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Liddle Kiddles Holiday Dolls 1968-1969 - Holiday Kiddle - five dolls total in the series; 

Funny Bunnies (3) are marked Mattel Inc. Hong Kong or Taiwan on their backs, display cards are marked 1967. 

All the Holiday dolls have a vinyl face, soft body with a safety pin on back, so doll can be worn or a loop to hang as

an ornament on a Christmas tree; Santa for Christmas, Luvy Duvvy for Valentine's day.

3532 Funny Bunny Pink

3532 Funny Bunny Kiddle

3 3/4" tall, came in pink, yellow

or blue fuzzy bunny suit.


3595 Santa Kiddle

3595 Santa Kiddle 1969

3" tall, marked Mattel Inc. Hong Hong or Taiwan, card is marked 1968, has a loop to hang on a tree.

3596 Luvy Duvvy

3596 Luvy Duvvy Kiddle 1969

2 1/2" tall, marked Mattel Inc. Hong Kong or Taiwan, card is marked 1968, has safety pin on back.



Liddle Kiddles Kola Dolls 1968-1969

The Mattel Kola Liddle Kiddle dolls are 2" tall and the bottles are 5" tall. There are six dolls in this series.

3728laffy-moc.jpg (19496 bytes)

3728 Laffy Lemon


Lemon blonde hair, painted eyes and mouth, dressed in lemon yellow outfit and hat, painted shoes, bottle has yellow base and cap.

3727 Shirley Strawberry


Red rooted short hair with bangs, blue painted eyes, closed smiling mouth, dressed in a red and lime green outfit and hat with strawberry attached.  Bottle has a red base and cap.

3729 Greta Grape

Lavender rooted long hair with bangs, purple outfit, hat with attached grapes, painted shoes, purple base and cap.

olivia_bubblecut.jpg (29415 bytes)

3730 Olivia Orange


Olivia Orange on left is the normally found doll with curly short orange hair, orange outfit and hat, painted shoes.

Olivia Orange on right is rare as she has a Bubble-cut hair-do.


Photo courtesy Robin Englehart of

3731 Kleo Kola

Rusty brown rooted hair in a up-do with bangs, brown painted eyes, closed mouth, brown outfit and gold hair braid tie, brown painted shoes.  Brown cola colored base and cap.

3732 Luscious Lime

Lime green rooted long straight hair, blue painted eyes, closed smiling mouth, wears a lime green outfit with lime green and mustard hat with a lime attached, and painted pink shoes. Lime green base and cap.




Liddle Kiddles Kologne Dolls 1968-1970

There are nine Kologne Kiddle dolls in this series - 2" tall, bottle is 4 1/2" tall, they were made from

1968 to 1970.  Liddle Liddle dolls and bottles are marked Mattel Inc. Hong Kong or Taiwan.

3702 Rosebud (1968-1969)


Red hair, clear & pink bottle, hot pink cap & base.

3703 Violet (1968-1970)


Lavender hair, clear & purple bottle, green cap & base.

3704 Honeysuckle (1968-1969)


Yellow hair, clear & yellow bottle, blue cap & base

3705 Sweet pea (1968-1970)


Yellow hair, clear & pink bottle, yellow cap & base. 

3706 Lily (1968-1970)

White hair, clear & blue bottle, reddish-pink cap & base.

3707 Apple Blossom (1968-1969)  


Green or yellow hair, clear & green bottle,  cap & base.

3708 Bluebell  (1969-1970)


Blue hair, clear & blue bottle, hot pink cap & base. 

3709 Gardenia (1969-1970)


White hair, clear & green bottle, orange cap & base. 

3710 Orange Blossom (1969-1970)


Orange hair, clear & yellow bottle, blue cap & base


Liddle Kiddles Kologne Gift Sets:

3708 Sweet Three Boutique 1967:  A) Violet, Sweet Pea & Lily of the Valley Kologne's.  B) Rosebud, Honeysuckle, Apple Blossom Kologne's.


3716 Sweet Three Boutique 1967:   A) Orange Blossom, Lilly of the Valley & Gardenia Kologne's.  B) Bluebell, Sweet Pea, Gardenia Kologne's.       *Tyco made a Kologne type doll sold in the 1990's



Liddle Kiddles Mini Pop-Up Dolls 1968

The Mini Pop-Up dolls are the same as the jewelry Kiddles only packaged differently and are all only 7/8" tall. 

Each of the three dolls came in her pop-up book, when opened, up popped a castle, gingerbread house or a beach

scene with a soda cabaña.  These are a bit more rare as they were only produced in 1968,

whereas the below shown Jewelry Kiddles were marketed 1968-1970.

Photo N/A



3776 Fairytale Castle with Princess 1968


She has green hair and blue eyes, wears a deep pink flocked dress with gold braid trim.  Doll is the same as the 3744 Jewelry, Flower Ring.

3777 Gingerbread House with Gretal 1968


Gretal has blond hair in two long pipe curls, blue eyes, wears an orange vinyl dress trimmed with gold ribbon or glitter, same doll as the 3744 Jewelry, Heart Ring. 

3778 Soda Parlor with Kutie 1968

Kutie has hot pink or light pink hair, blue eyes, wears a pink ruffled dress of satin, she is the same doll as the 3747 Jewelry Flower bracelet.


3778 Soda Parlor, shown with book opened, the doll is shown in her clear bubble on the lower right.




Liddle Kiddles Flower and Heart Jewelry Dolls 1968-1970

The Jewelry Kiddle's are the tiniest of all, a mere 7/8" - 1 1/16" tall, they came in a plastic jeweled case as a

heart or flower; pin-on brooch, ring or chain bracelet.  Each doll was uniquely made with a particular hair color,

costume and jewel case.  "Real Jewelry, Real Dolls" the packaging exclaimed, these could be worn by pinning it on,

the ring of course goes on a child's finger or a chain bracelet for their wrist. What could be more delightful for a child

to be decorated by their favorite thing "dolls" so now they can change costumes, comb their hair, wear them and take

the dolls anywhere.


Liddle Kiddles Flower Jewelry Dolls

3741 Flower Pin 1968-70




MOC 3741 Flower Pin 1968-1970 on original card. See close-up of doll on right.


Photo courtesy Robin Englehart of

3741 Flower Pin doll 1968-70





Close-up 3741 Flower Pin doll 1968-1970


In orange, yellow, green and pink hat.

3744 Flower Ring 1968-70







3744 Flower Ring 1968-1970

in green and red.

3747 Flower Bracelet 1968-70




3747 Flower Bracelet 1968-1970

This one is also found with light pink hair color, shown is with hot pink hair.


Liddle Kiddles Heart Jewelry Dolls

3741 Heart Pin 1968-70

3741 Heart Pin 1968-1970

3744 Heart Ring 1968-70

3744 Heart Ring 1968-1970

3747 Heart Bracelet 1968-70

3747 Heart Bracelet 1968-1970


related First Liddle Kiddles 1 - 24    Storybook Kiddles    Lucky Locket, Skediddlers   

Kars, Zoolery, Animiddles, Kozmic, Sweet Treat    Tea Party, Little Baby Dolls, Play House Dolls

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