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1951 Artisan Raving Beauty doll 20"

1951 Artisan Raving Beauty doll, 20" tall, unmarked

Hard plastic material is durable, could be molded, washed etc.  The Ideal company was one of the first to produce dolls made of plastic material in 1942.  Not long after World War II ended (1939-1945) most all the doll makers used this new material as a replacement to heavier composition, at least in the USA. 


This page is a mixture of 1950s dolls and doll makers with too few dolls for each maker to have a web page, so they have been combined here. 


See the many identified Hard plastic dolls below.



Vintage 1950s Hard Plastic Dolls Identified, various manufacturers

1950 Advance Betsy Walker doll, 20-21" tall, (companion doll to Wanda and Winnie Walking dolls), see the Advance Doll & Toy Co. page

1950s Advance Betsy Walker doll, 20"

1950 Betsy Walker doll, 20"

1950s Stashin Andrea doll and Stashin Penny doll, 8" tall, all hard plastic with a jointed body, sleep eyes, wigged, Ginny look a like, has molded t-strap shoes, made by Stashin Doll Company.


1950s Stashin Andrea doll 8"

1950s Andrea doll, 8"

1950s Universal Baby Barry Toy Girl Doll, 16" tall, hard plastic, saran braided pigtail wig, open mouth with tongue and teeth, blue sleep eyes, marked: Made in USA 170, made by Universal Doll Corp.   

For other companies that used the Made in USA 170 doll mark - see our Hard Plastic Doll Marks page for more information.

1950s Universal Baby Barry Girl doll, 16"

1950s Baby Barry Toy Girl Doll, 16"

1950s+ Admiration Carol Sue doll, 7 1/2" tall, Ginger like doll, large sleep eyes, non-walker, clothing is often stapled to the doll, dolls toes are sometimes painted to look like socks, marked on back: Admiration Toy Con A1 75 Made in Hong Kong, made by the Admiration Doll Co.

Other Admiration dolls;  Dolls of All Countries or dolls of All Nations;  Africa, Colonial, England, Eskimo, France, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden.  Dolly Walker, all dolls are 7 1/2" tall.

1950s+ Admiration Carol Sue doll, 7 1/2

1950s+ Carol Sue doll, 7 1/2"

1950s+ Dress Me doll, Souvenir doll, Tourist dolls, 6-18" tall, sold and made by many different doll makers as early as 1944 when they were made of composition, dolls are usually unmarked.

1950s+ Dress Me doll, 11" tall

1950s+ Dress Me doll 11"

1950s Rosko Mary-Lou Mannequin doll, 9" tall, all hard plastic doll with a jointed body, plastic head with rooted ponytail hair and bangs, blue painted eyes, closed mouth, molded painted black shoes, Mary-Lou came with a wardrobe of pre-printed fabric and instructions for a child to cut out and make the doll clothing, doll is unmarked, made by Rosko Tested Toys an importer from Tokyo, Japan.

1950s Rosko Mary-Lou Manniquin doll, 9" Japan

1950s Mary-Lou Mannequin doll, 9"

1950s A & H Marcie Nancy doll and Sluggo doll, 8" tall, box front names the dolls "Sluggo and Girl Friend, designed by Marcie", dolls were a promotional from Post Grape-Nut cereal, and represent the comic characters of Nancy & Sluggo from Ernie Bushmiller's comic strip. 

All hard plastic jointed body, sleep eyes, Nancy has a dark caracul wig, Sluggo's hair is painted, she wears a black felt vest with three white buttons on front, white blouse and orange skirt, orange hair ribbon and has tiny painted on black slip-on type shoes, Sluggo has a red and white knit shirt, jean type pants with a patch on his knee, painted shoes and red cap.

1950s Marcie Sluggo & Nancy dolls, 8"

1950s Sluggo doll & Nancy doll , 8"

1950s Roddy Scottish Boy doll, 22" tall, all hard plastic jointed body, molded hair, sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, these boys usually are found dressed as Scottish boys or in a shirt and trousers. Marked on back: Roddy, Made in England by Roddy Dolls.

1950s Scottish Boy, 22" by Roddy Dolls of England

1950s Roddy Scottish Boy doll, 22"

1950s Characteristics Doll Company Saucy Walker doll, 22" tall, Ideal Saucy Walker doll look a like, all hard plastic, jointed walker body, wigged (usually in braids), sleep eyes, closed or open mouth, grill with a crier in tummy, doll marked a triangle symbol.

