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1939 Uneeda Rita Hayworth doll as Carmen, 14"

1939 Uneeda Rita Hayworth doll as Carmen, 14"

Uneeda Doll Company was founded 1917-1991 in Brooklyn, New York city USA.  Uneeda produced thousands of cloth, composition, hard plastic and vinyl dolls that were well made and reasonably priced.  In the 1930s Uneeda was advertising over 400 models from 14 to 28" tall.  Later Uneeda was known as the Tony Toy Company of Hong Kong.

Uneeda dolls are often unmarked or marked with Uneeda inside a diamond, U or UN or (later dolls) Tony Toy Co Hong Kong, in the marking.  Uneeda's slogan was:  A Uneeda Doll is a gift to be treasured.


1917-1961 Uneeda antique to vintage dolls identified

1927 Uneeda Charles Lindbergh doll, 14" tall, composition with cloth body, painted facial features, molded painted hair, wears a brown aviator uniform.

1927 Charles Lindbergh, 14"

1927 Charles Lindbergh doll, 14"

1936 Uneeda Sweetums doll, (five sizes) 11, 13, 15,  17 & 19" tall, drink wet baby doll, composition head and limbs, cloth stuffed body, sleep eyes, open smiling mouth, painted molded hair.  Some of these were sold with a full layette packed in a case.

1936 Ueeda Sweetums doll box

1936 Sweetums doll 11"

Uneeda 1939 Rita Hayworth, 14" face1939 Uneeda Rita Hayworth doll as Carmen, 14" tall, all composition fully jointed body, sleep eyes with very long lashes and smokey eye shadow, red mohair wig, fully jointed, all original and pristine (like all Flo's dolls).


Photo courtesy of Flozdolz

Uneeda 1939 Rita Hayworth, 14"

1939 Rita Hayworth doll as Carmen, 14"

ca. 1930s Uneeda Clown doll, 10 1/2" tall, all composition, painted eyes painted clown face.

ca. 1930s Clown doll, 10 1/2"

ca 1930s-1940s Uneeda Patsy doll type, 14" tall, all composition, jointed body, painted molded, painted eyes, closed painted mouth.  Doll is unmarked.

ca 1930s-1940s Uneeda Patsy doll type, 14"

uneeda14_walk_wave1940s_fa.jpg (14330 bytes)


ca. 1940s Uneeda Walk N Wave doll, 14" tall,  all composition, sleep eyes, wig, wearing a blue and white checkered dress with white inset bodice and red ribbon bow, doll is shown mint with her hang tag and original outfit marked on neck Uneeda.

uneeda14_walk_wave1940s_do.jpg (16581 bytes)

ca. 1940s Walk N Wave doll, 14"

Late 1940s to early 1950s Uneeda Needa Toodles doll or Uneeda Nedda Toddles doll, 22" tall, hard plastic head with saran wig, composition upper arms & legs, vinyl lower arms & legs, torso is weighted with a walking apparatus inside, sleep eyes, real upper lashes, open mouth with two upper teeth, shown in original sheer dress with bonnet, doll mark 20.

ca. 1940s-1950s Uneeda Needa Tooodles doll 22"

Late 1940s to early 1950s Needa Toodles doll, 22"

1950s Uneeda Dew Drop doll, 18", 22" painted hair or rooted, drink wet doll, soft flexible vinyl body, we think this doll has the same head mold as Baby Dollikin.

uneeda_dew_drop.jpg (10110 bytes)

1950s Dew Drop doll, 18"

1954 Baby Trix ad1954 Uneeda Baby Trix doll, 16" tall, came with rooted or molded hair, baby type drink and wet doll, Her original Ad reads: The beautiful "Live Action" doll that moves exactly like a honest-to-goodness real infant - without winding. 

Came with a suitcase with shoes, socks, sleeping gown, extra diapers, bottle with nipple, clothespins, monogrammed Kleenex and ivory soap.

uneeda_baby_trix.jpg (25172 bytes)

1954 Baby Trix doll, 16"


1957-1962 Uneeda Tiny Teen Girl Doll; Suzette doll, as referred to by collectors, 10 1/2" tall, Little Miss Revlon type dolls, she has rooted hair, sleep eyes, early dolls (1957- had twist waist, pierced ears with pearl earrings and painted finger nails), later ones (1959-1962 - did not have a twist waist, pierced ears or painted fingernails and may have a shorter neck) and all had high heeled feet.  Dolls came wearing a bra and panties with separate clothing available for purchase.  Marked on head: Uneeda or U.  1960s Blue Fairy doll - Suzette Tiny Teen page.


1962 Uneeda Tiny Teen Boy Doll;  Bob doll, 11" tall, he has molded hair, sleep eyes, and was Suzette's boyfriend. Both dolls had extensive wardrobes that could be purchased separately (which are shown on their separate pages).  Marked on head: Uneeda or U.  More details on See the Bob page


Uneeda Suzette & Bob 1957

Uneeda Tiny Teen;

Suzette doll, Bob doll 

1957-1962 Uneeda Suzette doll, this box says "Suzy's Teen-Age sister", sold only in W. T. Grant stores, 10 1/2" tall, doll out of box is identical to the above mentioned Tiny Teen Girl Doll.   See the Suzette Tiny Teen photo above right, came dressed in a bra and panties and some later dolls were dressed in  a leopard two piece swimsuit doll marked on head: Uneeda or U.


