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Nancy Ann Storybook 1938 Colonial Dame doll

The abbreviation NASB is used for Nancy Ann Story Book Doll Company small all bisque dolls.  Nancy Ann operated from 1936 until 1971 and was founded by Nancy Ann Abbott in San Francisco, California.  The first small dolls were made of all bisque, later dolls are made of hard plastic. 

The abbreviation NASS refers to Nancy Ann Style Show hard plastic fashion dolls with flat feet and dressed in beautiful gowns.

Nancy Ann dolls are of good quality and are very collectable today.


Other Storybook like doll competitors

Daisy Dolls 8" all bisque black or white storybook like dolls marked DAISY DOLLS

Kerr & Hinz doll mark K & H U.S.A.

Kerr & Hinz Tile Company, 8" all bisque storybook like dolls marked K & H USA


NASB Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls Identified

1936-1942 NASB Bisque Baby doll, 5 1/2" tall, these Baby dolls are the earliest of the Nancy Ann dolls, all painted bisque, jointed at the neck, arms and hips with painted facial features and closed mouth, doll marked Made in Japan 87 or 88 Made in Japan.

na_baby5pudgy.jpg (5442 bytes)

1936-1942 NASB Baby doll, 5 1/2"


nancy_oriental5_1938fa.jpg (7209 bytes)
1938 NASB Around the World Series doll, Oriental Doll,
5 1/2" tall, all bisque with jointed arms & legs and if they had a wig it would have been made of mohair, painted facial features wearing an oriental outfit of a jacket, pants & painted black slippers, doll marked Made in Japan 1148.

Collectors often use the abbreviation - NASB - for Nancy Ann Story Book dolls.


nancy_oriental5_1938do.jpg (16489 bytes)

1938 NASB Oriental Doll, 5 1/2"


1936-1947 NASB Bridal doll Series; #86 Bride, 5 1/2" tall, all bisque, jointed at the arms and legs, painted facial features, mohair wig, dressed as a beautiful bride #86 with painted silver shoes as shown below. 


Photo's courtesy of Wolvercote


nasb_bride5wolvercote.jpg (19154 bytes)

1936-1947 NASB Bride doll, 5 1/2"

1936-1947 NASB Queen of Hearts doll, 5 1/2" tall, all bisque one piece body with frozen legs & painted facial features, jointed at arms, blonde mohair wig, dressed in the #157 Queen of Hearts outfit a red taffeta dress with organdy apron & eyelet trim, has a red felt heart on apron, white pantaloons, matching red felt hat, black painted on strapless slippers.

nasb_queen_hearts.jpg (10856 bytes)

1936-1947 NASB

157 Queen of Hearts doll 5 1/2"


1947-1953 NASB Topsy doll, 5 1/2" tall, black doll, one piece painted plastic body with frozen plastic legs, painted eyes, mohair wig, originally had a gold wrist tag with dolls name, came in a white box with colored dots and the Nancy Storybook Dolls printed on cover.  Doll marked Story Book Doll USA

Eva is the white dolls name.

Nancy Ann "Storybook Dolls" - Topsy

1947-1953 NASB Topsy doll, 5 1/2"


1953-1956 Nancy Ann Muffie doll, 8" tall, all hard plastic jointed body,  wigged, sleep eyes with painted upper lashes and closed mouth, straight leg walker (SLW) or bent knee walker (BKW).  A competitor of the Vogue Ginny dolls.

More Muffie doll photos, descriptions & marks.


Photo courtesy of Linda

na_muffie_slw1954linda.jpg (25503 bytes)

1954 Muffie doll, 8" tall, straight Leg walker SLW, no eyebrows.

nancy_debbie105a.jpg (18326 bytes)

1955-1957 Debbie doll 10 1/2", wearing a red ensemble coat beret and red and white dress




nancy_debbie105.jpg (10289 bytes)


1955 Debbie doll 10-10 1/2" tall, straight leg walker (SLW), wearing a blue and pink edged robe, boxed.  This early doll is unmarked


1955 Debbie doll 10-10 1/2" tall, bent knee walker (BKW), wearing a cotton stripe dress that matches Muffies, this later issue doll is marked: Nancy Ann

Photo courtesy of Kaylee's Korner 

na_debbie_valentine1955slw.jpg (14768 bytes)





1955 Nancy Ann Debbie doll, 10-10 1/2" tall, straight leg walker (SLW), wearing matching (to Muffie) Valentine outfit.  Early doll is unmarked.

na_debbie_gay_cotton1957bkw.jpg (16770 bytes)

1957 Debbie doll, 10-10 1/2" tall, bent knee walker (BKW), wearing a gay cotton print outfit, this later issue doll is marked Nancy Ann

1957-1958 Nancy Ann Lori Ann doll, 7 1/2" tall, all vinyl with sleep eyes and rooted hair, jointed body with straight legs.

na_lori8ann1958.jpg (19266 bytes)

1958 Lori Ann doll, 7 1/2"

nancy18ann_style1903fa.jpg (19366 bytes)1950s Nancy Ann Style Show doll

17-18" tall, hard plastic, glued on saran wig, sleep eyes, flat feet, some may be walkers, had elaborate gowns as shown in the photo's.  Collector's often refer to this doll by the initials NASS

doll mark 17B, 18B or unmarked.

nancy18ann_style1903do.jpg (24701 bytes)

na_styleshow_tulle.jpg (14515 bytes)

1950s Nancy Ann Style Show doll, 18" in # 2401 Moonlight Mist

1959 Nancy Ann Miss Nancy Ann doll or Little Margie Ann doll, 10" tall, teenage fashion doll, (competed with the Revlon dolls) vinyl  head with plastic body, twist waist, sleep eyes with real lashes, rooted hair, pierced ears with pearl earrings, high heel feet, doll usually marked Nancy Ann.

nancy105ann300stripe.jpg (16941 bytes)

1959 Miss Nancy Ann doll, 10" 

1968-1971 Nancy Ann Muffie doll, 8" was reissued as a straight leg walker, with molded lashes and glued on wig, Twelve dolls in this series, but only two were issued before the series was discontinued called: Muffie Around the World.

na_muffie8russia1968.jpg (22468 bytes) 

1968 Muffie doll, 8" 

 Around the World Russia doll


Additional Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls not shown

1959 Nancy Ann Little Miss Nancy Ann doll, 9" tall, hard plastic with saran wig or hard plastic with a vinyl head and rooted hair, jointed body, sleep eyes, high heeled fashion doll marked  Nancy Ann.


1973+ Nancy Ann Aline doll, 11 1/2" tall, a Barbie like clone or competitor, doll marked Made in Hong Kong and her smaller sister is Missy doll.


Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Resources:

Encyclopedia of Bisque Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls 1939-1947 books, vol. I in 2003,  vol. II in 2009 by Elaine Pardee and Jackie Robertson, Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls book in 1990 by Majorie A. Miller and online.

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