The actual Saucy Walker was by Ideal Doll & Toy Corp. 1950s.

1950s Characteristics Saucy Walker like doll, 22"

1950s Saucy Walker like Doll, 22"

1950s IMPCO Tina Toddler doll, 20" tall, (probably other sizes too), Ideal Saucy Walker look a like, hard plastic jointed walker body, wigged, sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, grill with a crier in the tummy, she's probably not shown in her original outfit, doll marked IMPCO made by Imperial Crown Toy Corp.  See also the Hard Plastic dolls 1960s page

1950s IMPCO Tina Toddler doll 20", Imperial Crown Toy Co

1950s IMPCO Tina Toddler doll, 20"

 1950s Wilson Girl Doll face

1950s Wilson Girl Doll, 20" tall, hard plastic body, hard plastic head with wig or vinyl head with rooted synthetic hair, blue sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, jointed knee walker, with mama voice box, head marked: H. J. WILSON, body marked: 190 MADE IN U.S.A., our (two) reference books show a closed smiling mouth and vinyl rooted hair - but I think it is the same or similar doll.

1950s Wilson Girl Doll, 20"

1950s Wilson Girl Doll, 20"

1951 Artisan Miss Gadabout doll 20"1951+ Artisan Miss Gadabout doll or 1952+ Artisan Raving Beauty doll, 19-20" tall, some are walker dolls, most dolls are unmarked, some dolls are marked Pats. Pend. Heady Turny, they are hard plastic dolls with an open mouth, felt tongue and four teeth, washable ravon wig, sleep eyes with real lashes, jointed at the neck, shoulders and wide hips (this is a good way to identify the dolls) made by Artisan Novelty Company.  Dolls clothing is labeled California Originals by Michele.  Miss Gadabout doll is usually dressed in casual clothing and the Raving Beauty doll in more formal dresses.  The Ravon Company also made an 18 1/2 Raving Beauty like doll, she is unmarked.

1915 Artisan Raving Beauty doll, 20"

1951+ Raving Beauty doll, 20"


1951-1954 Paris Rita doll, 24 - 31" tall, some were walker's, all hard plastic jointed body, saran wig in various colors & hair styles, sleep eyes, real upper lashes, beautiful chipmunk cheeks, open smiling mouth with teeth and tongue, walks, sits and stands with no mechanism. Dolls are unmarked.


Came in various outfits, the 29" tall walker doll also came as a Majorette and the 31" has been found as a Bride doll made by the Paris Doll Company.

1951 Rita, 29" by Paris Doll Company.

1951 Paris Rita doll, 29"


1952-1953 Doll Bodies Mary Lu Walker doll, see the Doll Bodies, Inc. page for more details and information.

1952 Mary Lou Walker, 18" by Doll Bodies

1952 Mary Lu Walker doll 18"

1952 Belle Heddi Stroller doll, 20" tall, see the Belle Doll & Toy Corp., page for more details and information.

1952 Heddi Stroller, 20" by Belle Doll & Toy Corp.

1952 Heddi Stroller doll, 20"


1952 Valentine, Mona Lisa Exclusives, Roxanne Beat The Clock walking doll, 16-18" tall doll, all hard plastic, blonde wig, sleep eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, came with a red camera.  Roxanne, real name Dolores Evelyn Rosedale (20 March 1929 - 2 May 2024) was a model, actress and hostess on the TV game show "Beat the Clock".  Roxanne dolls are marked 16" - 160 and 18" - 180, and advertised on TV.   Mona Lisa Exclusives was a line of Valentine.


1952 Valentine, Mona Lisa, Roxanne Beat the Clock doll, 18"

1952 Roxanne Beat

the Clock doll,  18"


1953+ Brookglad Dennis the Menace doll, 17" tall, newspaper cartoon comic character created in March 1951 by Hank Ketcham.  This Dennis Mitchell doll has a vinyl head with molded painted yellow hair and his famous cowlick hair in the back is sticking out, black inverted V brows like a scowl, stationary glassene eyes, open mouth, freckles on his blushed cheeks, one piece magic skin vinyl body, wore blue dungarees and a red and white shirt, brown plastic shoes, doll made by Brookglad Creations a Glad Toy Company.  See the 1960s Hard Plastic doll page for Poor Pitiful Pearl.


