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 1959-1961 Ideal Patti Playpal brunette hair baby face doll 35"

1959-1961 Ideal Patti Playpal brunette hair baby face doll 35"

Ideal Toy Company originally produced teddy bears, in the 1930s they gave us Shirley Temple dolls plus others.  They were first in their industry to make hard plastic dolls after World War II.  Ideal Toy company dolls are made of; wood, cloth, composition, hard plastic, vinyl and magic skin and are all considered to be very good quality. 


In the 1960s bigger is better.  Ideal gave us the great big Patti Playpal doll family, who were soon followed by many clone competitor dolls.  


Ideal Toy Company was acquired by the CBS Toy Company in 1982, which later went out of business.


Vintage Ideal Dolls 1960s Identified

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1960-1961 Ideal Peter Playpal doll, 38" tall, hard plastic jointed body, head marked: Ideal Toy Corp. BE-35-38, rooted hair, blue sleep eyes, closed slight smiling mouth.


See the Ideal Dolls 1950s page for the rest of the Patti Playpal - family of dolls.  Also use the search box to find other "Playpal", companion type dolls.

1960-1961 Ideal Peter Playpal doll, 38"

1960 Peter Playpal doll, 38"

1960-1961 Ideal Pattite doll, 18" tall, all vinyl strung doll with rooted saran hair with bangs, sleep eyes, closed mouth, looks like a small Patti Playpal doll, wore a red and white check dress with white pinafore, white socks and black mary jane shoes, marked: Ideal Toy Corp G-18.   In 1961 Pattite was a walker doll.

ideal_pattite.jpg (14847 bytes)

1960 Pattite doll, 18"

1960 Ideal Shirley Temple doll Playpal type, 35" tall, doll with vinyl head and hands, hard plastic body, rooted saran light brown curly hair, sleep eyes, open smiling mouth with teeth and dimples, doll mark Ideal Doll ST-35-38-2 on head, some dolls have jointed wrists. Doll shown in the rare Heidi outfit.


Photo used with permission of Loretta at Shirley Temple Dolls - this is a Great site for all things Shirley Temple and much more.

shirley_temple_playpal60do.jpg (18003 bytes)

1960 Shirley Temple doll,
Playpal type, 35"

1960-1961 Ideal Saucy Walker doll, 28, or 32" tall, similar to the 1950s Saucy doll, but larger and maybe harder to find dolls or less common. All vinyl with short rooted saran hair, sleep eyes, closed mouth.


28" tall was wearing a red and white print dress with a heart with "Saucy" embroidered on it, marked: Ideal Toy Corp. T-28X-60 or Ideal Toy Co BYE S285.  


32" tall was wearing a blue print dress with white pinafore marked: Ideal Toy Co BYE 32-35.

Photo doll is not shown in original clothing.

saucy32playp_ideal1.jpg (40662 bytes)

1960-1961 Saucy Walker doll, 32"

1960 Ideal Bonnie Baby doll, 12" tall, all vinyl, sleep eyes, molded hair, open mouth, drink wet type, wore a dress with bonnet, booties and had a diaper and bottle.

ideal_bonnie_baby.jpg (25316 bytes)

1960 Bonnie Baby doll, 12"


1960 Ideal Bye Bye Baby doll, 25" tall, all vinyl with molded hair, sized like a six month only baby, strung body, sleep eyes, very detailed hands and feet, hole in mouth, drink wet type, wore a flannel sleeper with snaps down the front, marked:  Ideal Toy Corp. L25NB


My Mom has been a doll hoarder, ummm collector since she was a little girl, lol.  One of her favorite dolls was an Ideal Bye Bye Baby doll. Her mean little brother had decapitated him and chucked his head out the window. My Grandma didn't know how to have the doll fixed so he was thrown away. My Mom thought she would never see him again, until an online auction that is. Still, every time we found him, he was either too expensive or we were outbid in the last seconds. I saved my pennies for a while and just before Christmas last year (2004) I finally won an auction for her. I liked him sooo much, bought one for myself too :) He is a spoiled baby boy, with an extensive real baby wardrobe that Mother enjoys shopping for him.  

