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Effanbee Fluffy doll type - Mollyes Perky dollNot long after World War II (1945) ended, new development in plastic material was introduced by doll makers as a replacement to dolls made of composition.  The new material is durable, could be molded, washed etc. 


Ideal was one of the first companies to produce dolls of plastic material beginning in 1946, soon followed by the rest of the industry.


This page is a mixture of 1960s to1970s dolls and doll makers with too few

 dolls for each maker to have a web page, so they have been combined


Vintage 1960s-1970s Hard Plastic, Vinyl Dolls Identified

1960 Hong Kong Dakkachan doll or Embraceable dolls, sizes vary from 3"-? tall, plastic or inflatable vinyl winking eyed black doll with embracing arms, red O shaped open mouth, open loop ears with metal ear rings, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, girl Dakkachan dolls have bows on the head to distinguish them from boy Dakkachan dolls, usually wearing a plastic hula skirt, loop on top of head so doll can be worn on a chain, ribbon, over a belt or wherever one chooses.  Doll marked: Hong Kong.

1960 Dakkachan embraceable doll, 5"

1960 Hong Kong Dakkachan doll, Embraceable doll, 5"


1960s Effanbee Fluffy doll type, 8-13" tall, this doll face mold seems to have been used by several doll manufacturers, she has a vinyl head with short rooted hair, sleep eyes, real upper lashes, painted lower lashes, closed mouth, some dolls have freckles across the nose, others do not. 


Effanbee called their doll Fluffy, marked with her name or Effanbee 1965, Mollye's (doll shown at right) is named Perky (unsure how marked), Allied-Grand doll is marked AE on back of head - named Bonnie, Kellogg's used this mold for the mail-in premium Linda Lou doll, shown on our Advertising doll page, Valentine used this mold for their Perfect Patient doll shown on that page. There are probably other doll manufacturers who sold and dressed this doll too, so check for markings to try to identify the maker.  Good luck, this doll seems to show up all over the place.




Effanbee Fluffy doll type - Mollyes Perky doll

1960s Effanbee Fluffy type doll, 8"

ca. 1960s Happy Toy Ponytail black girl doll, 5", made in Japanca. 1960s Happy Toy Ponytail Girl Doll
, 5" tall, dolls came in either a white or black version, all soft vinyl body jointed at neck, shoulders and hips, rooted ponytail hair, painted side glancing blue or brown eyes, tiny painted mouth.  Other similar dolls may be different heights and have freckles across the face.


Doll was sold undressed in a cellophane baggie with cardboard hang tag with Happy Toy Company name with a green plastic brush accessory - dolls marked three leaf clover symbol, Made in Japan on their back.


These were probably sold in dime stores as inexpensive play dolls, other companies may have also sold her under their own name.


ca. 1960s Happy Toy Ponytail white girl doll, 5", made in Japa

ca. 1960s Happy Toy Ponytail Girl Doll, 5"

1961 Natural Angela Cartwright doll, 30" tall, as the character Linda Williams from the Danny Thomas TV show "Make Room For Daddy", made by the Natural Doll Company, this doll is marked: Angela Cartwright.   Hard plastic jointed body, vinyl head with rooted hair, sleep eyes, open smiling mouth with teeth.

Doll is shown redressed, should be in a red check outfit

Photo is courtesy of Patkan.

1961 Natural Angela Cartwright doll, 30"

1961 Angela Cartwright doll, 30"

ca. 1961 Valentine Dondi doll cartoon character has been moved to the Valentine doll page

1961-1962 Valentine Dondi doll, 16", cartoon character

1961 Valentine Dondi doll, 16"

1962 Beta Doll & Toy Cleopatra doll (Elizabeth Taylor), 18" tall, vinyl head & body, fully jointed with high heel feet & blue sleep eyes.  Dressed as a replica from the 1963 movie Cleopatra.  Doll was made by Beta Doll and Toy Company, Brooklyn 22, NY.  Marked on back: PLATED N CLLES INC,  1962.