There are many different makers of Dennis the Menace dolls and other advertising tie in products over the years to present.  Dennis appeared in various media; newsprint, comic books, films, TV shows; another Dennis doll, all vinyl or rubber doll is marked: Dennis the Menace 1958 M.K.K., Dennis the Menace cloth and vinyl puppet dolls and others.


1953 Dennis the Menace 17" by Brookglad Creations, Glad Toy

1953 Dennis the Menace doll 17"

Horsman LuAnn Simms doll, 14"

Horsman LuAnn Simms doll, 14"

1953 LuAnn Simms doll, 14, 16, 19" tall, walker type doll, hard plastic jointed body, sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth, brown wig, doll mark Made in U.S.A 170 or 180.  


A LuAnn Simms doll was produced by each of these companies: Horsman, Roberta, Valentine.

You may need a box, hangtag or labeled clothing to identify which company made your doll.

Roberta LuAnn Simms doll, 16"

Roberta LuAnn Simms doll, 16"



1953 Valentine LuAnn Simms 14" closed mouth

1953 Valentine LuAnn Simms doll, 14", closed mouth, marked Made in USA, Pats. Pending.

1954 Bible Doll Company of America Miriam doll, 11" tall, all hard plastic with sleep eyes, closed mouth, jointed body, rooted hair, dressed in Hebrew attire with a long orange dress and black and white striped headdress tied with a white cord wearing sandals, she came with a plastic baby Moses doll in his bulrush basket with a blanket.  The included envelope reads: Holy Land Earth from the Mount of Olives and contains soil from the Mount of Olives inside.

The Bible Doll Company of America was founded by Diana & Max L. Forman of Philadelphia, PA in 1948 to the 1960s, other Biblical characters dolls are David, Esther, Joseph, Rebekah, Ruth and possibly others.

1954 Bible Doll Co Miriam doll 11"
1954 Miriam doll, 11"

1954 Personality Doll Corp Little Max doll, 16" tall, one piece latex body, mute but cute eight year old child character, molded painted red hair, side glancing eyes, side kick of Joe Palooka a cartoon comic character, created by Ham Fisher, produced by Harvey Comics, marked: Ham  Fisher Personality Doll Corp 1953

Not shown;  1953 Joan Palooka, Joe Palooka and Annie Howe's daughter, was made by Ideal and can be found on the Ideal 1950s doll page.  1955 Buddy Palooka doll, son of Joe and Ann Palooka, made by Personality Doll Corp 1954.

1954 Personality Little Max doll, 16"

1954 Little Max doll, 16"

1955 P & M Doll Company by Paula Mae, a Pollyanna look a like, walking doll, 16" tall, magic knee action doll, white or black versions, Pollyanna look a like doll, only on a smaller scale, has bendable legs, hard plastic body with vinyl head platinum rooted hair and blue sleep eyes.

Photo courtesy of Darna on Rubylane. 

1955 P & M Doll Company by Paula Mae, a Pollyanna look a like, walking doll, 16"

1955 Pollyanna look a like doll, 16"


1956 Citro Polly Ponds Beauty Doll, 24" tall, hard plastic walker, sleep eyes, blonde mohair wig, advertising doll for Ponds Cold Cream products, wearing her original striped jumper, made by Citro Manufacturing Company of New York US. Doll is unmarked.


There is another 24" tall fashion type doll, with a one piece stuffed vinyl body, that was called Citro Polly Pond's Bride doll sold for $21.95 originally and an 8" tall hard plastic jointed doll named Citro Polly Pond's Bridesmaid doll, each dressed accordingly, came with a beauty kit, and are different dolls altogether.


1956 Citro Polly Ponds Beauty doll, 24"

1956 Citro Polly Ponds Beauty Doll, 24"

1957-1960s 14R Fashion Dolls, all vinyl 19-20" tall, sleep eyes, jointed bodies, rooted hair, many have pierced earrings and high heel feet, marked on neck: 14R, Miss Revlon like, various manufacturers; Belle, Deluxe Reading, Eegee, Manco Company, Natural Doll Company, Rite Lee, Royal and Sayco.

1957-1960s 14R Fashion Doll Face 19"

14R Fashion Doll Face 19"


1958 Brookglad Poor Pitiful Pearl doll, 12 or 17" tall, vinyl heads with rooted hair, painted eyes, closed mouth, jointed plastic body, 12" doll marked A BROOKGLAD CREATION,  17" doll marked GLAD TOY, made by Brookglad Creations, The Glad Toy Company.  The Poor Pitiful Pearl doll is based on a cartoon character created by William Steig in 1958.