Photo and story behind her doll, courtesy of Yasmin.


ideal_bye_bye_yasmin.jpg (21918 bytes)

1960 Bye Bye Baby doll, 25"

1961 Ideal Miss Ideal doll, 25 or 30" tall, all vinyl with rooted hair, sleep eyes, jointed body including ankles and wrists, came with a beauty kit and comb, head marked:  Ideal Toy Corp. SP-25-S.   Photo of 1961 Miss Ideal, 30" tall, head marked: Ideal Toy Corp SP-30-S.

1961 Miss Ideal, 30" tall

1961 Miss Ideal doll, 30"

1961 Ideal Daddy's Girl doll, 38 or 42" tall, Playpal type, vinyl head and arms, plastic body with twist waist and jointed ankles, rooted blonde hair, sleep eyes with lashes, closed smiling mouth, was the size of a 12 or 13 year old girl.  Marked: Ideal Toy Corp. G 38 or G-42-1 on body.

daddy_girl2ideal1961.jpg (11811 bytes)

1961 Daddys Girl doll, 42"


1961 Ideal Lori Martin doll, 30, 38 or 42" tall, celebrity doll from the National Velvet TV show personality), Playpal type, back marked: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Inc. Mfg. by Ideal Toy Corp G-30, or G-38, long dark brunette rooted hair, sleep eyes, some have jointed ankles, twist waist, and usually dressed in jeans, a plaid shirt and vinyl boots.


The 42" doll was a store display model and only 50 were produced marked: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Inc. Mfg. by Ideal Toy Corp G-42, was wearing a jumper with a white blouse.


lori_martin_ideal4.jpg (14801 bytes)

1961 Lori Martin doll, 42"

1961 Ideal Mitzi doll, 11 1/2" tall, Bild Lilli clone or Barbie competitor doll, her head will remind you somewhat of the later designed Tammy dolls, she was discontinued before the Tammy dolls came out in 1962. Doll is marked on back with her name.

mitzi_ideal_face1.jpg (24108 bytes)

1961 Mitzi doll, 11 1/2"

1961 Ideal Carol Brent doll or Ideal Liz doll, 15 1/2" tall, looks like Tammy's mom but taller, Carol Brent was sold thru Montgomery Ward Department stores and catalogs, very detailed hands, both dolls marked on head: M-15-L and on back; Ideal Toy Corp. M-15.  Separate fashions were available.

1961 Carol Brent doll

or Liz doll, 15 1/2"


1961-1964 Ideal Kissy doll, 22 1/2" " tall, toddler doll, marked on head: Ideal Toy Corp K-21-L, and on back: Ideal Toy Corp. K22 Pat. Pend, white or black versions.


1963-1964 Ideal Kissy Baby doll, 22" tall, "The new kissing doll", vinyl head, body, and arms, bent legs, press belly and hands come together, head tilts forward and lips pucker and makes a kissing sound, .marked on head: Ideal Toy Corp K-21-L-1, and on back: Ideal Toy Corp. K-22 US Pat. No. 3,054,215.


1963-1968 Ideal Tiny Kissy doll, 16" tall, smaller version of Kissy, white or black doll, marked on head: Ideal Toy Corp K-16-1 and same marking with last digit 2 on back.


ideal_kissy_family_yasmin.jpg (31514 bytes)

1961-1964 Kissy doll Family


Photo courtesy of Yasmin

1961-1970s Ideal Thumbelina doll, 9, 14, 16, or 20" tall, Newborn, Tiny or Toddler, vinyl and cloth doll, painted eyes, rooted hair, wind key in back makes the head and body wiggle like a real baby, various markings the 16" doll head is marked: Ideal Toy Corp. OTT-16.    Photo at right does not show the original clothing.