1962 Beta Cleopatra doll, 18"

1962 Beta Cleopatra doll, 18"

1963 Debbie Drake doll, 11 1/2" tall, high heel fashion doll, from the Debbie Drake Passport to Beauty TV show, a fitness Guru from the 1960s, doll has bendable body; neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, upper thighs and knees, rooted platinum bubble cut hair, would have been a Barbie like competitor came wearing a red leotard and bodysuit. Unknown who produced this doll.

1963 Debbie Drake doll, 11 1/2"

1963 Debbie Drake doll, 11 1/2"

1963 Ben Casey doll,  12" tall, from the TV series of the same name, character played by actor Vincent Edwards, of whom the doll is quite a good likeness, doll is unmarked, it is unknown who made this Ben Casey version, he has molded painted black hair, softly shaped eyebrows, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, came wearing his white intern Doctor short sleeve shirt with his name and MD printed on upper front and two front hip pockets, stethoscope, white slacks, socks and shoes.  Their are a few different Ben Casey 12" tall dolls; another was made by Bing Crosby Productions who has a sharper ^ point to end of brows, still another version has rooted hair.  Dolls appear to have been packaged as a pair or separately.

1963 Ben Casey's Nurse Willis doll, 11 1/2" tall, character played by actress Jeanne Bates in the TV series, doll looks similar to Reliable Mitzi or Posing Polly & Debbie Drake doll head molds with the surprised high eyebrows look, short rooted blond bubblecut hair, all Barbie like clones shown on this page, Nurse Willis doll is unmarked, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, she came wearing a white nurse uniform, belt, cap, short blue cape with red lining, white open toe heel shoes.

Not shown; 1960s Doctor Kildare doll, a Posing Don clone look a like. (Polly's boyfriend), he also had a companion Nurse doll.

1963 Ben Casey doll, TV character1963 Ben Casey's Nurse Willis doll, TV characters

1963 Ben Casey & Nurse Willis dolls

1963 Ross Products, little lady of fashion, Tina Cassini doll, 12" tall, desdigned by fashion designer Oleg Cassini and named after his daughter Christina with actress Gene Tierney, hard plastic, vinyl head with rooted hair, marked on back: Made in British Crown Colony of Hong Kong made by Ross Products Creations, NY.

ca. 1964 WF Quality Young Miss Geraldine doll the Teen-Age Fashion Model, 12" tall is a Tina Cassini clone doll, also had a clothing line available separately, that was similar to Tina's.  Marked on back Made in Hong Kong.


1963 Ross Tina Cassini doll, 12", Oleg Cassini daughter

1963 Ross Products

Tina Cassini doll, 12"

1963 Eegee Stone Age Baby doll, 12 or 14", Ideal Pebbles Flintstone knock-off, look a like, clone or competitor, vinyl head with short rooted hair with a plastic bone attached, painted facial features with side glancing eyes, closed smiling mouth with chubby cheeks, jointed body at neck, shoulders and hips, wore an animal print top edged in red bias tape and red panties, doll is marked Eegee 150-2 or unmarked

1963 Eegee Stone Age Baby doll, 14"

1963 Eegee Stone Age Baby doll, 14"


ca. 1966 P & M Doll Company by Paula Mae, Glamour Girl doll or I am a Go Go Doll, 18-24" tall, fashion doll, hard plastic jointed body, flat feet, vinyl herad with rooted hair various colors, side glancing black sleep eyes with real lashes and painted outer lashes, pale blue eye shadow, painted pink closed mouth, marked: P.M. Sales, Inc. 1966.  

The Colombo Doll Company of New York City also sold tall Glamour walking girl dolls with side glancing eyes and eye shadow just like shown here, unsure how they are marked, may be unmarked.

NOTE:  Unsure if this was the dolls actual name, however, Glamour Girl doll is the most commonly used name when she is described by collectors.


