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Uneeda 1958 Dollikin, 19" tall,

1958 Uneeda Dollikin doll 19" tall

Uneeda Doll Company Inc. made the Dollikin dolls from 1958-1980s.  Dollikin's began as 19-20" fashion dolls - the world's most posable doll.  Marked UNEEDA 2S (sometimes mis-read as Uneeda 25 or Uneeda 28), they had rooted hair in various colors and several styles, sleep eyes and most amazing - sixteen joints to pose her, just like a human (well a young one at least).  The doll had a wardrobe as usual, that resembled the current fashions. 


Note; There are Uneeda 2S marked dolls that used the same dollikin heads, but do not have the sixteen multi-joints, just (six) the neck, shoulder, waist and hip joints.  These dolls are "dollikin like", high heel fashion dolls, but do not command a price anywhere near that of the true multi-jointed Dollikin dolls. 


1958-1980s Uneeda Dollikin dolls identified


1958-1962 Uneeda Dollikin doll, 19-20" tall,  hard plastic body, vinyl head with rooted hair, bubble cut hair style; brunette, red or blonde, ponytail, some with a widows peak, some in an up do bun that when let down is long and curly hair, short pageboy with bangs, sleep eyes in several different colors, usually in blue, real upper lashes, ballerina's often have additional heavier painted outer lower lashes, slim lady body with high heel feet, 16 joints - neck, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles. Some of the outfits were Lotus Blossom; a white satin pants outfit with fan print tunic, oriental outfit, green or red plaid pants outfit or black velvet toreador pants and white blouse, several different ballerina tutu's, a few formals have been found, a Bride dress and a two piece skirt suit, but their could be others too.   Doll marked UNEEDA 2S on head.


dollikin_platinum_uneeda20f.jpg (10282 bytes)

Dollikin - Platinum Page

boy hair style

dolikin_s2_ballerina_uneeda.jpg (19462 bytes)

1961 Dollikin - ballerina with black widows peak hair

uneeda-ballerina-floral-widow.jpg (15123 bytes)

1961 Dollikin - Ballerina with Black widows peak hair

Uneeda 1958 Dollikin dopll, 20" tall - black ponytail hair with black velvet toreador pants outfit

Dollikin - Black ponytail hair with black velvet toreador pants outfit

Dollikin - Lotus Blossom outfit

dollikin_widow2oriental_un1.jpg (18070 bytes)

Dollikin with widow peak in oriental outfit

1958-1962 Dollikin doll body, 19-20"

1958-1962 Dollikin doll body, 19-20"



uneeda_mommykin19bx1.jpg (24403 bytes)1958-1962 Uneeda Mommy Dollikin and Baby dolls, 19-20" tall, baby is a few inches tall, like the above Dollikin doll with the multiple (16) joints and also featured a small baby doll that has just the normal joints, both dolls came in matching outfits of a print jumpsuit. This doll is almost always found with the bubblecut hair style.   The Mommy doll is marked UNEEDA 2S



ca. 1958 Mommy Dollikin and Baby dolls


ca. 1958 Uneeda The Squirt Dollikin doll, 14-15" tall, she is called The Squirt by doll collectors, like the larger 20" size Dollikin she also has 16 joints; at the neck, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles

The Squirt Dollikin doll is quite rare, she appears to be a 1958 Montgomery Ward exclusive, she came dressed as the 20" doll shown above who is possibly also a Wards exclusive doll and outfit; in a white long sleeve blouse with a ruffled jabot and rhinestone accent, a ruffle at sleeve ends, red grosgrain ribbon necktie and hair bow, black velvet toreador pants with a back donut snap waist closure and ankle slits, drop pearl earrings, black elastic strap - plastic open toe high heel shoes. 

We have found at least three dolls all with rooted ponytail hair styles in brunette or blonde color, but there may have been other colors or hairstyles as well, doll marked on back of neck Uneeda.


ca. 1958 "The Squirt" Dollikin doll with 16 joints, 14-15" tall

ca. 1958 "The Squirt" Dollikin doll with 16 joints, 14-15" tall


1958-1959 Uneeda Baby Dollikin doll, 22" tall, hard plastic body, vinyl head with rooted hair in various colors, also has a multi jointed body. Unsure if doll shown is in original clothing.

baby22dollikin_uneeda.jpg (9210 bytes)

1958-1959 Baby Dollikin, 22"


1962 Uneeda Miss Twist doll, 19-20" tall, variation of the Dollikin same doll and markings, 16 joints - neck, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles.  Had short rooted hair with bangs like the Mommy doll and wore a short sleeveless white flapper dress with fringe.  Doll marked UNEEDA 2S.

1962 Miss Twist doll, 19"


1969-1970s Uneeda Dollikin doll, 11 1/2" tall, was marketed as either a Fashion Dollikin or Action Dollikin.  This was obviously meant to compete with (Barbie, Tammy, Tressy, etc.) other 11 1/2" doll market.  Came as a dressed doll with rooted hair, painted eyes and lashes and 14 joints to pose her, other fashions available were of the current style. Marked; Dollikin US Pat 3010253 Other US & For Pat Pend, Uneeda Doll Co Inc, MCMLXIX Made In Hong Hong.


These dolls are easily found and have little value compared to their larger and earlier counterpart.


1969 Action Dollikin doll, 11 1/2"

1969 Action Dollikin, 11 1/2"


1980s Little Miss Dollikin, 6 1/2" tall, Fashion Doll with 10 movable joints! - and is a dressed doll, usually in a jumpsuit of some sort, or two piece pant suit; shirt and pants. This doll was also sold as Triki Miki a Woolworth exclusive.

1980s Little Miss Dollikin,

6 1/2"

Other 19-20" Dollikin doll like competitors are: Valentine's Manikin - Mannikin doll, with fourteen joints and

Belle Doll & Toy Corp., Twixie the Twisting Pixie doll who has twelve joints.

related  Uneeda Dolls 1917-1961 | 1962-1979 | Tiny Teen Suzette & Bob |  Tiny Time Teen


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