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Advertising Dolls 1893-1950s


1893 Aunt Jemima doll, Uncle Mose doll by Arnold Print Works

Advertising dolls; Aunt Jemima & Uncle Mose

1893-1923 Aunt Jemima (Miss Nancy Green), Uncle Mose, Diana and Wade dolls, advertising dolls for Aunt Jemima pancake, flour and syrup by the Davis Milling Company, also called Aunt Jemima Mills (bought in 1925 by Quaker Oats Company), black cloth rag, oilcloth or composition dolls, some are Mama criers, her slogan was; "I'se in town, honey".  Dolls shown left:  ca. 1900s Aunt Jemima doll, Uncle Mose doll, 14" all cloth dolls by Arnold Print Works


Aunt Jemima dolls were also made or sold by; American Specialty Doll Co, American Stuffed Novelty Co, Butler Brothers, Louis Wolf and The Toy Shop.

Advertising Dolls 1950s to 1970s


Advertising Dolls Identified 1893+

1910 to present, Campbell Kids doll, created by artist Grace Gebbie  Weiderseim Drayton, whose name never appeared on the drawings for the Campbell Soup Company, came in various sizes, materials and manufactured by various companies over the years.


1910+ Horsman made Campbell Kids dolls, composition and cloth.

1928+ American Character, made Campbell Kids dolls, marked A Petite Doll.

1948+ Horsman, again made Campbell Kids dolls, all composition, unmarked.

 Late 1940s Dee & Cee, Canada made Campbell Kids dolls of composition and cloth.

1950s Ideal made Campbell Kids dolls of magic skin latex or vinyl.

1990s Collectible Concepts made Campbell Kids dolls in porcelain.

ca. 1910 Horsman Campbell Kid doll, 10"

ca. 1910 Horsman Campbell Kids doll 10"

1914 Ideal Uneeda Kid doll, 11, 14-15 or 23-24" tall, cloth stuffed body with composition head, molded hair, painted or sleep eyes, closed mouth, both were advertising dolls for National Biscuit Co made by Ideal.  He wears beige rompers under his yellow fisherman coat and hat. 


1916-1917 Ideal Zu-Zu Kid doll, 14-15" tall an advertising doll for ginger snaps, she wore a printed yellow clown costume with brown stars and pompoms with a pointed cap.


Both dolls are unmarked or marked Ideal inside a diamond USA.

Advertising doll; 1914 Ideal Uneeda Kid doll, 14"

1914 Ideal Uneeda Kid doll, 14"

1915 Baker & Bennett, Spearmint Kid doll 12 1/2" tall, composition doll with a voice box made with permission of the William Wrigley Company by Baker & Bennett doll mark is B & B.

1915 Bennett & Baker doll mark BB

1915 Bennett & Baker doll mark BB

1918 Crackerjack cloth doll, Sailor boy and dog, trademark of Borden Foods, Inc., now Frito Lay, Inc. all cloth body and limbs, mask painted face.  Ideal made a Cracker Jack doll, but we don't know if is the doll shown.

1918 Crackerjack cloth doll

1918 Crackerjack doll

1922-1952  Cream O` Wheat Rastus doll, came in 16" or (1930) 18" tall, black cloth doll, was a premium box top offer that cost .10 cents by the Nabisco Company. The chef image was originally an unknown black male waiter of Chicago, Illinois, US.

1922-1955 Cream of Wheat Rastus doll

1922-1955 Cream O' Wheat

Rastus doll, 16"

1968 Kelloggs Snap & Crackle doll boxes1925-1970s Kellogg's Cereal company in Kalamazoo, Michigan US distributed more than five million dolls of various kinds, here are some of their promotions: 1925 Goldilocks & Three Bears set 12-15" tall, cloth, Corn Flakes & Pep, 1928 Nursery Rhymes: Little Bo Peep, Mary had a Little Lamb, Red Riding Hood, all cloth.  Also, 1962 Linda Lou doll, 1964-1965 Calico Lassie doll, 1968 Snap, Crackle and Pop and 1969 Mary Kate dolls made in plastic. 

1968 Kelloggs Pop doll box

1968 Kelloggs Snap, Crackle and Pop dolls

ca. 1926 Framoz wind up Boy doll, 10" tall, an American made composition character shoulder head with molded hair, painted side glancing eyes, closed mouth, metal body with cloth arms, a key wound walker doll, has large flat rectangular metal pieces for shoes, metal body printed label in green and red reads; Framoz & Co., Sparkling Cherry Cider, SINGAPORE, (made by) LM & S  Doll head is unmarked. 