For more information see the Suzette Tiny Teen page.

grant_suzy_sister_box.jpg (13805 bytes)uneeda_bob115_tiny_teen_bx.jpg (7412 bytes)

1957-1962 Suzette & Bob dolls

boxes by W. T. Grant exclusive's

1958-1959 Uneeda Baby Dollikin doll, 21" tall, drink and wet doll, that has jointed wristsd, elbows and knees, sleep eyes, heavy all plastic body with a vinyl head, short rooted hair in various colors. Pristine doll shown in original clothing.

Photo courtesy of Patkan.

uneeda_baby_dollikin_patkan.jpg (26701 bytes)

1958 Baby Dollikin doll, 21"


1958-1962 Uneeda Miss Dollikin doll or Uneeda Miss Twist doll, 19 - 21" tall, these have the most joints of any doll, (16 body joints); neck, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles. vinyl head with rooted hair in variety of colors & styles, sleep eyes, real lashes, closed bow mouth, marked Uneeda 25 or Uneeda 2S on head,


See the Dollikin page for more photo's, details & a smaller The Squirt Dollikin.


1970s Uneeda Dollikin doll, 8, 11 1/2" tall.  The last 6 1/2" tall doll is called the Triki Miki doll.  See the link at right for more photo's and details on these dolls.


1958 Dollikin doll, 19"


1958-1960s Uneeda High Heel Fashion doll, 17-20", hard plastic jointed (six joints) body, jointed at the neck, shoulder, waist & hips, vinyl head with rooted hair in various colors & styles, sleep eyes, real eyelashes, painted bow mouth, high heel feet, came dressed in various outfits from the current era, brides, day wear, casual & formal gowns.  Uses the same head mold as above Dollikin, marked Uneeda 25 or Uneeda 2S - but this doll is NOT a Dollikin.


Dollikin collectors like to buy these dolls as replacement heads, sellers do try to sell these dolls as a Dollikin doll, but they are not.


1958-1960s High Heel Fashion doll 19" six body joints

1958 Uneeda Pri-Thilla doll, 12" tall, baby type doll, all vinyl, rooted hair, sleep eyes, open mouth, can suck her thumb and blow up balloons, doll mark 4 on head.

1958 Uneeda Pri-Thilla doll

1958 Pri-Thilla doll, 12"

1959 Uneeda Wiggles doll, 19" tall, open mouth, rooted hair, vinyl head and body, squeeze with cry box. Unsure if doll shown is in original clothing or not.

wiggles19uneeda1959.jpg (12963 bytes)

1959 Wiggles doll, 19"

1960 Uneeda Pollyanna doll, (Haley Mills) 11", 17", or 31" tall, the largest is Playpal type, toddler type doll, came in a red and white checked gingham dress. The 31" doll is marked on neck: Walt Disney Prods. Mfd.  by Uneeda.

uneeda_pollyanna30.jpg (20477 bytes)

1960 Pollyanna doll, 31"

1960s Uneeda Suzette doll, 11 1/2" tall, Fashion Model Doll, Lilli clone, bubble cut rooted hair style, painted face with arched eyebrows, high heel feet. Is not marked 1962 like the doll below, wears a blue or other color knit helenca swimsuit just like the Barbie dolls during this era. Probably marked with a U on the back of her neck.

1960's Suzette by Uneeda

1960s Suzette doll, 11 1/2"

1960s Uneeda Wendy doll, 11 1/2" tall, a Bild Lilli look a like, Barbie competitor, these will be marked with a U on the head, but note this is a standard stock head, so many dolls not made by Uneeda, will also have that mark. Came in several different hair colors.

Wendy 1960's by Uneeda

1960s Wendy doll, 11 1/2"

1960s Uneeda Janie doll, 8" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, hard plastic jointed body, walking doll, sleep eyes, closed mouth.  Kellogg's had a mail-in offer to obtain a bride gown for her. I believe she could be in her original clothes but can't be sure, and she was also sol wearing Girl Scout & Brownie outfits. Usually marked with a U on her neck.


1960s Janie doll, 8"

1960s Uneeda Toodles doll, 21" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, hard plastic jointed walker body, sleep eyes with real lashes, tiny painted lower lashes, wide open mouth two upper teeth, wore a corduroy coat with flower corsage and hat, marked on head: Uneeda.  Doll shown has been re-dressed.

uneeda_toodles21.jpg (9319 bytes)

1960s Toodles doll, 21"

1960s Uneeda Magic Meg doll, 16" tall, vinyl head with rooted grow type hair, hard plastic jointed body, sleep eyes with real upper lashes, closed mouth. 