tiny_thumbelina14_ldeal60s.jpg (8240 bytes)

1961 Thumbelina doll, 14"


1962-1966 Ideal Tammy doll, 12" tall, 1962 Tammy first version had rooted bubble cut hair style, straight legs, marked on head: Ideal Toy Corp. BS-12 1, on back: Ideal Toy Corp. BS-12.  1964 Pos'n Tammy, has fuller hair with a braided bun, has bendable legs.  1965 Tammy Grown Up, has a slimmer body and short pageboy hairstyle, bendable legs, is Marked on head: 1965 Ideal, T-12-E.


1962-1966 Ideal Tammy dolls Family; 8" - 13" tall; Mom, Dad, big brother Ted, little sister; Pepper, little brother Pos'n Pete.   Pepper's friends; Patti (Montgomery Ward exclusive), Dodi, Pos'n Salty (same doll as Pos'n Pete) and Tammy's boyfriend Bud.   Also Tammy friends; Misty and Glamour Misty or Miss Clairol doll.   see the full Tammy  Family page.


ideal_tammy_bxd.jpg (8044 bytes)

1962 Tammy doll, 12"

1963-1964 Ideal Baby Pebbles doll, 14" tall, celebrity doll, a Flintstones cartoon character, and a toddler sized Pebbles 16" tall and 1964-1966 Tiny Pebbles 12" tall. Should have Hanna Barbera Prods, Inc.+ Ideal Toy Corp FS-8 14 1965 in marking.

pebbles_ideal1.jpg (25558 bytes)

1963 Baby Pebbles doll, 14"

1964 Ideal Cuddly Kissy doll, 16" tall, part of the Kissy family of dolls, vinyl head arms and soft body, rooted blonde hair, sleep eyes, squeeze the doll and she hugs and kisses.

Photo courtesy of Debi

ideal_cuddly_kissy_debi.jpg (20024 bytes)

1964 Cuddly Kissy doll, 16"

1964 Ideal Bamm-Bamm doll, 16" tall, celebrity doll, Barney Rubbles son a Flintstones cartoon character, all vinyl, jointed body, rooted blonde hair, side glancing eyes, wears a leopard loincloth, cap and plastic club.


1964-1966 Ideal Bamm-Bamm doll, smaller 12" tall. Should have Hanna Barbera Prods, Inc.+ Ideal Toy Corp BB12 in marking. 

bamm_bamm_ideal.jpg (15964 bytes)

1964 Bamm-Bamm doll, 16"

1965 Ideal Goodie Two Shoes doll, 19" tall, battery operated "The doll that walks by herself", vinyl head, rooted hair, sleep eyes, toddler hard plastic body, as shown with her box on right, wore a blue cotton dress with white socks and vinyl shoes and blue hair ribbon. 


Also in 1966 a Talking Goody Two shoes, 27" tall.

1965 Goodie Two Shoes doll, 19"

ideal_monster_vampy1965do.jpg (27536 bytes)

Vampy doll

1965 Ideal Mini Monsters dolls or Mini Munsters dolls, 8 1/2" tall, Vampy (on left), Wolfy, Dracky, Franky (l to r photo on right), all vinyl dolls with painted molded hair, painted facial features.  Clothing is removable and is tagged Made in Japan.


These have been dubbed the Mini Munsters - but they were not sold as part of the television show of the same name.  Dolls were not on the market very long and are hard to find.

ideal_mini85monsters1965do1.jpg (51821 bytes)

1965 Mini Monsters dolls, 8 1/2"

Wolfy, Dracky & Franky

1965 Ideal Real Live Lucy doll, 20" tall, all vinyl, jointed neck, arms & legs, rooted platinum hair, blue sleep eyes, head bobs with the weight on it when touched, if you offered the doll spinach she would not eat, offer her a bottle and then she would drink as the bottle has a magnet on it, doll marked: 1965 Ideal Toy Corp. FL20-E-H33.