Framoz & Company of Singapore made and sold aerated water from 1905 to around the 1970s.


Note: The head mold looks very similar to that of Sayco's Our Gang, 1926 Fatty doll.

ca. 1926 Framoz wind up Boy doll, 10"

ca. 1926 Framoz wind up Boy doll, 10"


1928+ Cameo GE Hotpoint Man doll figure, 15" tall, wood segmented character doll figure, composition head with a jointed wood body, painted facial features, red painted clothing, silver H and red pointed arrow on top of head, slits in hands to hold paper sales cards.  Made by Cameo, Hotpoint Man is unmarked except for a Hotpoint paper label on chest and Cameo sticker on bottom of wood base.  Advertising doll figure for Hotpoint a division of General Electric, GE..


Cameo also made the wood segmented advertising Radio Corporation of America, RCA Radiotron doll figure.


1928+ Cameo GE Hotpoint Man doll 15"

1928+ Cameo GE Hotpoint Man doll 15"

ca. 1928 Mellin's Food doll, 11" tall, composition shoulder head with molded painted blonde hair, blue painted eyes, closed mouth, pink cotton cloth body, upper arms and bent legs, composition lower arms, doll marked E.I.H. copyright Inc. (Horsman) clothes labeled Mellin's Food Doll Boston, Mass.

ca. 1928 Mellin's Food Doll Boston, Mass  label & E.I.H.  Inc. on back

ca. 1928 Mellin's Food Doll Boston, Mass  label & E.I.H. copyright Inc. on back


1940s Jolly Joan Restaurant waitress doll1940s Jolly Joan Restaurant Waitress doll, 12-15" tall, all composition doll, 12" doll has a one piece head and body, larger sizes are jointed at neck, shoulders and hips, large molded curly short brown painted hair with a blue painted hair bow, painted eyes or tin sleep eyes, closed mouth, doll is unmarked.  Wore a blue and white gingham dress with a white ruffled neckline and an apron similar to those worn by the waitress's at the Jolly Joan restaurant in Portland, Oregon, which was open from 1933 to the 1960s.


Jolly Joan advertising doll restaurant ad

1940s Jolly Joan Restaurant

Waitress doll ad


1945 Ideal Miss Curity doll, 18-22" tall, all composition jointed body, wigged, sleep eyes, closed mouth, wears a nurse uniform, doll is unmarked.  Curity is a trademark of the Kendall Company, doll was made by the Ideal Novelty & Toy Company and Reliable Toy Company of Canada.


There is also a 1953 Ideal Miss Curity made of hard plastic, with the Toni body and markings, who is part of the Toni family of dolls.


1945 Ideal Miss Curity doll, 18"

1945 Ideal Miss Curity doll, 18"

1946-1960s Eaton's Beauty Dolls, were featured each year in their Fall and Winter catalog, some dolls were made by Reliable Toys of Canada and some Eaton Beauty dolls were made by:  Kestner, Marseille, Cuno & Otto Dressel, Schoenau & Hoffmeister, Dominion Toy,  S.F.B.J. and Dee & Cee.  The Eaton Beauty Doll brand was only available in Canada.  


Photo is of a Reliable Toys of Canada Eaton doll in her original under clothes, socks and shoes and is courtesy of Heather.

1940s Eaton Beauty doll

1940s Eaton Beauty doll

1948 Dan River Buttons Doll ad

1948 Buttons cloth doll by Dan River, maker of bedding and sheets, 17" tall, with button eyes, black yarn hair, and as you can see she came in different dresses, the left ad shows a red and white check dress with buttons on placket and white apron, black shoes and white socks, at right doll has a blue and white stripe dress.

1948 Dan River Buttons Doll, 17"

1948 Dan River Buttons Doll, 17"


1948 Royal Blue Stores, Susie-Q doll, 15" tall, all composition fully jointed doll, black mohair wig with bangs and pigtails with blue and white plaid hair ribbons, single stroke black eyebrows, blue sleep eyes, open smiling mouth with white space indicating teeth, Susie- Q is wearing a solid blue school girl dress with a white collar and blue ric-rak trim, short sleeves with a white cuff, white waist tie and a blue and white plaid attached over skirt, white socks and black oilcloth tie shoes. 


If Susie-Q still has her hang tag it says; I'm Susie-Q of ROYAL BLUE copyright 1948, Royal Blue Stores. "Hi Gals! Hi Fellas! I'm Susie-Q, I'm scheming big plans for all of you. Keep in touch with me and I'll tell you more. You can always find me at the Royal Blue Store".  Doll and clothing are unmarked, but had a hang tag, it is unknown who made the Susie-Q advertising doll for the Royal Blue Store.


