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  Shop for Hartland vintage action figures

Shop for Hartland vintage action figures

Hartland Yogi Berra, baseball figure,  6 1/2"

1960 Yogi Berra, number 8,  6 1/2" tall

Hartland Plastics, Inc. a USA company in business from 1939 to 1978, they produced hard plastic action figures; baseball players, military figures, western hero's, TV cowboy characters and famous Indians each with their horses, that are of good quality and highly collectible today. 


Some of the 6-9" tall figures from the 1950s-1960s (our dating is the date the TV series was made) - actual date figure was on market was probably a year or so later.


See below for descriptions of Hartland action figures.



Hartland TV show characters, action figures and horses identified

Hartland Dale Evans box1951 Dale Evans, (herself), with horse Buttermilk, from the TV show Roy Rogers Show 1951-1957.

1951 Roy Rogers, (himself), with horse Trigger, from the TV show, Roy Rogers Show 1951-1957.

1953 Annie Oakley, (Gail Davis), with horse Target, from TV show Annie Oakley 1953-1956.

1954 Sergeant Lance O'Rourke, generic Mountie - not modeled on a TV character. 

1955 Cheyenne Bodie, (Clint Walker) with horse, from the TV show Cheyenne 1955-1962.

1955 Marshall Matt Dillon, (James Arness), with horse Buck, from TV show Gunsmoke 1955-1975.

1955 Wyatt Earp, (Hugh O'Brien) with horse, from TV show Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 1955-1961.

1955 Sergeant Frank Preston, (Richard Simmons), with horse Rex, from TV show Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 1955-1958.

1956 The Jockey, generic figure of no particular person, with horse.

1957 Major Seth Adams, (Ward Bond who died in 1960) with horse, from TV show Wagon Train 1957-1965.

1957 Vint Bonner, (John Payne), with horse Scar, from the TV show The Restless Gun 1957-1959.

1957 Captain Chris Colt, (Wayde Preston), with horse, from the TV show Colt 45, 1957-1960.

1957 Jim Hardie, (Dale Robertson), with horse Jubilee or Fargo, from the TV show Tales of Wells Fargo 1957-1962.

1957 Marshall Johnny Mackay, (John Russell), with horse, from the TV show The Lawman 1957-1963.

1957 Bret Maverick, (James Garner), with horse, from the TV show Maverick 1957-1962.

1957 Paladin, (Richard Boone), with horse Rafter, from TV show Have Gun will Travel 1957-1963.

1958 Colonel Ranald MacKenzie, (Richard Carlson), with horse, from TV show MacKenzie's Riders 1958-1959.

1958 Josh Randall (Steve McQueen), with horse Ringo, from TV show Wanted Dead or Alive 1958-1961.

1959 Nick Adams, (Johnny Yuma), with horse, from the TV show The Rebel 1959-1961.

1959 Gil Favor, (Eric Fleming), with horse, from the TV show Rawhide 1959-1965.

Hartland Yogi Berra, baseball figure,  6 1/2"

1960 Yogi Berra, number 8,  6 1/2" tall

1958 Hartland Five Baseball action figures; Hank Aaron, Eddie Mathews, Mickey Mantle,  Babe Ruth, Warren Spahn.

1960 Hartland 13 Baseball figures; Luis Aparico, Ernie Banks, Yogi Berra, Rocky Colavito, Don Drysdale, Nellie Fox, Richard Dick Groat, Harmon Killebrew, Willie Mays, Roger Maris, Stan Musial, Duke Snider, Ted Williams.

In 1989 Hartland reproduced these baseball players, identified by a 25 with in a circle on the back below the belt, as 25th anniversary editions.

1959-1963 Hartland Football action figures; Johnny Unitas, Jon Arnett, plus 28 others.

Hartland Western figures; Brave Eagle & horse White Cloud, Buffalo Bill and horse, Chief Thunderbird & horse Northwind, Cochise with pinto horse, Jim Bowie & horse Blaze, Davey Crockett, General George Custer & horse Bugler, General George Washington & horse Ajax, General Robert E. Lee, & horse Traveler, Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore) & horse Silver and Tonto (Jay Silverheels) & horse Scout.

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