1966 P & M Doll Co. by Paula Mae, Glamour Girl or I am a Go Go Doll, 24"

ca. 1966 Glamour Girl doll or

I am a Go Go Doll,  24"

1967 Swedlin Mini Martian dolls, 4 1/2" tall, all vinyl, jointed at the shoulders, painted facial features, rooted hair.  Marked on neck:  J. Swedlin, Inc.1967 Made in Japan.  A Sears exclusive.

Six (6) dolls in the series: Professor Pook doll (painted glasses, white books), Marti doll (Space Boy), Mini doll (silver cape), Bonnie doll (silver sarong, silver boots), Meri doll (white boots), Teenie doll (tent dress).

There were accessories; car, scooter & house plus extra clothing could be purchased.

1967 Swedlin Mini Martian Marti doll, 4 1/2"

1967 Swedlin Mini Martian

Marti doll, 4 1/2"

1968 Paris & Company Happy Hippies doll, 2 1/2" tall, Little Kiddle clone dolls, are all vinyl with rooted hair, moustache and beard and came in a clear tube with a metal chain to be worn as a necklace, probably several dolls in this series. Had a paper tag that read: Paris & Co. 1968 Made in Hong Kong. 


The Paris & Company Happy Hippies doll, clown dolls and Nurse doll are similar clone dolls to Mattel Liddle Kiddles, Hasbro Showbiz Babies or Storykins dolls and other miniature dolls from this era.



1968 Paris & Company Happy Hippies doll, 2 1/2"

1968 Paris & Company

Happy Hippies doll, 2 1/2"

1969 Paris & Company Nurse doll, 3" tall, the clear tube packaging has a metal chain so doll could be worn as a necklace, came in several rooted hair styles, blue painted eyes, wore a white nurse uniform with a red cross, blue cape, white hat and other outfits too. Had a paper tag that read: Paris & Co. 1969 Made in Hong Kong.

1969 Paris & Company Nurse doll, 3"

1969 Paris & Company

Nurse doll, 3"

1972 Belle Susie Sad Eyes doll, 8" faceca. 1972 Hong Kong Susie Sad Eyes doll, 8" tall, marked on head: L. (a bell symbol) N. Reg. Design No 915/66 A Made in Hong Hong. She has dark black rooted hair and the big sad eyes, is wearing a black and white polka-dot dress with long white sleeves and collar, and white tights, probably came with a pair of black shoes too.  This seems to be a Blythe look-a-like or competitor, it is unknown what companies made Susie Sad Eyes dolls, this one has a symbol of a bell in her doll marking, dolls may have been distributed thru Sears, Wards and other retail outlet stores.

Companion dolls are named: Susie Slicker (came wearing a yellow "slicker" raincoat) and Soul Sister (black or AA doll).

1972 Hong Kong Susie Sad Eyes doll, 8"

1972 Hong Kong

Susie Sad Eyes doll, 8"

1976 Tristar Poor Pitiful Pearl doll, 16-17" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, painted eyes, closed mouth, jointed plastic body.  Tristar's box front says; Help I need a Mommy, Change me from pitiful to pretty!  The Poor Pitiful Pearl doll is based on a 1958 cartoon character created by William Steig.

Pearl was also first made by Brookglad Creations in 1958 then Horsman in 1963.

1976 Tristar Poor Pitiful Pearl doll, 16"

1976 Tristar Poor Pitiful Pearl, 16"

1976 IMPCO Sun Bunnies, Hawaiian Girl 4" by Imperial Crown Toy Corp.1976+ IMPCO Sun Bunnies dolls, 3-5" tall or so, standing dolls in white or ethnic color vinyl, rooted hair, often have painted closed eyes, all share the trait of having some type of facial expression; happy, sad, crying, laughing, sticking tongue out etc., thus they were nicknamed by collectors as "Sassy" dolls for their sassy facial expressions.  Made by Imperial Crown Toy Corporation; in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea or Taiwan according to doll markings. 

