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Franz Kiesewetter ca. 1912 Girl doll mold 502, is 15"


Franz Kiesewetter ca. 1912 Laughing Girl doll mold 502, 15" tall, biscaloid head with sleep eyes, brush upper lashes, painted upper and lower eyelashes, open smiling mouth with teeth, wigged, composition jointed toddler body. 


She has a replaced modern wig, clothing seems appropriate, but possibly not original.  Doll marked 502 Germany as shown on right.


Franz Kiesewetter doll mold 502 is a Jeanne Orsini look a like doll.

Hermann and Franz Kiesewetter of Germany, it is unclear if there was a relationship between Franz and Hermann, are they brothers or is Hermann a son of Franz?  Possibly, but we don't have any conclusive information. 


Both men were active in the doll industry in Neustadt near Coburg, Thüringia Germany; from 1912 to 1914.  Franz was a sculptor and Hermann registered in 1926 his only doll mold 525.


Franz Kiesewetter Doll Mold

Numbers Identified

501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 507, 509,

510, 511, 513, 514, 515, 516, 517

Franz Kiesewetter doll mark 502 A Germany 2



Additional Kiesewetter Family Doll or Toy Makers

Alwin Kiesewetter a factory owner and exporter of dolls & toys in Coburg, Germany from 1907 to 1925

Anton Kiesewetter is listed as a doll factory owner in Neustadt near Coburg, Germany 1884 to 1918

Anton Kiesewetter doll mark toys & plush bears PETZ

Anton Kiesewetter doll mark toys & plush bears PETZ

Vve. Anton Kiesewetter, Anton's widow continued his doll factory from 1918 until 1925+

Georg Bernhard Kiesewetter is listed as a doll maker in Sonneberg, Germany from 1895 to 1906

Max Kiesewetter founded the Erste Steinbacher Porzellanfabrik in Steinbach near Sonneberg, Germany 1900+



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