The 1963 Horsman Poor Pitiful doll version is shown on this page link.

The 1976 Tristar Poor Pitiful Pearl doll version is shown on this page link.


1958 Brookglad Poor Pitiful Pearl doll, 17"

1958 Brookglad

Poor Pitiful Pearl doll, 17"

1958 Brookglad Rusty doll, 16" tall, stuffed jointed body, vinyl molded red hair, stationary plastic eyes, no lashes, freckles, open smiling watermelon mouth, marked on back of head; RUSTY, on right foot V15 and on back A.  Made by Brookglad Creations, Glad Toy Company.  Probably based on a cartoon character.  See also Hard Plastic & Vinyl dolls 1960s, for other Brookglad dolls.

1958 Brookglad Rusty doll, 16"

1958 Brookglad Rusty doll, 16"


1959 Circle P High Heel Jointed Fashion Dolls1959-1960s High Heel Fashion Dolls, 10 1/2" tall, Little Miss Revlon like competitor, rooted hair, sleep eyes, high heel feet, usually has pierced ears, several  manufactures; marked on neck circle P, circle X, 14R or unmarked, made by various manufacturers.

Shown on right, doll marked circle P, high heel Fashion dolls, 10" or 14" tall, hard plastic dolls with multi-jointed body.               

Photo courtesy of Ladybugzdollz.


1959 High Heel Fashion Doll, 10 1/2" marked circle P

1959 High Heel Fashion Doll, 10 1/2" marked circle P

1959-1960s Little Miss Rose Mary doll, 10 1/2" tall, (shown on right, 7014 Bride doll), Little Miss Revlon type, gray sleep eyes, pearl earrings, high heel feet, various hair colors, marked on neck circle P, box is marked; #7014 Little Miss Rose Mary, by Rose Mary Doll Mfg. Company, New York, NY made in USA.

1959-1960s Little Miss Rose Mary Bride doll, 10 1/2"

1959 Little Miss Rose Mary

Bride doll, 10 1/2"


1959-1960s Dandee Sally Starr doll, 10 1/2" tall, Fashion doll, hard plastic jointed body with twist waist and high heel feet, vinyl head with rooted platinum hair, sleep eyes, she came dressed in a felt western cowgirl outfit in blue, white, or yellow, doll shown is in the white outfit with a long sleeve white shirt with red felt embellishments with blue stars, white felt skirt with red braid trim and stars in blue and red with Sally Starr's name written in cursive in red with a bottom fringe, black vinyl belt with two white holsters for her two guns, red boots, white cowgirl hat.  Sally is marked circle P on the back of her neck and was made by the Dandee Doll Manufacturing Company.


Sally Starr (born Alleen Mae Beller on 26 Jan 1923) was a well known television hostess for the Popeye Theatre children's TV show in Philadelphia which ran from 1955-1972.


1959-1960s Dandee Sally Starr doll, 10 1/2"

1959 Sally Starr doll, 10 1/2"

1959-1961 PMA Linda Williams doll, 14, 18, 30" tall, character from the Danny Thomas TV show "Make Room For Daddy" played by Angela Cartwright, the 14" doll was made by PMA - Plastic Molded Arts Company, was possibly a mail-in-premium from the General Foods Company. 

The 14" doll shown is marked: Linda Williams and is probably by PMA.  The Natural Doll Company also sold Angela Cartwright / Linda Williams dolls.

The 30" Angela Cartwright doll shown is marked: Angela and is by the Natural Doll Company.                                Photo courtesy of Patkan.

Thank you Andrea Nowlin! for sharing that PMA also made this doll, Andrea is the great-niece of the owner of the Plastic Molded Arts Doll Company of Long Island, NY USA.

1959 PMA Linda Williams doll 14"

1959 PMA Linda Williams doll, 14"

1959-1961 Natural

Angela Cartwright doll 30" 

1959 Nadine Seltzer Sweetie Pie girl doll, from the Sweetie Pie comic character 1955-1967 created by Nadine Seltzer, a vinyl jointed at the neck doll with sleep eyes or shown on right; a 10" one piece rubber or vinyl squeak toy doll have been found, Sweetie Pie has short black molded hair, two black molded eyebrows form an open V shape, sleep eyes, small nose, apple cheeks with freckles, closed smiling watermelon mouth, red and white polka dot molded dress, white molded shoes, doll marked on back Sweetie Pie A. Stern Toy N.E.A. (Stern Brothers, Stern's department store NYC, NJ, PA).