1948 Royal Blue Stores Susie-Q doll 15"

1948 Royal Blue Stores

Susie-Q doll 15"

1949 Eugenia Pam the Perm-O-Wave Doll, 14" tall, hard plastic, human hair wig, with Perm-O-Wave curlers, ". . these curlers can be used over and over again. These same curlers  can give mother and daughter a home permanent", plastic makeup case, and barrette.  This was the earliest of the home permanent dolls.  Made by the Eugenia Doll Company, Inc.

1949 Eugenia Pam the Perm-O-Wave Doll, 14"

  1949 Eugenia Pam the

Perm-O-Wave Doll, 14"

1949-1953 Ideal Toni Doll, 14-23" tall, the Toni doll was introduced in 1949 as an advertising doll for the Gillette Toni Home Permanent, she is made of all hard plastic with a jointed body, the earliest dolls wore a nylon wig in various colors and styles, has sleep eyes usually in blue but other colors too, real upper eyelashes, painted lower lashes, small painted rosebud lips and was loved by many little girls and now big girls, too.  Doll marked P + 90-94 number.  Toni was made by Ideal.

1949-1953 Ideal Toni Doll, 14"

1949-1953 Ideal Toni Doll, 14"

Additional Advertising dolls not shown

1895+ Northwestern Consolidated Milling Company,  a Farm Boy doll, 15 1/2" tall, all cloth rag doll of flour sack lithographed fabric, then cutout and sewn, doll is unmarked, fabric has printed on chest; Ceresota Flour, Northwestern's trademark since 1891.  In 1986 Franklin Heirloom Mint made a Ceresota Flour Boy reproduction, has a porcelain head, hands, feet with a soft body doll.


1899-1900 American Rice Foods Manufacturing Company, Cook's Flaked Rice advertising doll; Miss Flaked Rice doll, 25" tall, muslin cloth printed wearing underwear, cut out, stuff and sew dolls, mail in premium doll, doll mark My name is Miss Flaked Rice.


1900 American Rice Foods Manufacturing Company, Miss Malto-Rice doll, cloth cut out advertising doll mark My name is Miss Malto-Rice.


1901 The Korn-Crisp Company Ltd., Miss Korn-Crisp (cereal) doll, 26 1/2" tall, a cloth cut out doll marked with tag sewn into seam My name is Miss Korn-Crisp. We think this company is possibly the creator of this advertising doll, founded in Battle Creek, Michigan on August 12, 1901.


1904 Buster Brown Shoes, Buster Brown Doll, doll material unknown made by Hamley Brothers of England.


1905 Art Fabric Mills and Knickerbocker Specialty Co, both made Buster Brown rag dolls and 1929 Buster Brown doll, 16" composition and cloth doll, made by Ideal.  Horsman also made a Buster Brown doll.


1916 Babbitt At Your Service Cleanser Boy doll, 15" tall, BT Babbitt Company of New York city trade mark advertising doll made for them by Modern Toy Company doll came with a medal can of Babbitt's cleanser.


1920-1962 Buddy Lee doll, 12 1/2 - 13" tall, composition or hard plastic, see our HD Lee Company page for photos and more information.


1920 American Ocarina Karo Princess doll, 10 1/4" tall, all composition one piece body and head, (from their 1920 ad) "Made of lignum fiber, unbreakable and waterproof, exquisitely hand painted and enameled in beautiful soft colorings, comes packed in attractively covered boxes".  Karo Princess has a papoose face with long hair and a headband with a feather, painted eyes and lashes, closed mouth, bare arms outside her open green leaf corn cob body showing the yellow corn inside, painted white socks and black Mary Jane shoes peek out from her base, Karo syrup advertising doll, doll is unmarked and rare.


1927 Baby Ruth doll, 1929 Chicos doll both registered trade names for the Curtis Candy Company.


1930 Quaker Crackels cloth doll, 15" tall, printed cloth doll, to cut out, sew and stuff advertising doll for crackel cereal by Quaker Oats Company.  Quaker also made a Puffy doll.


1936+ Gerber Baby doll, from the Gerber Baby Products company located in Fremont, Michigan US, an 8" tall all one piece cloth doll with printed face and holding a can of baby food, unknown maker. Several manufacturers made Gerber dolls over the years;  Sun Rubber, Arrow Rubber & Plastics, Amsco.


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