Shown on left: Sun Bunnies, Girl Hugging Self, 5" tall, doll marked Anekona Hawaii, Hong Kong. Made or imported by Imperial Crown Toy Corporation.

Shown on right; Moody Cuties, # 711 cheer-up dolls, laughing doll, 4" tall, doll marked YSL Japan by Imperial Crown Toy Corporation.

1976 IMPCO Moody Cuties, cheer-up laughing doll, 4" Imperial Crown Toy Corp

1976 IMPCO Moody Cuties doll

Cheer-up dolls

seated laughing doll, 4"


hard plastic doll menu    hard plastic dolls 1950s    hard plastic doll marks


Additional 1960s-1970s Hard Plastic Dolls not shown

1950s-1960s A. D. Sutton & Sons Dedo doll, 11" tall, white or black dolls and shades in between, light weight plastic strung jointed body at neck, shoulders and hips, has a noticeable sway back, white painted socks and black painted shoes, glued on wig usually in braided pigtails, big head for the body size, ^ ^ lightening bolt painted eyebrows, large bulging eyes that move side to side or later dolls (1960s)have stationary fixed eyes, tiny nose and tiny painted closed heart shaped mouth, mitten type hands.  Doll marked A. D. Sutton & Sons New York Made in Hong Kong.  Dedo dolls were possibly given as prizes at carnivals or fairs.  Note: the Dedo doll name, is a nickname used by collectors, as no doll has been found to date with a box giving further information.  Similar Dedo type dolls are marked Made in Italy Brev made by Maura.


1950s-1960s Mayfair Debbie doll, 8 1/2" tall, a Little Miss Revlon look a like competitor, all hard plastic, rooted hair, sleep eyes, high heel feet, doll is unmarked.  Thirty-two extra outfits could be purchased separately. Also came in a Debbie's Travel Case, a cardboard case with a dressed Debbie doll, four extra outfits and accessories.  Mayfair Products Ltd. of Canada.


1960s-1970s Herman Pecker dolls, various, think dolls are unmarked, but came with a colorful hangtag of a parrot with company name.


1962 Bonnie the Plaid Lassie, E. F. MacDonald's Plaid trading stamps advertising doll, 19" tall, vinyl head with short curly rooted hair, sleep eyes, painted facial features with a closed mouth, hard plastic body jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, high heel feet, came dressed in her Scottish Highland outfit of a navy Bonnie Prince Charlie jacket, plaid tartan shawl, white dress shirt, red and navy plaid tartan pleated skirt, navy Balmoral bonnet, sporran (purse), red knee-hi socks and black ghillies shoes.  Doll marked P-9, made by the Skippy Doll Corporation.


1962 Rita the Writing Doll, 26" tall, battery operated, all hard plastic jointed body, vinyl head with rooted brunette hair, blue sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth.  Rita came with a magic slate, writing stylus on which Rita could write six words.  Doll marked First Run, Writing Toys, St. Paul USA 1962.


1970s Valentine's Ladies dolls, 8-12" tall, a hard plastic sleep eye Dress Me doll, by Pamella & Noel Valentine of San Francisco, Ca.  Dolls were dressed in elegant Victoria type clothing.  Later they reproduced the dressed dolls in porcelain in conjunction with Gorham in the 1980s.


1976 Gabriel Industries, Inc. Timmy doll and collie dog Lassie action figure,  characters from the 1960s Lassie TV show, boy Timmy is 8 1/2" tall, all hard plastic multi jointed including elbows and wrists doll, molded painted sandy blonde hair, painted facial features, closed mouth, doll marked 1975 Gabriel Industries, Inc. Made in Hong Kong.  Famous heroine collie Lassie dog is a sable and white color painted hard plastic action figure dog, 6 1/4" tall, jointed at the neck, shoulders, hips, leg mid calf and tail. It is unknown if/how Lassie is marked, possibly Gabriel Industries, Inc. 


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