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Liddle Kiddles Dolls 1967-1970

Mattel 1960s 1970s   Barbie Dolls

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Lucky Locket Kiddles Dolls 1967-1969 - Mattel Lucky Lockets dolls are  2" tall - there is a lot of variation in the

lockets due to the length of production.  They came on either a gold-tone chain or cord and there are 13 total to this

series (Lois was repeated in both the Gold and Pastel series). Dolls are marked Mattel Inc. Hong Kong or Taiwan

and have MI on the back of their head. 

These came in three series:  1967 Gold Lockets, 1968 Pastel Lockets, & 1969 Gold Rush Lockets.


Gold Lockets (seven dolls) 1967


3535 Lorna Gold Locket

3535 Lorna Locket

3536 Lola Gold Locket

3536 Lola Locket

3537 Lou Gold Locket

3537 Lou Locket

3538 Liz Gold Locket

3538 Liz Locket

3539 Larky Gold Locket

3539 Larky Locket

3540 Liliac Gold Locket

3540 Lilac Locket

3541 Lois Gold Locket

3541 Lois Locket

the only black doll

Lois is the only doll from this series that is repeated in the Pastel series, too.


Pastel Lockets (seven dolls) 1968


3717 Lorelei Pastel Locket

3717 Lorelei Locket

3718 Laverne Pastel Locket

3718 Laverne  Locket

3719 Lottie Pastel Locket

3719 Lottie Locket

3720 Luana Pastel Locket

3720 Luana Locket

3721 Louise Pastel Locket

3721 Louise Locket 

3722 Loretta Pastel Locket

3722 Loretta Locket

3723 Lois Pastel Locket

3723 Lois Locket

Pastel green locket, orange jewels & door



Lois 3723 with a Pastel Locket is the same as the Lois Gold Locket, the only one that was repeated in both series.


Gold Rush Lockets (six dolls) 1969 - These lockets all had bright gold frames & different jewels from the pastels, 

but the dolls & the locket back were similar to the same named doll in the Pastel series above. 

  (Sorry no photo's available, see above Pastel locket dolls.)

3677 Lorelei, 3678 Laverne, 3679 Lottie, 3680 Luana,

3681 Louise, 3682 Loretta - Gold Rush Lockets


"Lucky" Lockets were reissued in 1976-1978: Same names (six dolls, 2 series) and stock numbers as the 1969 dolls, 

but the "Kiddle" name is not on the packaging.  Dolls are a harder vinyl and not as finely detailed, panties are painted on. 

Doll marks are C. Mi on the back of the head, & Mattel Inc. on the back of doll.

Series 1 -3717-3722 have hats, bows and painted on shoes & colored jewels on the lockets. 1976

Series 2 - 1717-1722 no hat, bows or painted on shoes & the jewels are clear. 1977?



Skediddlers Dolls 1968-1970

Mattel Liddle Kiddles Skediddles or Walker dolls with their plastic walking

 attachment, fourteen dolls in this series.  Plus the Disney characters.

3671 Tessie Tractor (1967)

3671 Tessie Tractor Skediddler

3671 Tessie's Tractor & walker

3671 Tessie's Tractor & walker

3672 Fritzi Frosty Wagon

3672 Fritzi Frosty Wagon Skediddler

3673 Heather Hiddlehorse

3673 Heather Hiddlehorse Skediddler

3771/3674 Lickety Spiddle

3674 Lickety Spliddle 

New Traveliddles Skediddler

3765 Shelia Skediddler

 3765 Shelia Skediddler

3766 Shirley Skediddler

3766 Shirley Skediddler 

3767 Suki Skediddler

3767 Suki Skediddler

3788 Rah-Rah Skediddle

3788 Rah-Rah Skediddler

3789 Swingy Skediddle

3789 Swingy Skediddler

3790 Cherry Skediddle

3790 Cherry Blossom Skediddler

3768 Harriet Helididdle

3768 Harriet Helididdle Skediddler


3769 Tracey Trikediddle

3769 Tracy Trikediddle

3770 Annabelle Autodiddle

3770 Annabelle Autodiddle

Photo N/A


3771 Lickety Spliddle Traveliddles Skediddler


Has a trike, wagon, helicopter and a car.


- - -
Goofy Skediddler

Walt Disney's Goofy Skediddler by Mattel



Other Skediddler's not shown are: 


Walt Disney characters:  Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and  Donald Duck, Goofy and Mickey Mouse Skediddlers.  Peanut cartoon characters: Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and Snoopy Skediddlers. 


related   First Liddle Kiddles 1 - 24    Storybook    Holiday, Kola, Kologne, Pop-Ups, Jewelry

Kars, Zoolery, Animiddles, Kozmic, Sweet Treat, Tea party, little Baby Dolls, Play House Dolls

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