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Shop fo Atlas antique dolls

Shop for Atlas antique dolls

ca. 1921 Atlas Doll & Toy Company Metal Head doll, 12" tall

ca. 1921 Atlas Doll & Toy Metal Head doll,


Atlas Doll & Toy Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois with a factory in Baltimore, Maryland


They made lots of all metal dolls, also dolls with metal shoulder heads with stationary glass eyes, sleep eyes or painted eyes, molded painted or molded unpainted hair, some dolls were wigged, with metal jointed arms on cork stuffed cloth bodies.


 PS:  If asked to identify an unmarked metal head doll, we'd start with Atlas Doll & Toy Company dolls.




ca. 1921 Atlas Doll & Toy Metal head doll, 12" tall, metal shoulder head, the head is unpainted or "raw" except for the painted eyes, lightly molded unpainted hair, cloth stuffed body, stitched hips, cloth legs, movable metal arms, doll is unmarked.


Photos courtesy of Brenda M.


It appears most of Atlas Doll & Toy metal head dolls are unmarked or marked on the body as shown below.


Atlas Doll & Toy Co. doll mark DEC 25 - 1920

Atlas Doll & Toy doll mark DEC 25 - 1920

 1921 Atlas Doll & Toy Company Metal head doll body

 ca. 1921 Atlas Metal head doll body

Atlas Doll & Toy Co. doll mark ADTCo

Atlas Doll & Toy Company some composition dolls marked ADTCo


1921-1922 Atlas Doll & Toy Company Toddles doll, 11" tall all composition bent limb baby.

1921-1922 Atlas Doll & Toy Company Toddles doll, 11"

1921-1922 Atlas Doll & Toy Toddles doll  is 11" tall, all composition head with lightly painted molded hair, tin blue sleep eyes, painted upper and lower eyelashes, a closed painted mouth, slightly rosy cheeks on a composition five piece bent limb baby body, doll mark shown below, Toddles.


Atlas Doll & Toy Company doll mark Toddles

Atlas Doll & Toy doll mark Toddles


1928 Atlas Doll & Toy Dolly Jump Rope doll, 13" tall,  composition shoulder head with molded painted blonde hair, blue painted eyes, open/closed mouth with four white painted teeth, metal arms attached to the jump metal rope, cloth body and legs, jointed at the shoulders and hips, came in her own wheeled metal cart with attached push handle, when arms are turned appears as though the doll is jumping the rope, doll marked Century Doll Co on shoulder plate.




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