1959 Sterns Nadine Seltzer Sweetie Pie doll 10"

1959 Stern's Nadine Seltzer

Sweetie Pie girl doll 10"

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Additional 1950s Hard Plastic or Vinyl dolls not shown

1950s Active Doll Corporation, USA made hard plastic and vinyl teenage dolls and baby dolls 7 1/2-26" tall, 1956-1957 Mindy doll, 7 1/2" tall, was purchased from Cosmopolitan and is a Ginger doll, a Vogue Ginny doll look a like or competitor, has a hard plastic head, sleep eyes, closed mouth, wigged, jointed body, some dolls are BKW bent knee walkers, was sold dressed or with a wardrobe trunk, doll is unmarked as are the other Ginger dolls.


1950s-1960s A. D. Sutton & Sons Dedo doll, 11" tall, white or black dolls and shades in between, light weight plastic strung jointed body at neck, shoulders and hips, has a noticeable sway back, white painted socks and black painted shoes, glued on wig usually in braided pigtails, big head for the body size, ^ ^ lightening bolt painted eyebrows, large bulging eyes that move side to side or later dolls (1960s)have stationary fixed eyes, tiny nose and tiny painted closed heart shaped mouth, mitten type hands.  Doll marked A. D. Sutton & Sons New York Made in Hong Kong.  Dedo dolls were possibly given as prizes at carnivals or fairs.  Note: the Dedo doll name, is a nickname used by collectors, as no doll has been found to date with a box giving further information.  Similar Dedo type dolls are marked Made in Italy Brev made by Maura.


1950 Novelty Mart Happy Go Lucky Cowboy, marionette puppet doll, 17" tall (a television personality character) uses Freundlich Dummy Dan composition vent head with a jointed jaw, molded on hat, he is unmarkedRita Drink and Wet Baby Doll, 13" tall with rubber Wonder Skin, Ruthie Crawling Baby doll, wind up doll, all advertised by Novelty Mart, (Uncle Bernie) 59 East 8 Street, New York 3, N.Y.


1950s Marlon Baby Susan doll, 8" tall, all hard plastic jointed body, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, open nurser mouth.  Marked:  Baby Susan, made by Marlon Creations.


1950s Woolworth Miss Marie doll, 10 1/2" tall a Little Miss Revlon like competitor and Little Miss Marie doll, 8" tall, a Cosmopolitan Little Miss Ginger like competitor, rooted hair, sleep eyes, three painted lower outside corner eyelashes, high heel feet, pierced ears, dolls are unmarked.  Miss Marie and Little Miss Marie dolls are Woolworth's exclusives.


1952 Novelty Mart, Happy the Cowboy ventriloquist doll, 19" tall, freckles, dressed in a plaid shirt, western pants and cowboy hat, advertised by Novelty Mart, (Uncle Bernie) 59 East 8 Street, New York 3, N.Y.


ca. 1954 Starr Doll Company, Dorothy Collins doll, 14" tall, hard plastic head, blonde wig, blue sleep eyes, closed mouth, head turning walker jointed body.  Doll is marked on head 14 on back Made in USA.  Dorothy Collins (Marjorie Chandler 1926-1994) is an Canadian and American singer, actress and recording artist.  Also a Dorothy Collins doll, 22" tall, it is unknown if she is by Starr Doll Co, as well.


Mid 1950s Bal Dolls Inc. or Cast Distributing Corp. Candy doll, 10" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, real eyelashes, closed mouth, jointed body at neck, shoulders, hips and knees, BKW bent knee walker.  Doll is unknown how marked, possibly Bal Dolls Inc. or Made in USA.


Mid 1950s Elite Creations, Inc. Baby Vicki doll, 8" tall, walking doll, all hard plastic doll jointed at the neck, shoulders, hips and knees, wigged, sleep eyes, closed mouth, detailed toes no molded shoes, doll is unmarked.  Elite Creations Inc. Baby Debbie doll, 12" tall, drink wet doll, jointed body, sleep eyes with real eyelashes, unknown if how doll is marked.


Late 1950s-early 1960s Debbie Reynolds doll, 19" tall, as the grown-up Tammy and the Bachelor 1957 movie character, hard plastic head, wigged, sleep eyes, open mouth with five teeth, jointed body at neck, shoulders, knees and ankles, low high heel feet, clothing worn is unknown.  Doll marked on back Made in USA.  Unknown American doll maker, possibly by Valentine.


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