Also 16" tall, Miss Deb doll, a Grants Department Store Exclusive, grow hair doll, must be very similar to Meg.

magic_meg16uneeda1.jpg (14881 bytes)

1960s Magic Meg doll, 16"

1960s-1970s Uneeda Poni doll, 19" tall, #62025, vinyl head with rooted hair, vinyl body jointed at shoulders, hips, black doll, sleep eyes, real upper lashes, closed mouth.

poni19uneeda1970s2.jpg (10737 bytes)

1960 Poni doll, 19"


1961 Uneeda Annette Funicello doll, 21" tall, Annette was one of the Mouseketeer's on "The Mickey Mouse Club" TV show in the 1950s, she also starred in many movies most of which were "beach" movies with Frankie Avalon.  The vintage Annette Funicello doll made by the Uneeda Doll Company is 21 inches tall, is a vinyl doll with long dark curled hair, with bangs, brown sleep eyes, and is wearing a white under dress with a red and white print pinafore, and black high heeled shoes.  Doll is marked 1961.


Ashton-Drake Galleries made a porcelain Mouseketeer doll of Annette

Photo courtesy of Sherry Rooks

1961 Annette Funicello, 21"

1961 Annette Funicello doll, 21"

1961 Uneeda Magic Fairy Princess doll or Uneeda Debteen doll, 18" or 32" tall, vinyl head with pink rooted hair, hard plastic jointed body including knees, sleep eyes, real upper lashes, closed mouth, wore a white satin & tulle fairy costume with plastic wings and silver toe shoes, marked: 210 on body.

uneeda_magic_fairy_prin18.jpg (7765 bytes)uneeda7111debuteen50s.jpg (17618 bytes)

1961 Magic Fairy Princess doll, 18"

1961 Uneeda Purty doll, 15" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, open mouth with hole, hard plastic jointed body.   When you press her tummy, her face changes expression.

1961 Uneeda Purty doll, 15"

1961 Purty doll, 15"


1961 Uneeda Toyland Fairy Princess doll, 32" tall, Playpal type, character from the movie "Babes in Toyland", doll has same body as the Pollyanna doll, vinyl head with pink rooted hair, hard plastic jointed child body, sleep eyes with real upper lashes, closed smiling mouth, came dressed in a tulle tutu, leotards, crown and ballet shoes, marked: Uneeda Doll Co 27.


This doll also came in other hair colors and as a black doll,  same head mold and body, one of the markings could be: Uneeda Doll Co 3 4.


1961 Toyland Fairy Princess doll, 32"


1961 Uneeda Wee Three Mommy dolls,  19", 8", and 2" consists of three dolls; Mother, daughter; both dressed in red and a baby brother in a bunting type flannel wrap.  Vinyl heads with rooted hair on the mother & daughter, baby has molded hair, sleep eyes on the two larger dolls, painted eyes on the baby.  Mommy is the same size and is the same doll as the S2 marked dolls without the extra Dollikin's joints, dolls seem to be found with platinum rooted hair and may have twist and turn waists.


uneeda_wee_three1961.jpg (22183 bytes)

1961 Wee Three Mommy dolls

1961 Uneeda Yummy doll, 11" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, vinyl jointed body, sleep eyes, open mouth, when you press her tummy she chews.

uneeda_yummy1961.jpg (41887 bytes)

1961 Yummy doll, 11" 

Additional Uneeda Dolls Not Shown

ca. 1940s Uneeda Baby Sweetheart doll, 17" tall, all composition with joints at neck, shoulder & hips, molded hair, sleep eyes, open mouth with two upper teeth & a metal tongue, doll is unmarked.  Hangtag reads: Everybody loves baby sweetheart, Produced by Uneeda Doll Co.


1960s Uneeda Glamour Lady Bride doll, 20" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, hard plastic jointed walker body, sleep eyes, real upper lashes, tiny painted lower lashes, closed mouth, dressed in a Brides outfit, marked: 3 (inside a circle) Uneeda


1960s Uneeda Country Girl doll, 22" tall, vinyl head with rooted hair, hard plastic jointed walker body,  sleep eyes, real upper lashes, tiny painted lower lashes, closed mouth, wore a yellow and white polka dot dress and hat, marked Uneeda on head.


Additional Uneeda Doll Names, Dates, Details Unknown

Adorable Cindy doll

Baby Sweetie Pie doll

Baby Weepsy Wee Walker doll

Balletina doll

Bathtub Baby doll

Cuddly Baby doll

Debteen doll

Debteen Toddler doll

Dolly Dress Ups doll

Dolly Pep doll

Elfry doll

Girl from U.N.E.E.D.A. doll

Golden Anniversary Doll

Infant Jumper doll

Lovable Lynn doll

Magic Bottle Baby doll

Miss Debteen doll

Miss Ducky Deluxe doll

Miss Modern doll

Moonmaid doll

Piddles doll

Pillow Baby doll

Pokey doll

Pollyana Star doll

Posey Elfy doll

Pretty Portrait doll

Princess Bride doll

Sally doll

Secret Sue doll

Tiny Toddles doll

Tiny Trix doll

Twins dolls

1960s Vermont Maid Syrup doll

Weepsy Wiggle doll

Years Ago doll

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