symbol 1883 London
Anthony Bazzoni wax dolls, composition speaking dolls 1828-1878
Beaver Doll & Toy wood dolls 1916-1917 NY/CAN/ENG
 – doll mark Beaverbilt, Beaverbeasts, Beaverability
Bendy Toys LTD. rubber toys, dolls 1960-2011 Middlesex
Henry S. Benjamin Co. doll mark Victory Doll 1887-1926 London
Bennett & Erland dolls, doll house makers 1974+ London
Mabel Bland-Hawkes cloth dolls 1918-1930
Bluebird Toys Plc 1980-1998 – now owned by Mattel USA
Boudoir dolls 1915-1930s
British Made doll mark bisque black or white doll 1918, unknown
British National Doll mark BND 1930-1960
British Novelty Works (presumed) doll mark BNW 1915
British Toy Co. doll trade mark Wardol prior to 1915
 – acquired by Potteries Toy Co. in July 1915
Brown & Richie, Ltd. 1940s +
doll trademark a crown, lion on a shield & BR in a square Daddy’s Queen doll head mark APEX
Brown, Westhead & Moore Co. doll mark B.W.M. & Co 1859-1891
 – in 1891 took over S. Hancock & Sons 
Canada doll makers
Cascelloid Ltd. celluloid dolls 1919-1968 London
also known as Palitoy Company
Cassidy Brother’s, Casdon Toys 1946-1971+ Blackpool, UK
Cauldon Potteries Ltd. pottery doll heads1920-1932
Chad Valley Doll Co. 1897-1978
Chelsea Art Doll Makers doll mark 1950s-1960s London
– artist made dolls of royal family, celebrities +
Childs & Sons papier mache head doll mark mid-1800’s
Chiltern Toy Works dolls 1908-1920+
– 1920-1967+ H.G. Stone & Co. LTD., sold to Chad Valley
Clarke, Nicholls & Combe doll mark globe & ship 1870+ Middlesex
Classic dolls, see Speights LTD 1900-1924
Cobo cloth dolls 1870s+ Bailiwick Guernsey
Marguerite (Grete) Cohn doll mark Grecon 1920-1950s?
 – 1920 Berlin, Germany & 1940 London, England
 – felt dollhouse dolls with metal feet
S. Coleman wax dolls prior to 1867
– Nos. 6, 7, 11, 12, & 26, Ground Floor Pantheon, Oxford Street
Crabet Shape Company mask faced dolls 1916-1918
William Henry Cremer Junior & Son doll mark 1862-1900
Cremer Dolls Toys Games 210 Regent St.
Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Co. 1889-1940s
 – doll mark Crown Staffs The Caversham doll H.J.H.
Cowan De Groot & Co. doll mark Codeg 1919-1950s
J. Cowan Dolls LTD. doll mark Jayco ca. 1919-?
Dean’s Rag Book Co. doll mark DRB Co, DRBC 1903+ London
Dennis Malley & Co. doll mark demalcol 1921-1924 & GER
Dent & Co. of Windsor, England 1897
 – Queen Victoria bought doll for a God-daughter, marked 261 dep
 – Germany (Bahr & Proschild head)
Diamond Pottery Co. dolls 1908-1935 Hanley
 – doll mark DPCo English Make, doll mold 68-8, 159, 161, 164, 654305
Diamond Tile Co. doll mark England with diamond 1933-1943
Doll Industries Ltd. doll mark DIL Made in England 1948+ London
 – trademark Doll-In-Doll, dolls can be unmarked as well
Doll Manufacturers 1917-1920 Tunbridge Wells
 – British ceramic heads, mask face black & Hindu dolls

D – continued
Doll Pottery Company 1916-1920 Fenton
– may have English Make in the doll marking
Dollies Ltd. ca. 1933-1935 Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
 – doll mark Dollies # British or Britisch
 – joined Dean’s Rag Book to form Dean’s Dollies Ltd. 1935+
Dorothy doll mark Dorothy 9082 made in England, unknown
Dura Porcelain Co. 1915-1918 Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs
doll mark Benco Dura, DU 28 RA
East London Federation Suffragettes Factory doll mark E.L.S.F.
Georg P. Eckardt (Eckart) doll mark GEO 1820-1930+ & GER
Hans E. Eckardt (Eckart) doll mark horse drawn cart 1895+
Walter & Ronald Eckardt (Eckart) 1920-1925
John Edwards wax dolls 1868+
Edwards & Pamflett doll mark The Cecily Doll tag 1918-1923
Eisenmann doll mark Einco 1881-1940 London, Furth, Bavaria
 – known as King of the Toy Trade
Elite Doll Company 1915-1918 Staffordshire
 – British ceramic head doll mark Dep. Elite U.S.1
Ellison, Rees & Co. doll mark Ellarco 1915-1920
– then (Leon) L. Rees & Company 1920-1963
Empire Porcelain Company 1896-1967
– doll mark 70. Empire Stoke-on-Trent 1916+
Empress Pottery – see Dura Porcelain Co.
