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Hasbro Peteena the Pampered Poodle Dog 1966

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Shop for Hasbro Peteena Poodle dog dolls
Shop for Hasbro Peteena Poodle dog dolls


Peteena Poodle 1966

1966 Hasbro Peteena the Poodle in a Bikini doll

She's a 9'' tall fashion dog with a wardrobe . . . what will they think of next.  This must have been the Muppets inspiration.

This doll has poodle like hair, a retractable tail, twist n turn waist, arms and legs that are movable. 

She comes wearing a bikini, head scarf, plastic shoes (heels?) and green plastic sunglasses.  

Some of Peteena's outfits are;

Ballerina - Twinkle Toes,

Raincoat - Slicker Set

Skiing outfit - Zero Coo

Pink Evening Gown - Ooh La La

Striped casual outfit - Campus Capers



1966 Vintage Hasbro Peteena Poodle Doll Identified

Peteena - Ooh La La Outfit 1960's


Peteena Ooh La La outfit 1966


Pink evening gown, long white gloves, white high heel shoes, nylons, pearl earrings and headband. Ooh La La what a Pooch.


Photo courtesy Robin Englehart


Peteena Campus Casuals 1966



Peteena in Campus Capers outfit 1966


A cute striped outfit with a state pennant and books with a black belt to carry them - she's the hottest cat er dog on campus.


Photo courtesy Robin Englehart


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