Ideal_real_live_lucy.jpg (18790 bytes)

1965 Real Live Lucy doll, 20"

1965-1966 Ideal Samantha doll, 11 1/2" tall, celebrity doll, # 9829-3, doll marked Ideal Doll M-12-E-2, has side glancing olive or light tan eyes (there are also a few rare centered eyes, doll has same markings), red lips, blond hair in a flip and no bangs, from the TV Show Bewitched played by Elizabeth Montgomery, wore a red velvet long gown, matching red pointed hat, with red shoes & her broom.  Part of the Tammy Family of dolls.

1965 Samantha doll, 11 1/2"

1965-1966 Ideal Tabitha doll, 14" tall, celebrity doll, # 1150-3, squeezable body, pixie face, rooted silver hair, wearing 2 piece pajamas,  from the TV Show Bewitched.  Marked: 1966 Ideal Toy Corp. TAT-14-H-62.

ideal_tabitha.jpg (12147 bytes)

1965 Tabitha doll, 14"

1966 Ideal Honey Moon doll, 19" tall, cloth stuffed body with vinyl head and limbs, white yarn hair, dressed in a green and blue striped top and bloomers with a plastic bubble helmet. 

She is the daughter of Junior Tracy (adopted son of Dick Tracy and Tess Trueheart) and Miss Moon Maid part of the Dick Tracy comic characters.  


Doll is marked: 1965 C.T.N.Y.N.S. Ideal Toy Corporation HM 14-2-2H.

Honey Moon 1966 by Ideal

1966 Honey Moon doll, 19"


1967 Ideal Comic Heroine dolls - (four dolls in this series) Super Queens; Super Girl doll, 11 1/2" tall, used the Misty face mold with side glancing eyes, pink lips, honey blonde rooted hair with no bangs, Pos'n body style, wore a blue short dress, red cape, gold belt & red boots, came with her plastic white super dog Krypto who wore his red cape with a gold S.  Marked on head: 1965 Ideal M 12.  Clothing tag has Comic Heroines 1966. 


The other dolls in this series are: Bat Girl doll, brunette and Sears sold a blonde haired version,  Mera doll, Queen of Atlantis, (Aquaman's wife) with auburn hair, and Wonder Woman doll dark brunette hair - all these Super Queen dolls have no bangs - unlike Misty who had bangs.  The male series dolls were called "Captain Action" action figures, of which there were many in the series.  See them all on the Tammy  Family page.


ideal_super_girl1966a.jpg (79489 bytes)

1966 Super Girl doll, 11 1/2" 

1967-1968 Ideal Baby Lucy doll or Ideal Little Lucy doll, 13" tall (small size of Real Live Lucy doll), all vinyl, jointed body, platinum rooted hair, painted side glancing eyes, two painted teeth, wore a dress and bonnet, same as the larger doll she has a weight in her head so it bobs and a magnet on her bottle, doll marked: 1967 Ideal Toy Corp. FL18-3532 on head.

1967-68 Ideal Baby Lucy or Little Lucy doll 13"

1967 Baby Lucy doll or

Little Lucy doll, 13"

1967 Ideal Honeyball doll, 9 1/2" tall, all vinyl with foam body, jointed at the neck, arms and hips, short red rooted hair, painted side glancing eyes, open mouth, unsure how this doll was dressed or marked.

ideal_honeyball1967.jpg (8555 bytes)

1967 Honeyball doll, 9 1/2"

1967-1968 Ideal Playtime Tubsy doll, 18" tall, vinyl head plastic body rooted hair, sleep eyes, battery operated, automatically splashed when placed in water and stopped when removed, wore a hooded terry robe and a diaper and had a pink plastic tub that could be turned over and used as a bathinette.

ideal_tubsy_bx.jpg (13293 bytes)

1967 Tubsy doll, 18"

1967-1969 Ideal Giggles doll, 18" tall, all vinyl, jointed wrists, rooted blonde hair, painted side glancing eyes, open smiling mouth with teeth, wore a pink striped two piece knit shirt and shorts with sandals.

