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1930s Knickerbocker Disney Character Pinocchio doll

Knickerbocker Pinocchio doll

The Knickerbocker Doll & Toy Company was founded in New York city in 1925 by Leo L. Weiss.


Knickerbocker is probably best known for their Walt Disney character dolls, Raggedy Ann or Andy and the cloth Holly Hobbie dolls.  Disney Pinocchio is shown at left and described below.


Knickerbocker dolls are of good quality, made of cloth, composition and vinyl.  Knickerbocker was sold to Hasbro in 1983.



Knickerbocker Dolls Identified

ca. 1930s Knickerbocker Disney Characters; Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio, Donald Duck, 10" tall, all composition, jointed, painted facial features usually marked: Jiminy Cricket, W.D. PR. KN. T. Co., USA or Pinocchio, Knickerbocker Toy Co, Made in U.S.A., Walt Disney Toy Product.

kb_pinocchio105_1930s.jpg (20840 bytes)

ca. 1930s

Disney Character;

Pinocchio 10"


1937 Knickerbocker Snow White doll, 13-15 or 20" tall, all composition with fully jointed body, black mohair wig or shiny black molded hair with a painted blue ribbon, sleep eyes or painted side glancing eyes and painted facial features, closed mouth, doll marked: Snow White Walt Disney Knickerbocker Toy Company New York.

kb_snow16white1937.jpg (102203 bytes)

1937 Snow White doll, 15"


1937 Knickerbocker Dwarf doll, 9" tall, Snow Whites seven dwarfs are; Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, all composition jointed at shoulders only, painted hair, all the face molds are the same with different facial painting except Dopey, who also does not have a beard like all the others, have the characters name imprinted on the cap, marked: Walt Disney Knickerbocker Toy Co.   Note: Several other companies were authorized by Disney to also create their versions of Snow White & the Dwarfs - most of these have cloth bodies with a mask type face; Richard G. Krueger, Ideal & others.

kb10bashful1937.jpg (54846 bytes)

Bashful doll, 9"

kb_doc9dwarf1937.jpg (36870 bytes)

Doc doll, 9"

kb_dopey9.jpg (107580 bytes)

Dopey doll, 9"

kb_happy9dwarf.jpg (39800 bytes)

Happy doll, 9"

kb_sleepy9dwarf.jpg (33308 bytes)

Sleepy doll, 9"

kb10sneezy1937.jpg (11600 bytes)

1937 Sneezy doll, 9"


kb_grumpy9_1937.jpg (52250 bytes)

Grumpy doll, 9"


1938-1940 Knickerbocker Blondie doll 11", Dagwood 13" and son Alexander or Baby Dumpling 9", all composition and fully jointed.  Blondie has been found with either sleep eyes (possibly an Arranbee Debu'teen doll) or blue painted side glancing eyes (possibly made by Junel Novelty Company), both dolls were then dressed identical and sold by Knickerbocker, closed mouth, with blonde mohair wig, blue full skirt dress with floral print bodice, sheer white apron, red oil cloth shoes.  Blondie dressed dolls are unmarked.

Dagwood and Alexander dolls both have molded hair parted in the center and painted facial features; black oval eyes, big single stroke smiling mouth with prominent ears.  Dagwood and Alexander or Baby Dumpling are both marked Knickerbocker Toy. 

Dolls are based on the Blondie comic strip characters created by Murat Bernard "Chic" Young 1930-1973, still created today, now by Dennis LeBrun.

1938 Knickerbocker Blondie doll 11"

1938 Blondie doll 11"


1938 Knickerbocker Alexander or Baby Dumpling doll 9"

1938 Alexander doll or Baby Dumpling 9"

1938 Knickerbocker Sleeping Beauty doll, 15" tall, all composition with fully jointed body, blonde human hair wig, single stroke brows, green sleep eyes, real upper lashes, painted lower lashes, chin dimple, closed mouth, came dressed in a blue & gold velvet dress with slip, panties, socks  & shoes, doll marked Knickerbocker Toy Company New York.

Knickerbocker 1938 Sleeping Beauty doll 15"

1938 Sleeping Beauty doll, 15" 

ca. 1955 Knickerbocker Pouting Bear, 10" tall, brown plush stuffed body with brown & white striped cloth tummy, plastic pouting face with closed eyes.  Cute, too cute!

kb_pouting10bear1955a.jpg (35844 bytes)

ca. 1955 Pouting Bear, 10" 

ca. 1965 Knickerbocker Beloved Belindy, 18" tall, all cloth doll, Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann cloth dolls beloved Mammy.

kb_beloved18belindy1965.jpg (35279 bytes)

ca. 1965 Beloved Belindy doll, 18"

ca. 1970s Knickerbocker Holly Hobbie doll, 12" all cloth, yellow yarn hair, imprinted facial features blue eyes with smiling closed mouth wore a calico printed dress and matching bonnet, marked on clothing tag: Holly Hobbie Knickerbocker Toy Co. Inc.  (KTC marking).  Based on a character from the American Greetings Corporation.

Other dolls in this series are Amy, Carrie, Heather, & Robbie Hobbie. There were other sizes issued and a variety of other products as well.  Doll has been reissued recently.

kb_holly10hobbie1974do.jpg (64101 bytes)

ca. 1970s Holly Hobbie doll, 12"

1982 Knickerbocker Annie doll, Daddy Warbucks, Miss Hannigan & Punjab, 7" tall, vinyl heads with plastic body some have rooted hair or molded, are marked 1982 CPI Inc. 1981 CTNYNS Inc. 1982 Knickerbocker Toy Co. Inc. H-22.

kb_punjab7_1982.jpg (25284 bytes)

1982 Punjab doll, 7"

Additional Knickerbocker Dolls not shown

ca. 1930s Knickerbocker Katzenjammer Kids dolls, 13-16" tall, all cloth, painted hair, applied ears, glass stationary eyes, closed  mouth, unmarked except for a wrist tag: Katzenjammer Kids Fritz  Knickerbocker Toy, Co. Inc. New York Toy Co. Inc. New York Licensed by King Features Syndicate Inc.


ca. 1950s Knickerbocker Snow White's Dwarf dolls, 14" tall, all cloth body with hard plastic or heavy oil cloth mask face, fainted facial features, they are dressed similar to the earlier composition Dwarfs  but on these dolls, the clothing is part of the body, mohair wigs, hat with the character's name imprinted.   Dwarf's names are: Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy.  These Dwarf dolls are unmarked but had a wrist tag.


Ca. 1970s Knickerbocker Little Lulu doll, 18" tall.        


1977 Knickerbocker Little Orphan Annie doll, 16" doll and her dog Sandy.


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