English Rag Dolls 1892+
Stephen Erhard celluloid doll mark S.E.S, S E & S  1887-1930
Joseph H. Evans & Sons wax dolls 1868-1881
 – doll mark Mfgs & Importers 114 – 115 – 116 Newgate St. London E-C
Fairways House Products Ltd., mail order house dolls 1950s
 – 325, Hillside, Stonebridge, London NW10
Falcon Pottery Works – see William Henry Goss
J. K. Farnell & Company dolls 1871-1968
– renamed Twyford Works 1968-1970
 – Farnell’s Alpha Toys label Made in England
Samuel Finburgh cloth WW 1 soldier doll 5th June 1915
No 1. G & S British, G & S ENGLAND doll mark,
– pot or earthenware head, unknown doll maker
G. B Made in England doll mark, unknown
Gamages Department Store 1878-1972 Holborn, London
Georgian wood dolls 1750-1800
Godfrey Sisters doll mark sheaf of wheat SG initials 1880
C. Gooch wax dolls made by Charles Marsh 1865+
 – doll mark C. Gooch Soho Bazaar Chas. Marsh
Googly Eye Dolls 1911+
William Henry Goss & Co. dolls 1858-1934
Gourdel, Vales & Company doll mark Thumbs Up 1921
Fr. Haas & Company doll mark Fr. H & Co Patent
Hamley Brothers 1760+, Doll Repaired, 64 Regent St. W
– all ceramic FumsUp, Thumbs Up, doll mark 359090 
– distributed Admiral John Jellicoe dolls
Sampson Hancock & Sons dolls 1891-1937
also called; Gordon Works, Corona Pottery.
 – doll mark S. H. & S. English Make, doll mark NTI BOY English Make,   – doll mark NTI GIRL English Make
– S. Hancock made the FumsUp doll for Hamley Bros.
Hancock’s Hilda Cowham designer’s doll mark
Laurie Hansen & Co. doll mark tag 1915-1921
– The Laurie Toys & Dolls, 9-15 Whitecross Street, London EC
Harwin & Co. doll mark The Educational Doll 1911-1921
Hestair Kiddicraft Toys Ltd. dolls & toys 1977-1989 England
– in 1989 the company was sold to Fisher-Price NY, USA
Hewitt & Leadbeater 1907-1920 Longton, Staffordshire, England
1919 called Hewitt Brothers, 1926+ Willow Pottery, Cauldon Potteries
 – doll mark H & L Willow England
(John Lord) Hinde Brothers doll mark Dollie Dimple 1888+
Elizabeth Horne dolls 1890 South Hampstead, Middlesex
 – doll mark The Real Dolls House Female Toy Making Depot
British Hong Kong, China – doll makers
R. Hovenden & Sons doll mark Lon RH don & Sons 1820-1929
IDL Made in England doll mark on composition dolls, unknown
Ideal Toy Co. Eskimo cloth dolls 1915 Hackney, London
Abraham & Henry Isaacs doll makers 1881-1884, succeeded by
– A. & J. Isaacs 1884-1887 doll mark The Cherub Doll 1886,
– then became Isaacs & Henry in 1891 
Anne Alice Ivimey doll mark Dollit 1906 East Surrey
Izzard Importer doll mark label 136 Regent Street 1860-1878+
Arthur William James doll mark AABA 1907+ Hyde Park
Keen & Company 1913-1933, see Julius Kohnstam
Kleeware Plastics Co. doll mark Kleeware England 1938-1959
 – acquired by Rosedale Plastics in 1959
Julius Kohnstam, Keen Company dolls 1913-1933
L 5 C inside diamond RD (or BD) England doll mark, unknown
Liberty & Company of London 1906+
– distributed Mdvanii dolls by Billy Boy 1989+
Linda Dolls 1950s+ souvenir, costume dressed small dolls
– hang tag; A Linda durable plastic doll, Made in Hong Kong
Line Brothers LTD, Tri-ang Bros. doll label 1876-1942+ London
– also known as Pedigree Company 1942-1971
London Rag Dolls 1865-1905
Auguste Loriot, toy maker wax dolls, toy soldiers, 1784-1807
 – A. Loriot, New Bond Street, London label
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Pollock’s Dictionary of English Dolls by Mary Hillier, 1982, The Collectors Guide to British Dolls since 1920 by Colette Mansell published in 1983, British Dolls of the 1950s, British Dolls of the 1960s both by Susan Brewer published in 2009, British Hard Plastic Dolls of the 1940s and 1950s published 1996, British Teenage Dolls 1956-1984 both by Frances Baird published in 2006.