Ideal_giggles.jpg (23100 bytes)

1967 Giggles doll, 18"

1968 Ideal Baby Giggles doll, 15" tall, all vinyl, rooted hair, sleep eyes, when you moved her hand up and down the head and eyes will move side to side and she giggles, not shown in her original clothing of a two piece pink knit top with hot pink v inset and panties, marked: 1968 Ideal Toy Corp.  BG-16-H-18 on head.

baby_giggles1968_17.jpg (12872 bytes)

1968 Baby Giggles doll, 15"

1968 Ideal Little Lost Baby doll, 22" tall, battery operated, multi-face doll, can switch to any of three faces; happy, sad or sleeping, also, cries and coos, it's the sad face that is shown in the photo, marked: 1967 Ideal Toy 3F-18-H-111

1968 Little Lost Baby doll, 22"

1969 Ideal April Shower doll, 14" tall, all vinyl, painted eyes, rooted short platinum hair, open mouth with teeth, wore a two piece pink jacket trimmed with lace and ribbon tie and panties.  The doll who can take a bath and a shower at the same time.  Came with a yellow plastic old fashioned bathtub with over head shower, when the doll was placed in the water, she turns her head and her arms go up. Marked:  Ideal Toy Corp. BT-11-H128 on head.

ideal_april_shower1969.jpg (12696 bytes)

1969 April Shower doll, 14"


1969 Ideal Posie doll, 18" tall, vinyl head and hands, foam body, sleep eyes, open mouth with teeth.  Three dolls in series; Daisy wore a fringed suede like two piece outfit and has long blonde hair, Petal has curly platinum hair and wore a shirt and slacks and Lily with brunette hair wore a polka dot jumpsuit.


Photo N/A


1969 Posie doll, 18"

1969-1970 Ideal Betty Big Girl doll, 32" tall, vinyl doll, rooted hair, sleep eyes, battery operated talker, wore culottes and vest, with a blouse and paisley scarf, tights and shoes, doll mark head 1968 Ideal Toy Corp. HD-31-H-127 and doll mark back 1969 Ideal Toy Corp. HB-32.

1969-1970 Ideal Betty Big Girl doll 32" face  

1969-1970 Betty Big Girl doll, 32"

1969-1970s Ideal Bibsy doll, 23" tall, all vinyl, rooted hair, blue sleep eyes, rooted lashes, open smiling mouth,  squeeze her belly and she squeaks and moves her mouth, marked on head Ideal Toy Corp. D-20-2 and D-23 on back.  

ideal_bibsy23.jpg (19936 bytes)

1969-1970s Bibsy doll, 23"

1969-1970 Ideal Flatsy doll, are flat plastic bendable one piece dolls, 2" dolls are Mini's, Standard size of 4 1/2" (lots more dolls are shown) and Fashion dolls are 8" tall.         

Photo courtesy Tara Salvatore.

flatsy_casey.jpg (9711 bytes)

1969 Flatsy Casey doll, 4 1/2"

1969-1974 Ideal Crissy doll family of grow hair dolls, white or black: Crissy, Kerry, Tressy, Brandi 17 1/2" tall, Velvet, Cricket, Dina, Mia & Tara 15 1/2" tall, Cinnamon 11 1/2" tall, Baby Crissy 24" tall.  See the Ideal 1970s page for the more on Crissy and the rest of the Crissy family of grow hair dolls.

crissy1.jpg (15630 bytes)

1969 Crissy doll, 18"


Additional Ideal 1960s dolls not shown


1964 Ideal Mr. Magoo doll, 15" tall, a cartoon character, vinyl face, red molded hat, closed eyes, open smiling mouth, cloth body and limbs, wearing a green felt jacket with three large round red buttons, white stitched felt hands, red scarf, black pants.  Mr. Magoo is marked 1962 UPA Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



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