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Shop for Mattel Upsy Downsy dolls


  Photo left to right:  pink bug car, 3829 green "this way, that way sign", 3829 Mother What Now, 3825 Tickle Pinkle doll

sitting on 3829 pink bus stop bench, blue/orange car, 3833 pink and orange flower stand, orange bug car.


Mattel's Happidiculous New World of Upsy & Downsy Dolls - One side's up the other side's down, dolls - There are four each Upsy and Downsy doll sets, they include; the doll, accessories, special vehicle, an accessory part that can connect to other parts of the play land territory and a play land board.  Two Wiz-z-zer toys with their "pals" play sets and vinyl cases.


Upsy Dolls 5" tall with pompon hair Identified

3825 Tickle Pinkle 1969

Pink pompon hair, silver dress, white net under skirt, yellow and orange mushroom gas pump with green detachable hose, green bridge, pink stop sign, pink bridge, Bugabout car and play land board.

3826 Pudgy Fudgy 1969

Orange pompon hair, green dress, orange bridge, green bus stop bench, pink bridge, Piggy Bus car and play land board.

3827 Flossy Glossy 1969

Tri-colored pink pompon hair, red vinyl short suit, red fire chief hat, blue "this way, that way" sign blue hydrant with yellow detachable hose, orange bridge, (Shown) Elewetter fire truck with two blue ladders, blue pail and play land board.


3828 Baby So High 1969

Blue pompon hair, pink diaper, green and orange windmill, Air Show billboard, green bridge, AeroZoomer plane and play land board.


Downsy Dolls 5" tall with yarn hair Identified

3829 Mother What Now 1969

Blue yarn hair, green "this way, that way" sign, pink bus stop sign, pink bridge, Go Getter car and play land board.

3830 Pocus Hocus 1969

Orange yarn hair, green hat and smock, pink bridge, orange  flower stand, double headed lime plastic Dragon Wagon car and play land board.

3831 Miss Information 1969

Pink yarn hair, orange and yellow dress, pink "this way, that way" sign, "Falls-Up" billboard, pink bridge, Miss Information booth, moose car and play land board.

3832 Downy Dilly 1969

Pink yarn hair, purple and yellow dress, dark orange bridge, green fence, orange bug street light, orange connector, footmobile car, and play land board.


Wiz-z-zer toys (two) & their pals

3837furry_hurry_wizzer.jpg (67205 bytes)

3837 Furry Hurry  - Wizzzer 1969


Red yarn hair, orange doll, often carries his pal Hithery Thithery with yellow pompon hair, blue doll.  

3838hairy_hurry_wizzer1.jpg (27623 bytes)

3838 Hairy Hurry - Wizzzer 1969


Pink yarn hair, blue doll, often carries his pal Skelter Helter (missing from photo) with purple yarn hair, green doll.



Upsy & Downsy Doll Play Sets


3833 Happy Go-Round 1969

Miniature yellow carousel base and stick, pink canopy, three bug cars, 2 dolls; Foozie Woozie doll; green pompon hair, black eyeglasses and a orange/yellow dress & Tingle Dingle doll; purple pompon hair with a bell attached, a blue dress with pink trim. Includes orange bug street light, 

orange fence, pink flower stand, green bridge and play land board.


3825 Tingle Dingle 1969

  3834 Funny Feeder 1969


Yellow Funny Feeder mouth that tosses Hamburgers placed in it's mouth when you touch a button. Short Order has yellow yarn hair, chefs hat, and apron; Gooey Chooey has red and white yarn hair and red and white striped dress.  Included are a green fence, pink and orange bug street light, orange bridge, purple serving tray with three plastic hamburgers, blue billboard and play land board.


Additional Upsy & Downsy Doll Items not shown


4967 Carry Play Case 1969 - Plastic case shaped like a Downsy with hands on the bottom and graphics of the characters.

4968 Country Play Case 1969 - Featuring Happidiculous Hill, opens into a 36"x 36" x7 1/2" play country.


All the Upsy Downsy play land boards match up with the case sides for even bigger fun!


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